Do you know what your kids are doing on social media?

hi I'm officer Gwen fighters of the Boca ratone Police Department parents how much do you know about what your kids are doing on their smartphones we need to talk teens are spending more and more time on their smartphones sometimes hours a day and some new features on their favorite apps could put them in danger let's talk about how to help keep your kids safe do you know their pass codes I can't tell you if you should or not but if you can't see what they're posting or texting you might miss something big we all know that colleges athletic teams scholarship boards and employers are going to look online to see what a prospect is posting do your teens realize they may miss an opportunity because of something inappropriate they posted well chances are they actually already do the problem is that teens think they can make their posts disappear as if they never existed talk to your kids about Instagram stories snapchat and Facebook live these apps claim to have deleting disappearing pics and videos what teens need to know is that a simple screen capture or video recording from a second phone will create a permanent shareable recording of the picture or video what your teen thinks is temporary can then be used to demean embarrass or even discredit them endlessly second we have to talk about geo-mapping this new feature on snapchat places users and their friends on a live map unless ghost mode is enabled your teen will be mapped wherever they last posted that could be their school their job or even your house since teens change friends like they change their clothes they may lose track of who might be tracking them teens must disable this feature to prevent the potential of being tracked and found by unwanted people so sit down have a chat and set some rules for how they can use their apps technology is changing everyday and it's usually our teens who are the first to use new apps and ways of sharing on social media so stay informed pay attention to what your teens are doing and talk often if you have any more questions find us on Facebook or Twitter or call us at five six one three four seven three nine three six you

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