Do You Like Money And Freedom? THIS Is The Best Business Model (Online Coaching)

– Yo! What’s up? Max Tornow here, and in this video I want to
talk about the best type of business if you like money
and if you like being free, all right? So, if you like money,
if you like being free, if you want to be your own boss, if you’re not 100% sure
yet what type of business it is that you want to be doing, I’m gonna be lifting it for you. I’m literally gonna be
breaking down the exact things that your future business should entail. And then at the end, I’m gonna reveal to you what
type of business is the best for that and also what
type of business has the most future potential
going forward for 2019-2020. So pay attention. Let’s get started. Have you ever wondered
whether there is more to life than a boring, dead-end, 9-5 job? Have you ever dreamed about breaking free, you know, traveling the
world, making good money, and just enjoying life? No more office dress code,
no morning commute, no boss. This channel is for you. So here’s to your freedom. All right, so today we are in Helsinki in an amusement park. What day of the week is it? Thursday. It’s pretty cool because nobody’s here ’cause most people are stuck in a 9-5. So you don’t have to wait in line. You can enjoy it. It’s really really nice. So anyways, the first two things that
I wanna talk about here is number one: low risk. You want to find a business
that is very very low risk. This is especially important if you don’t have any experience in business yet, okay? Let’s say for example
you still have a 9-5 job and you want to transition
from a regular office job into becoming self-employed later on, maybe becoming an entrepreneur. A lot of businesses have high risk. That is absolutely true. But there’s also a ton of
business opportunities out there that are very very low
risk to no risk at all. This is something like the generalization that most people have. Like, “Oh, you want to start a business? Here comes the risk! You’re
gonna lose tens of thousands of dollars with that.” While that applies for some businesses, but it definitely doesn’t
apply for all businesses. For example, if you do online
coaching or online consulting, online service providing, there’s little to no risk involved. Which brings me to the
next point and that is you want to choose something
that is very low cost. For example, selling a
physical product is usually involved with a lot of cost. Well, first of all, you have to develop that physical product, then you have to source that
physical product somewhere. Even if you create it yourself, there’s always very high
costs involved in that. But if you choose something
where you’re basically just selling your expertise, online
coaching, online consulting, service providing, you
have no costs involved. Which also means you
have little to no risk. Check out this. Coaching, consulting
ain’t no gamble like this. What you gotta understand is you want to do something
that is easy to start. Again I’m giving the example
here of transitioning from having a job into
becoming your own boss via online consulting, online coaching. You want to start something
that is very very easy to start. This is a really good
business model because you don’t need a degree in business. You don’t need a degree in
whatever it is you want to coach. You don’t need to be a 10/10 expert. Online coaching, online
consulting is a sphere. It’s very easy to get started. It’s very easy to get
to four figures a month, five figures a month, later on scale it up
to six figures a month. It’s very easy to do that as someone who might not
be a total 10/10 expert. Many of the clients that we have in our Freedom Business Mentoring
program, for example, they’re merely 3-4, 4-5
steps ahead of the average person in their respective fields. And they’re literally making 4-5 figures as they’re getting better in their field. This is a big misconception
most people have. They think, “Oh, I need
to be this total expert. I need to have year
upon years of experience in order to coach that.” No you don’t. If you pick the right model
and if you do it right. The next point is very obvious. You want to pick something that
gives you very high income. Of course on top of that, you
don’t only want high income, but you want your profit
margins to be high as well, kind of going along
with very very low cost. Again, online coaching and
online consulting wins here, because first of all, if you
position yourself correctly, in a niche market, where
you can fix one big problem for your potential target audience, you can literally charge high prices. This is the stuff we do in Freedom Business Mentoring program. There’s certain psychological
switches that you have to hit in your own brain in order to feel ready, in order to feel like you deserve to charge these high prices. And there’s also certain
market positioning that you have to adhere
to when it comes to charging these high prices. It’s absolutely and very
easily possible to hit 4-5 figures a month
with online coaching and online service providing. And the cool thing is, too,
you want to have something that doesn’t only give you high income, but obviously also high profit, right? At the end of the month, you want to have as much of that income as
possible, cash in your pocket so you can be financially free, so you can be financially stable, so you can be wealthy
enough to travel the world, buy nice things for yourself, buy nice experiences for yourself or your spouse or your
family, your parents, maybe you want to say
thank you to mom and dad for bringing you up,
maybe for your children. You want to have something
at the end of the line brings you good money. Because this is capitalism. Money equals freedom. Money equals fun. Now when we talk about high income, the next step we have
to talk about here is something that also gives you freedom. There’s a lot of high income
professions out there: you could be a lawyer,
you could be a doctor, you could be what-not. A lot of these things pay
you very very high salaries but these people are miserable. I mean, come on. You’d be miserable if you had
to work 80, 90 hours a week and you barely have any spare time. I always put this concept
of a good million versus a bad million at display, right. Because you could make a million, but it could be absolutely miserable, or you make a million and
you absolutely love it. You might be even happier
with 100 thousand in a year than a guy with a million in a year, as long as it gives you freedom. He might be happier
with one million a year than the next person
with ten million a year as long as it gives you freedom. So obviously next point here is pick something that gives you freedom. Also here online coaching,
online consulting gives you a ton of freedom. Why? Because number one is
location independent. Number two is time independent. Nowadays you can literally
coach anybody online. You have tools like this here right now, creating videos. You can jump on video
live calls with Zoom, with Skype, et cetera. And you can get in
contact with your clients and you can not only
get new clients online and basically like that, multiply your potential
clients you could reach but you can also now deliver
your services online. Meaning you can coach your clients. I’m here in Finland right now. My offices with my team is
somewhere completely else, and most of my clients are
somewhere in the United States, somewhere in Europe, et cetera. I can do that because I can
help them out literally here, via Whatsapp as I’m doing
things that I want to do all of the time anyway, like riding this train. That’s great. I can do that if I wanted to. (laughs) Okay, so again, you want to pick something
that makes you very independent of what you’re doing. If you love traveling, if you
love experiencing new places, but so far you couldn’t do it because you had to show up at a certain
time at a certain location, such as your office, then picking something that gives you that newly found freedom is something you should
definitely strive for. Oh and before I forget, something that might
inspire you to take action on a daily basis is my Instagram account. I’m gonna link it here. Check out my Instagram account, because on there I’m answering
a lot of personal questions. I’m showing you inspiring stuff. I show you a little bit
of behind the scenes. And also the other
Instagram account that you should definitely follow is
the Freedom Business Mentoring Instagram account, because on there we
post daily value nuggets about business building. We show the most inspiring
client stories of ours and most importantly, on that Instagram account, I’m also replying personally to the DMs. So if you have any business questions you want to ask me personally, you can hit me up on
that Instagram account. We’re gonna show both Instagrams again. Click follow. It’s for free, and it’s some really good value that you can get on a daily basis here. The next big point here is you gotta pick something
that you can automate, something that has
potential for automating. Why does online coaching
and online service providing have such huge potential for automating? Well there’s certain things
you can do with your clients that automate the process. Especially if you’re
niche-ing yourself down into something that is easily repeatable. Meaning, client A has the
same problem as client B as client C as client D
as client E, et cetera. There’s huge automization
potential in service providing, in coaching, if you do it online. But again, only if you do it properly. And the great thing is too, if you’re doing it with
online coaching and with online service providing, your clients also get real results. ‘Cause most people say,
“Well, if I want to do automating, why don’t I just
create an online product?” Again, the problem with
online products is people don’t execute. They’re usually priced
completely differently, and if people don’t execute, people don’t get results. And if people don’t get results, people don’t remain
loyal customers to you. Meaning you’re not getting
any retention value and also, people are not hyped about it, meaning they won’t refer you. So there’s a lot of things people do wrong with an online info-product. And again, online coaching,
online mentoring here is definitely the thing that wins in the comparison. And the last two points
I want to bring here is something that’s a little bit more meta but it’s very dear to my heart. And that is, number one: you want to pick something that
brings real value to people. That actually changes
someone’s life for the better. If you’re doing drop shipping, selling some very very wack products that you’re sourcing from China, you’re not really making people happy. You’re not really giving
them profound knowledge that they can apply for their life. If you’re just creating an info-product, you’re slapping it out there, charging 297 bucks or something like that, you’re not really changing anybody’s life. But if you’re really coaching someone, again, be it online, and you see how they
change over the weeks. So you can see how you
can fix their problem. You can literally watch them create a better life for themselves. That is something that
is a real value there and on top of that, you’re making four to
five figures a month. Maybe even six to seven figures a month. On top of that, you’re free. You’re able to travel the world. And really, knowing that you’re having a positive influence on somebody. This is really something
that you must not, must never, underestimate. And last but not least, the last point is you want something that
brings you passion. All right, something
that brings you passion, something that you can live through and have a passionate life. ‘Cause most people here, you can even see it in something as cool as this amusement park, most people here are dead. Most people here have given up on life. They’re working on a dead-end 9-5 job. They’re not passionate about it. They don’t make enough money to be free. And you can literally see that. They’re all just like in this der mode. Just derping around through
their everyday lives. If you do something that fulfills you, brings you a lot of passion, something that brings you success, that is something you
want to do day by day for the rest of your life. ‘Cause that is something
that brings you freedom. That brings you money. That can help other people. That makes everything
location-independent, time independent, all right? The thing about passion
here on a side note is, most people think they
have to feel passion first, and then they have to go down that way. But you do not underestimate
how much success can actually bring you passion. When you see getting great
results for your clients, when you see your clients being happy, when you see yourself making money, buying yourself the first nice watch, buying yourself the first vacation that you’ve always dreamed about. Or even something as
small as buying yourself the first Playstation 4 game. That was one of the things
that I was very proud of. With your own money. That is something that
is very very amazing. So don’t underestimate passion. It usually comes with
success, as you’re doing it. So again: online coaching,
online service providing, that is definitely the way to go here, when it comes to that point. So when you say you’re
ready to get started, when you say you’re ready
to take that opportunity and grasp freedom, I got something pretty cool for you. You can literally jump on
a free consulation call either with me personally or
with an expert from my team. All you have to do is click on that link in the description below. The link brings you to a page, fill out the application on that page, and then on the bottom of the application, you can pick the exact date and time where you want us to call you. Now on that call, we’ll basically be
working together with you, hand in hand, developing
a step-by-step strategy for you to break free
from the 9-5 hamster wheel that you might be currently in. And finally build your own
successful online business as an online coach or
online service provider. So if you have a skill
that you want to monetize, this call is for you. If you’re already making money, but you want to do it properly, want to scale it up, this call is for you. And also, if you’re not 100% sure yet what it is you want to be doing, this call is for you as well because we can analyze your strengths where can can tell you what exact model is the best fit for you. Most importantly though,
you gotta take action, okay? This video has been a
complete waste of my time, this was you having watched
a nice entertaining video, unless you take action. Unless you grasp the
opportunity when it is there. If the link in the
description still works, it means we still have spots open. That is very very important because nowadays these
spots fill up very very fast ’cause the channel is
getting more and more views. So don’t make it too late. Don’t wait until there’s no more chance. Go take action and experience the thrill of being free. Thank you so much for watching. Maybe talk to you very very soon. And GG.

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