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Wow happy please welcome at long last the time has finally come lots of you have been very patient with me and have waited such a long time for this video and others probably don't know what I'm talking about last month I made a video entitled Disney's secret society and at the end I promised a part 2 to that video and over a month later here is part 2 of Disney's secret society magic and monkeys our story begins deep in the remote and Uncharted jungles of Papua New Guinea a young adventurer by the name of Henry mystic discovers this location and falls in love with it the Uncharted tropical wilderness and wanted to stake his claim and make his home there so along with the help of some people from his expedition and the locals Lord Henry mystic cleared out part of the jungle along the riverbank and built his Victorian Manor Henry decided to name the house after himself mystic Manor he then decided to name the area around the house that he had built after himself as well dubbing it mystic point during the construction of the manor Henry discovered a baby monkey that had been abandoned by his family and decided to take the baby monkey in and named the monkey after his own uncle Albert Henry mystic as you could probably tell from earlier in the story was also an intrepid explorer in his brand-new Victorian mansion Henry decided to display all of the treasures he had come acrossed in his many years of exploration treasures from all four corners of the globe Greek frescoes medieval knights armor and even a giant Jade statue of a monkey warrior this kind of thing were all part of his wonderful collection and as Lord Henry mystic grew older he decided he wanted to share his wonderful collection with the world and that of course is where we come in we journey into the forests of Papua New Guinea to discover mystic Manor and to behold Lord Henry mystics amazing collection and all the magic that may or may not come with that but that is not the end to Lord Henry mystics story in fact that is just the very beginning a magical story a cursed story that begins to unravel as we journey deeper into the depths of manner when Disney was designing Hong Kong Disneyland they had an idea for a brand new type of Haunted Mansion style attraction due to the culture in China and the ancestors of people and spirits being very sacred to them Disney decided not to go down the route of happy haunts that would be like if Disney decided to open up a brand new attraction at Epcot Bible the ride it did be a little weird so Walt Disney Imagineering came up with the idea of a new attraction called mystic Manor that wouldn't necessarily feature ghosts but more of just enchanted objects it would be very similar to the original concepts of the Museum of the weird that was planned for Disneyland where inanimate objects would come to life as you journey throughout the house although that is not to say Disney didn't throw in any references to the Haunted Mansion there are some singing busts in the attraction and a changing portrait of Medusa although they do differ just a little bit the changing busts are not carved out of marble but are instead medieval helmets and the changing portrait of Medusa is not a painting but a Greek fresco or it could be a mosaic I can't really tell art majors help this Medusa is also different because it's a three dimensional effect whereas the one in Disneyland and Walt Disney World in Tokyo and all the other haunted mansions is just a scrim in front of a normal picture mystic Manor is also one of the very first trackless Disney attractions that open other trackless attractions that's very hard to say include poos honey hunt at Tokyo and the ratatouille ride in Paris that is soon coming to Epcot also playing along with the idea that Lord Henry mystic collected treasures from all over the world Disney decided to incorporate their ever famous Society of explorers and adventurers into this entire land mystic point there's even a restaurant located at mystic point called the adventurers Club restaurants so if that doesn't give away that it's tied to the society I don't know what does but let's just put mystic Manor on the shelf for now let's just shelve that and we'll come back to it at a later time you see at Hong Kong Disneyland they take Halloween a bit more seriously than we do here in the States you see in Hong Kong they have terrifying Disney inspired haunted mazes or haunted houses similar to what Universal does with the horror nights here I can't believe I just mentioned Universal and because they like to go a lot darker with their Halloween's over at Hong Kong Disney decided to do an overlay of the jungle Kruse they're called the curse of the Emerald Trinity and this Jungle Cruise overlay offered a darker story surrounding the society Gregory Reid was once a well-respected member of the Society of explorers and adventurers although very similar to Lord Henry Hightower Reid's methods of gathering these treasures from across the worlds were a bit unsavory because of this Henry mystic decided it was best if they removed dr. Reid from the society altogether rejected and humiliated Gregory Reid decided to get back at the society by finding the most elusive mythical and powerful treasure of them all this treasure was known as the Emerald Trinity the set of jewels were located at a temple deep in the jungle called the temple of immortality specifically at a place called the altar of souls it has said that immortality is the reward for escaping the jungle with one stone and a fate worse than death as the price for failure we arrived at the altar of souls to find that two of the three emeralds have been stolen as we travel through the jungle to recover the stones we arrive at professor Reid's camp and through the shadows on the closed tent doors we can see professor Reid being attacked by living vines and the stone that he stole being reclaimed by the jungle we can only assume of course that professor Reed did not make it through this experience after this our Jungle Cruise skipper reveals that he or she has the other missing stone after narrowly avoiding the local tribes our skipper discovers that the stone has disappeared from his pocket we hear the booming voice of the spirits of the stones seeking to punish our boat for The Navigators theft but we of course managed to survive the onslaught of fire and water and make it back to the loading area alive and thus the curse of the Emerald Trinity draws to a close as does the life of Professor Reid this of course was a darker chapter in the Society of explorers and adventurers history the blame of which could be placed on Lord Henry mystic for removing professor Reed from the adventure Society but I think it just came down to Professor Reed being extremely Petty and of course extremely greedy it is from mystic point where we move west and I mean very very far west to the American wild frontier to a very sacred mountain and to a very cursed mining company Barnabas tea bullying was the founder and president of the Big Thunder mining company the longtime mining magnate comes from a very powerful East Coast family and considers gold to be his very birthright by virtue of his oddly appropriate name after the locals egged him not to mine into Big Thunder Mountain Barnabas decided to move forward with the operation anyway and of course if you've ever been to Walt Disney World or Disneyland you know the unfortunate outcome of this mining expedition at Walt Disney World the town of tumbleweed is completely flooded and at Disneyland the town of rainbow ridge suffers from an earthquake to help with his mining excavation Barnabas T bolian bought a drilling machine from his fellow member of the society Jason Chandler and Chandler would go on to become a major player in the story behind Big Thunder Mountain you can even find a stagecoach a long big thunder trail at Disneyland carrying a package with his name on it by lending Barnabas his drilling machine to help with his escapades at Big Thunder Mountain Jason Chandler was partly responsible for what happened at rainbow ridge and tumbleweed while working on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in 1979 Tony Baxter was considering ideas for what to do with the rest of the old mine train through nature's Wonderland space the jules verne inspired film the island at the top of the world inspired plans for an area built around the theme of a Victorian science fictiony kind of place Tony Baxter dubbed the new land discovery Bay and it was meant to occupy the area that is now being used for Star Wars Galaxies edge maybe I'll make another video on Discovery Bay in the future but basically what you need to know is that Jason Chandler would be a major character throughout the land and would tie frontier land to Discovery Bay Discovery Bay does live on in the Disney parks through other attractions like journey into imagination discovery land at Disneyland Paris and heck even the references at Big Thunder Mountain Discovery Bay would have been a massive story revolving around the Society of explorers and adventurers unfortunately it was never built but back to the society and more specifically mystic Manor now upon our entering mystic Manor we find that the house has in fact come to life after Albert opens a mysterious music box after almost fighting our way through the house and avoiding numerous different obstacle that come from the house coming to life Albert finally manages to close the music box and the enchantment on the manor is lifted now mystic Manor is one of the main attractions that revolves around the society but it is not the only one of course you have the Tower of Terror at Tokyo that we talked about in the last video and the spooky take on the Jungle Cruise that appears at Hongkong Disney but did you know that the normal Jungle Cruise at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World ties back into the society there's also a water slide at typhoon lagoon that ties back into this massive story that Walt Disney Imagineering is trying to tell there's even a bar / lounge I guess at Disney springs in Orlando that ties back into the society and all of this I will explain in part 3 hey everybody thank you so much for watching this video and yes there will be a part three to this video coming soon not like a month from now like how long it took me to make part two but it is coming and I assure you that it will be worth the wait another more traditional style video after my long and exhausting quite frankly trip to Disneyland so I hope you guys enjoyed this remember that you can follow me on Twitter or donate on patreon for early access to video audio like this one I think that patreon patrons got early access to this so they got to listen to the whole episode early if you guys are interested in that please donate even just one dollar over at my patreon remember that there is also an offhand Disney discord and subreddit and I have shirts available at my spread shirt shop I'm working on optimizing the shop making it a little bit better and maybe even moving away from Spreadshirt but in the meantime everybody I just want to say thank you all for watching I'm working on that hundred thousand subscribers special and by working on it I mean I don't know what to do for it yet I will see you all in the next video goodbye

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