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Shalom! I know you guys were getting tired of Michelle so we kicked her out but we invited another one of our friends to come with us West Hill is in town with his fiance Linds. They are celebrating their two year dating anniversary so… in New York City to celebrate We’re going into the cupping room for a brunch If you’ve ever wondered why I say Shalom is actually because of wes here Shalom Y’all. Whenever we lived in Oklahoma together, That was kind of our regular friend group greeting to each other all started by Wes, And I never stopped using it. Don’t ever stop. I will never stop. Lindsay was sucked in to this dog and cat adoption Wes is another one of our friends who loves the coffee. Looking at maps of the best of the best. We’ve got thirty one to get to today How is it? It’s okay… Hoping that it won’t be the best of the day Lead astray by the thirty three best coffee shops, maybe it’s the 33rd best. We’re at Starbucks in Tribeca Which means we’re in Chibeca [laughing hysterically] Wes is forcing me to try his Everyman Espresso so he can see my reaction Tastes just like every bad coffee I’ve had, which is all of them [smug smirk] most beautiful girl in the world there she is LIVE Wes and Lindsay only have about a day In New York, so we’re gonna do a bunch of New York things that we can fit in in a day But I’m gonna do something dangerous I’m giving Wes his own camera to vlog with. So I can guarantee one thing It’s gonna be hilarious, but I can’t guarantee. It’s a wholesomeness This is cute If I’m like hey we’re here live oh, that was recording. There it is ladies and gentlemen, New York City greatest city in all of the world! Look at the dog One of my favorite things about New York City is all the dogs walking on the streets walking their owners on the streets Whoa that’s a big sandwich! Freedom Tower Doing it for our freedom Right here ladies and gentlemen. We’re at the balloon saloon live in New York City The first thing on our list is we’re gonna go to the 9/11 memorial because we are currently in Chibeca and it’s pretty close and If you have a bit in New York, it’s kind of one of those things You just have to see. I’ve never been, but you should go. I just missed two gold Wes moments He’s recreating the first one for me because I wasn’t recording. One thing you’ll learn about West in maybe about 15 seconds hanging out with him is number one: He has no filter Number two is he’s He’s all in or he’s all out so He’s all in vlog guy today. I’m vlogging I I don’t know what he’s doing back there, but he said to switch him sides so probably doing something funny His cameras not even on. Camera hasn’t been on the whole time Just really trying to Create some good content for the vlog here. Off camera Wes just told me that he has a filter He just likes to have a good time, so he wants you to know I have a filter, I just like to have a good time. and that results in you throwing your filter out the window. Rarely… but sometimes We’re at the memorial now, so we’re just going to Walk around and enjoy it We realized that this was actually Sarah and I’s first time at the memorial without all of the fencing around it Yeah, because they were still building whenever we were here last. Yeah, I’m sure what they were building when we were in here last… oh yeah the museum So there was like fences around it yet, and you had to have tickets to get in and stuff So, This is our first time seeing it as it was just kind of open Public park area. That was really cool, but now we walked over to Brookfield place because Wes has to pee I do too though I guess Wes did just say we he needed a restroom He didn’t specifically say for what reason and we’ve all been kind of standing around waiting on him for a while Now we know He makes the most of every opportunity Yes! alright, Wes has rejoined us What you didn’t see is the one hour that has now elapsed. I did have to do a bleach wash down the bathroom and myself before during and after usage Wes is a bit of a germaphobe. He had to go full out on the on The toilet paper blanket on the seat. It looks like the toilet’s full of toilet paper And it is, but that’s because I like wiped it down all around. I made myself a mitt to about here And that toilet paper is single ply, so it’ll break really easily, so you have to double triple sometimes even quadruple wrap Honestly, all in all though, fairly clean. We’re walking by the Occulus and Wes is giving his commentary of what he thinks the architecture is inspired by… Dinosaur bones! I feel like we should go in, just to say that we did. Wes and Cody here, live from the oculus, New York City! Wes ends every clip with New York City! Live from New York’s City, best city in the world How we do in New York City? Oh, you’re not a tour guide. Oh, so sorry, thanks. Not a tour guide… just a school teacher. How we doing? Selfie time We’re going to the Gucci bloom Pastor Cody! I’m not sure how often it is but in the lobby of the oculus, they do these pop-up shops and art installations and right now is a Gucci Bloom assuming perfume… and you can really smell it. So I’m here in Gucci bloom It’s pretty awesome. The Gucci bloom fragrance. It’s delicious! Do you wear the Gucci Bloom, personally? Yeah, that’s what it smells like on skin. Right there. Can you smell that? Give a whiff, babe. Waft me. So here you can smell I have the Gucci bloom I’ve been told that it has notes of white jasmine, but just like the smaller part first time ever used in a fragrance It smells pretty good Can you smell it? Waft it. Do you love it. I love it So good so good You should totally get it right here right here all you can only get it here at Gucci bloom. This gentleman is selling it I’m just security! – oh he’s just security. He’s not actually selling it. Okay, so sorry that was wrong. Did you guys get the gucci bloom? Yeah, looks like it. You did you got some? My mother is… Maybe you can cop a spritz On a scale of one to horrified, how embarrassed are you? If you guys weren’t here I would have thrown up already, maybe gone home. But, it y’all are good, I’m good. That security lady in there was not having it Yeah, She was like. I haven’t bought it yet. I was like, but do you love it? Are you gonna buy it? Do you love it? She was like, “yeah. It smells pretty good.” Well, don’t let us know that you love it. I love it It smells so good Okay So cuz what I heard is that it’s the white part of the Jasmine which first time ever used in a fragrance you can see right here, it smells so good. I love it Do you love it? smell! you’re either going to get a job or arrested Do you love it? Do you love it? Do you love it? So after that quick detour now we are going to century 21, which is great across the street What do you think This is how shopping goes. She goes “what do you think?” I’m gonna say “eh” And then she makes that face, and then she goes “why do I even bring you” – yeah, but I need somebody’s opinion – I don’t like the stars – I said other than that Why try them on? Because they are only $30 and I like this shape We’re going to try them on There’s a line Trying to decide if it’s worth it I want this cut of jeans, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money on them, also don’t want to wait line That’s a real Sophie’s choice you got there – Selfish? – Sophie’s. – Sophie’s Why? Well, Sarah’s decided to try them on so I’m gonna go look for Wes and Lindsay and see what trouble they’ve got themselves into. I see a Lindsey. Hello – I don’t see a Wes. Is there a bathroom in here? Lindsey just text Wes to see where he’s at She knows him so well. If we were playing the almost newlywed game Lindsay would have just won. How are they? – They were fine. That’s pretty much it. It’s what I came to New York City for, you know, just to try every public bathroom I’ll be doing my full review of every public restroom in the greater area Check out for that Nothing like Smart Water at Fuji prices! All right shopping adventure at Century 21 is complete, the bathroom adventure is also complete. All that we have to show… is a nice smart water. so thanks guys for Joining us on our New York City adventure if you like this video give it a like if your first time here I make videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday And subscribe so you can see those. Sarah makes videos every Tuesday and Thursday over on her channel And we’ll see you in the next one

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