Do You Dread Receiving Bills?

One of the things that happens to all of us
when we pay our bill, or when money goes out of our checking account, whether we do it
through automatic bill payment, we’re writing a check, we’re handing someone a credit
card, It’s often that there’s a lot of holding on. It’s like you’re giving, but
pulling back at the same time. You’re not really letting go. But if you allow yourself
to let go when you pay your bills and give the money towards whatever the bill is with
more love, you’re opening the doorway to greater abundance.You’ll find that you’re
opening yourself to all the things that can come to you naturally to help you pay your
bills. And the more you do that, 2 things will happen. You’re opening to abundance,
plus you won’t dread paying bills every month. And if you’re also letting go as
you are paying every bill, what you’ll do is you’ll come up with all these insights
and ideas of how to make more money. So instead of just doing it with dread and resistance,
and hating the people you have to give money to, let go instead and notice what happens.
You’ll be amazed on how that will turn your money around.

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