Do 'Foreigners' in Tokyo Speak Japanese? (Social Experiment)

hey guys it's here – so the other day I tested if japanese people spoke English so I think it's only fair if I try to test if Western looking people speak Japanese so how many people do you think will speak Japanese maybe 10% let's find out samosa chotto is today my serie needs to mature she knows you have attended all local character about doing it actually this big extreme ah ja America's it – all right come on you ready yeah thank you Cena said today machine via day I know I don't understand sorry ah thanks just I'll make my shot to youtube it'll be here she said I didn't speak Japanese in Japanese you don't wash our awesome is he okay if you use this video yeah okay okay I don't even with a key Moscow I don't speak Japanese ha ha send out uh good luck oh my gosh dad dad look at that look at that look at that they're like joke around in mini cars you mumble deke Moscow understand do you speak Japanese no does anybody speak Japanese here yeah okay thank you but I can't believe there actually are a lot of Americans I'm not saying under Nevada so we do gotta keep fighting over else what is over there wasn't so nice a neon watch a very muscle okay well we actually are trying to doing this experiment yeah talking to random Western looking people in Japanese okay energy words konnichiwa arigato and that was just the start yeah I guess good luck at hey I understand Samantha hey no no chopped Assyria day hey na mono machines okay he demanded to know I know what does she got back I started this neon Durga understand the boundary why did you become a target I know Pakistan Ogawa an addition of a tie vote over here on Monday our ago neo-noir husky didn't carry another one sir took the normal shadow non-stop – lets go she's a machine wash it so much out of me okay what we understand what we're not very good at okay thanks a lot the look what I do wash over the Moscow suppose she we actually used to work together in a Japanese grocery store in the Chicagoland area so he left about five years ago and I haven't seen him since so finally we reunited guys thanks Jess see I say here on the CB r su sitio to the host oh yeah this mean this thank you I was little believe it you're all wearing my glasses everybody wears glasses except you Jack I don't see we mustn't hi he won't watch every Moscow a venomous fish or Japanese or an Italian maybe speak Italian no para la de da da da – Parli italiano vain he also Fatiha I'm in cypher bloody funny so started this nee nee hongo boat ie Nara des neige Cikini jibu no gang go D Kohaku bumpo benkyo suru Becky Tata muy mas e Kinari nihongo de Yangon ro nobody's name nice yokai Bakura in a homicide commercial mizenko gave me to me coochie-coochie-coo no kangaroo puto attack ad bodies nepali oh no boom polka band Aegina kota – muy mas net Ciao Italia all right I said I didn't target that black I'm assuming lesson also encounter a Japanese um I speak English do you we are doing a social experiment okay well thank you I know it's to me my saying I don't mean almost already my scar don't be dissing me we're trying to see if American looking people will talk to me in Japanese okay my American okay yeah because like your eyes are like bigger it's funny Jack so so if somebody doesn't look Japanese they must be American yeah although interestingly somebody could look very japanese and still be American yeah talk to that girl that's been recording for 59 minutes so Jackie don't forget a lot of people who are not Japanese or not necessarily America took Cooper ah ah he also has blonde hair all right thanks CMOS an cineteca ha ha that was not nice no she tamales what that's shown you want to miss Hoffman's omorrow slash only hold on whisk it all its judicata jesse jung-hwa don't stop good Oh about it thanks a lot kid so will I speak Japanese sorry Simar said can I talk to Sydney cool thanks nice hey I don't see mustn't do you speak Japanese I know you're shy very Mosca toka car this car before they want to talk to you what I did in there I'm gonna say how much she really needs to be sashimi I think I don't speak Japanese haters oh thanks a lot I said yes sushi no she ate them all right that is missing France who's your top bottom you want to film it oh those are nice CMOS an associative array traditional English we're actually trying to social experiments I just speak what start looking people and see how many people will speak Japanese oh that's why I saw Japanese – yeah I told you um Ken Tim and do you go to school here yes do I get not that much difference I go to a local Japanese school and the school lunches I have to like eat them all but I don't really like Japanese food you don't like Japanese it's not good I was nice talking to you yeah good luck with your social experience Thanks sociology tomorrow – awesome okay so Frances but I was here concacaf do I make it thank you I adore them I know what you Betty my scar they're gone what is your favorite Japanese food scammin dad what standard no asking but what skimming it's type of dipping noodles I think that guy actually did speak some Japanese because he said eagle he said a go I don't know what are in my scar don't wash everyone's car I got a cookie so I've chosen come by come but does it what's it about train line that I go see how they're also very well thank you just have to follow me okay here's another guy thank you I'm not saying I'm not you don't watch every mosque of anybody go Kolkata this car America what is your favorite Japanese food come on go what test you are hamako Suki that's not even Japanese food Tom I wanna don't have to promise to disco like what birthday like Turkey you have to translate and then try the monitor 400 Kashi I like I like all of the eggs egg what's the difference between Japanese eggs and very nice that's a good question they're the same have a good day okay hi Adam hey guys it's user again well an interesting byproduct of this experiment is that I met several mixed Japanese people so I will make a separate video and put the link here also if you want to learn Japanese so that you will be able to speak Japanese when the random Japanese guy comes up to you with the microphone and ask you some questions in Japanese you should click the link and subscribe to my list Japanese with yuta and my channel is made possible by your support so if you want to support me click link and go to my patreon page alright see you guys soon ciao ciao

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