Dishonored 2: Freedom of Speech Achievement

Guard: Listen up. I have bad news. Ramsey’s dead. Corporal Moore check the Royal quarters and Corvo Attano has apparently fled the
tower. We’ve got to find him. That’s it you’ve got your order. Spread out and
find the fugitive. We’re in this with a Duke of Serkonos sink or swim. There’s no way to turn back now. Loudspeaker: Today on this sad anniversary we morn the tragic slaying of our beloved empress Jessamine Huh? Stop. (sounds of a struggle) Guard: Attention Dunwall citizens as of today the
Delilah Kaldwin is our new Empress. All hail Delilah first of the name. Further,
Corvo Attano is now wanted for treason. Man: Whoever you are thank you. That man part of the Duke’s coup I’m sure of it now when I saw him talking to captain Ramsey
in the city watch. Corvo: What’s done is done but I had nothing to do with the
killings Man: I know that I it was irresponsible of me to print the name
crown killer I allowed myself to be coerced forgive me Corvo: forgiveness isn’t my
specialty. Whatever happens next lay low but when the time comes tell people the
truth you can count on I won’t ask you what your plans are but for the sake of
dunwall and for the Empire itself I hope you succeed

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