Do You Want Me? What’s the Matter?

Do you want me? What’s the matter? You’re afraid some door will close? You want the scent without the rose? The moans of love without the chatter? You think our love might be a tomb,
The only exit through my pain? You’d rather put things off again
To give your fantasies some room? You think: she’s great, but in a while
I might get bored? Or something better,
Filling out a tighter sweater, Might flash me a quick come-on smile? You don’t want to be tied just yet
To just one future, just one kiss? You think about all that you might miss
And hold out for a better bet? Well, fine! But then why do you haunt
Me like a jackal night and day? Why, when my interest seems to stray,
Are you so sure of what you want? Why, when I dare so much as laugh
At some guy’s jokes, you go ballistic, Nasty, borderline sadistic,
As if somebody touched your stuff? And yet when I hook on to you,
You will not let yourself be mine, Take out your fears and draw a line
Between what you and I can do? But freedom must be mutual,
And it takes two for one embrace. You can’t both love and freedom chase,
Unless you would adore a fool.

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