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hi guys welcome back to my channel this is Trisha with another DIY project and I'm doing a furniture makeover so this is the end result I went to Goodwill recently and bought two end tables for $16 so if this is something interested in seeing just keep watching for this project you will need the following items rapid fuse all-purpose adhesive sandpaper or a sand block in 220 grit a handy paint cup again a gallon sized plastic bag small paintbrush and a large paintbrush paint of your choice an oil-based primer and rub and buff wax metallic finish and silver leaf so we're going to first start off by cleaning our surface as plenty of products out there to clean your surface but I use mineral spirits okay now that our surface is clean what we want to do is to measure our side of the table so two of the sides and we're just going to find the center and then once you find the center just place a mark in the middle and I just want to show you I bought these wood accents they're called wood applique and they are pretty thin as you can see and I thought that it will be your great idea to add some detail more detail to the piece because it really was kind of plain so what I'm doing is tracing around the bottom of it and then what I'm going to do i'm using this rapid fuse it is a glue adhesive and it's for plastic wood rubber metal and ceramics so I'm just going to squirt a lot of this on the back of it six within 30 seconds so it's pretty quick so I'm just going to find where I put my outline and then I'm just going to press down on it and we're ready to go so now we're going to prime our piece and you want to make sure you get the interior oil-based primer now we're going to shake the camp for a minute and then just spray at least 12 inches away from the surface and make sure you get even coat make sure you get everything okay so now it's dry I'm just going to sand the surface with my sand block and then I'm just going to wipe it away with just a wet rag so now I'm about to paint and I'm using emerald by Charlaine Williams it is a unique it's in satin and the color is unique grey so I'm just going to use my flathead to open up those the lid you can see the color I haven't used it in a while so I'm going to stir it up and then put it in my handy dandy paint cup with my paintbrush and just dip it in a little bit and then just rake it on the sides you don't want a whole lot on your brush when you first start and you want to make sure you go in the same direction or you can use a foam roller which is easier to if you would like your choice so that's what it looks like now I'm just going to do the edges now onto the sides working my way around the wood applique since I have a big brush and I'm I'm not going to be able to get into the detail so I'm just going to do whatever I can with big brush and then pull out my small brush and then get into the grooves just like so looking good so now I want to tape around the trim areas I'm using painters tape and this is perfect for edges but this is not a straight edge so it's a little tricky when I went around it you don't necessarily have to use tape if you don't want to if you had gather like that and got precision you can skip this step and now I'm going to apply this rub and buff metallic silver leaf wax and it's a small tube but a little bit goes a long way and I'm just going to use this brush small brush to apply it so I'm just going to put just a little bit on the tip of the brush and just kind of like spread it out a little bit and then I'm going to start using my finger and you do that all the way around and that's what it looks like and it pretty is very subtle but it's nice so now we're just going to remove the painters tape so now we want to get into the grooves and then we want to apply it on the side then after that I'm going to apply it on the wood applique so you're just going to do it on the top part it's not like traditionally I'm just spray-paint painting it silver I kind of wanted the unique gray to kind of show also so all you do is just put a little bit on the brush and then you use your finger and just rub it on and then once it dries then you can buff it in it makes it more shinier makes it shiny shinier ooh isn't that pretty okay there were some areas that I really needed to touch up so I'm just going to use a small brush for that and then I need to throw away my paint all I need to do is just zip it up and throw it away and you're done so this is the finished look what do you guys think can you imagine I just paid $16 for this not just one I got to can't beat that right thank you for watching be sure to LIKE and subscribe below and on instagram at designs by Trisha what DIY project would you like to see next add your idea in the comment section below see you next time

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