Diversity and Inclusion Series: International Day of Friendship

(lighthearted playful beat) – So we have known each other
five and half years now. – Yeah. – Long time. – Half a decade. – Yes. And we met in an interview
at Quicken Loans, so Quicken Loans brought us together. – Yeah. – So we’re 26 now, we’ve probably been friends since… For 10 years, I’d say. – 10 years. – Good friends for 10 years. – Acquaintances for 20. – So Hanain and I have known
each other for over 10 years. – So interesting thing about it, it’s been what? – [Both] 17 years. – Working with your best
friend is a lot of fun. It’s like having someone to talk to, having someone that understands you know, what you’re doing at work, but also they understand your outside life and what you’re going through. – I think my absolute favorite thing is you do keep me in check. – I gotta. – Gotta give me the… – ‘Cause we’re able to
have our personal thing and our working thing, too, and it works out great, I think. – So one day I was like, “Hanain, you have to work here.” “We can be on the same team,” “it’s gonna be so awesome.” So I ended up referring her that way. – Pat was– started in the field, he was a colorist. We were looking for people to join us with Woodward Original, so I reached out to Pat. – Refer your friends, because they get why you
put in a lot of time, or work a lot of hours, and you care so much about what you do. – One of the benefits
definitely of working together with your very best
friend in the whole world, is that collaborative effort, being able to bounce ideas off each other, having that support system. – It’s just an overall
amazing culture to work in. – There’s more than just banking, there’s graphic design, there’s a lot of stuff for
just different avenues. Whatever you’re really interested in. – It’s been– I’m really gonna cry. – [Hanain] Oh my god. – It’s been just amazing seeing her grow, and being able to share
Quicken Loans with her has just been life’s greatest gift. – This is literally a place
that you can come to work, where you can be anything
that you wanna be. (light enchanted beat)

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