Disturbing the Peace Trailer (2016) – Documentary

I was four years old when we were attacked on Yom kipur I remember us running to the shelter in Tel Aviv It's very concrete for a child They want to kill us And I really didn't understand Why do they hate us so much? I was admitted into the most prestigious unit in the Isreali army I was extremely proud I knew my father was proud. We find that we actually have something in common that willingness to kill people, you don't know

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  • over 79 years of suffering! Israel has never had the intention of 2 state solution, otherwise why haven't they stopped taking land and carrying on with settlement up to now? They want to talk all of Palestine, annihilate them incompletely instead of dividing the country into 2 parts, maybe like Pakistan did India so the both state are allowed to have their police force and their army as well as their is passport and free to travel, fish in their waters and govern their own people. Zionist want to govern the world not just Palestine, their hypocrisy and double standards are beyond Judaism who been hijaked and becomes now synonym witb Zionism and nothing to do with our ancestors religion: Orthodox Judaism!

  • Seems like another documentary equating victim (Palestinian) with victimizer (Israel). Nazis killed Jews and Zionists exploited that to dispossess Palestinians, using the Bible as title. Ethnic cleansing of Palestine ensued, with its dispossession, expulsion, massacres, death, rape and theft of land. And more invasion & occupation in 1967. Then apartheid reigned, Jews first class citizens, the rest are herded, tortured, robbed. THEN comes Palestinian terrorism, born of ethnic cleansing, but by comparison not even 1/10000th what Israel did. And documentaries talking about how "both side" have to pursue peace, and "both" have to compromise. Only when Zionism -apartheid- ends, refugees restituted, that REAL peace will come. Enough w/ the "both sides" empty rhetoric that tickles only the minds of distant clueless observers.

  • Not only are soldiers being used as pawns, complete countries are being used as pawns.
    The sooner all people wake up to this, and stop the senseless conflicts, the better, for them, and everyone.

    Perhaps this documentary should be re-titled as; ''Disturbing the War.''

  • No matter what anyone says…we the Muslims, Christians and Jews are brothers. We have the same father ABRAM (ABRAHAM). Who brought that one message of ONE GOD

  • get rid of hamas, isis, boko haram ,haqqani, & the hezzbollah & then you will have peace. but you cant reason with these terrorists. they are fanatics. the palestinians that are willing to talk, compromise & live in peace cant even stop the islamic terrorists, hamas, that are living & controlling their neighborhoods on the gaza strip & the fatah on the west bank.

  • Taking over a country and killing everyone who stand in their way then asking for peace is like someone who took your house by force and killed your family then ask you to accept that and satisfied about it. Don't get me wrong, I would do any thing to gain peace. But where is the logic in that?

  • I don't donate to charity. But that is a cause I would donate to. There needs to be more peace in the world.

  • looks like a Great film but I cant help but feel sadness knowing that the war between the two people might never end

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