beautiful people for today's project I'm using some things from Goodwill so this was oh you can't see it but it was a dollar 91 cents and these are the same shape and size they're just a little different I don't know why but they are a dollar twenty one cents so this is a good deal because you get a good shape and they're kind of they're thicker than the ones that you get at the Dollar Tree so I like them so I am about to spray-paint them with this krylon metallic gold spray paint and I am going to let them drive and add some embellishments to them and hopefully you all will like this project I'm going to be using some glitter and look below in the description box and you will be able to see all of the products that I use for today's project so let's get started even mind when you're spray-painting you need to shake your bottle really well and I've done part of this but if you try to rush this it will it will do this so don't rush it like I did just you're gonna need at least two coats so just go ahead and give it a light spray and then come back a little later and spray it again but don't worry about trying to rush it like I did so I'm just showing you one of my many many mistakes that I've made so I am going to just let that dry and come back and finish the rest of them just make sure that you're in a well-ventilated area also so there we go it's already getting go that's already getting okay I did want to mention that this spray paint is drying really quickly for me and I am really really happy with that so that I can go ahead and complete my projects so this is what they look like all spray painted I think they're turning out nicely now all I'm going to do is add some of these pearls that came from Dollar General and they do have adhesive on them but I don't think it's going to stay so I'm going to put a little glue on there and see how this turns out I think this is going to be really really pretty and I think that this could be really pretty for New Year's of course because it's gold so you see a lot of silver and gold around New Year's but for a wedding this would be really really pretty and you could be collecting these all throughout the year because I found several of the same shape at my local Goodwill so if you're in a place if you're in a big place like Texas or Atlanta or California somewhere where you have a lot of good wheels you can probably find the same shape vase everywhere you go several of them for a dollar and twenty cents like what I found or you can just go to the Dollar Tree and buy their dollar vase and use it so I am not using my tool today I have it right here my pick-me-up tool that y'all asked about to pick up my stones I can't use it because these stones have adhesive on the back of them so when I go to reach for it it actually causes it to stick to the paper that I'm working on so what do y'all think I think that turned out pretty I'm going to add some beads some pearls to this other one right here and then we're going to see what it looks like all done I'm liking this what do y'all think let me know down in the comments this is pretty or what let me know so just to decorate the top of one of these vases I'm just taking some roses from the Dollar Tree and I've cut them and I'm sticking them into a floral ball and then I'm going to use it on top of the vase just sitting on top of there but I am also going to add and you don't have to do this you don't have to do this floral ball at all that's just what I want to do they sell this at the Dollar Tree in white this came from Walmart and it's in a champagne color so more like a light gold color so I'm just taking it and placing it around a few of the roses just letting it hang out I'm just tying it around they're not even tying it and I'm not just wrapping it around so that it can hang out so that's all you're seeing out of the top of the vase is this it's nothing nothing fancy just something to give it a little extra home or you could take some flowers without using this floral ball and you can just put the flowers in there and just let them stick up out of the top of it so I hope you've liked this tutorial and if you have go ahead and give it a thumbs up I am going to show you what it looks like completed and also if you haven't subscribed go ahead and subscribe robbed today I would really appreciate it and anybody can do this you all can do this I want you to know this is a really really easy project and if you have some kind of special occasion coming up and you want to add your own touch to it you don't have to use these colors but this is just bright paint and flat back pearls and glitter so pick your colors that match your theme and you can do this thank you so much for watching I will show you the completed projects bye bye beautiful people forgot I almost forgot to tell you all if you are interested in keeping this glitter on and you want to go the extra step go ahead and take whatever kind of spray paint you have and spray your vases down after you get the glitter on with spray paint or you can take the paintbrush and use your Mod Podge and go over with the Mod Podge and that will help the glitter to stay in place so I just wanted to give you that one little tip before I go so I love how simple these are to make and how beautiful they turned out and I hope you do too there's not a whole lot of light out here today it's a pretty gloomy day so you can't tell just how much Sparkle this gold glitter has but it is really really beautiful and the gold spray paint also the pearls did turn out nice as well so I hope you've enjoyed this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up and subscribe today if you haven't already thank you so much for joining me I hope to see you again soon bye bye beautiful people also I wanted to say I almost forgot I do have a wreath that I do wedding wreaths that I did with the white roses and the tool that you may like and I will leave it in the description box below for you to watch thank you so much enjoy the rest of your day bye bye


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