Diving with the Spirit of Freedom on the Great Barrier Reef

This morning we have pulled into Lizard
Island off the northeastern coast of Australia having been diving for the
last three days on the Spirit or Freedom yesterday we had the fortune to stumble
across, or rather they found us, three dwarf minke whales and we’re actually
able to jump into the water and hold onto a line and snorkel with them, which was one of the most humbling and awe inspiring experience of my life. These
creatures they’re small for a whale but still 7.8 meters long is pretty gigantic
and you feel very insignificant next to these things. Anyway we’re now on Lizard
Island where we are dumping some of the passengers who were on the boat with us
and getting some new ones. They’re arriving by plane in about half an hour.
We’re halfway and have plenty of more diving to do which I’m really
looking forward to because it’s been spectacular. Anyway breakfast is up so let’s go this

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