24 thoughts on “Doctors' Strike | Need for Healthy india | No Need of Dirty Politics | by Dr Ram Puniyani.

  • I am a student of NRSMCH & with due respect would like to point out the lacunae in your arguments:

    1. The man who died was 85 years old. NOT 75 years

    2. Let me tell you about the events that lead to this strike:

    🔥Mob of 200 people on 2 lorries enter the NRSMCH campus start stone pelting. Students & Junior doctors get hurt.

    🔥Dr. Paribaha Mukherjee & Dr. Yash Tekwani suffer severe head injuries. Dr. Paribaha suffers a depressed comminuted fracture on his frontal bone (please google it). In layman terms the bone chips injure his brain.

    🔥Burdhwan Medical College–
    🔊Goons surround girls' hostel & academy building with acid in their hands.
    🔊Goons stone-pelt on the hospital building & girls' hostel.
    🔊Doctors & students inside hospital & academy building drink saline/IV fluid bottles when water runs out.
    🔊A student loses his eye-iris tear (google it)… this guy will lose his eye-sight
    🔊Two more people with head injuries.

    🔥Murshidabad Medical College-
    Goons surround the girls' hostel & do EXHIBITIONISM (google it)

    🔥Medinipur Medical College- More mob violence & now a TMC MP also comes into the picture.

    🔥Maldah Medical College- Mob attack on peaceful protests

    🔥IPGMER & Medical College, Kolkata- People forcibly made to empty their hostels. NRSMC threatened.

    🔥Calcutta National Medical College Boys Hostel- Set on fire. Linton Hostel on fire.

    🔥NRSMC- 2nd mob attack. A student from College of Medicine, Kalyani gets head injuries.

    🔥Calcutta National Medical College- Stone pelting, a 4th semester student gets head injuries.

    🔥Add the insensitivity & dirty politics played by the Mamata govt.

    🔥Add the Psychological warfare in form of Regular rumours & threats of attack at NRSMCH

    –If something to THIS scale happened to ANYONE. That community would not think twice about taking the decision that IMA took.

    Now to your supposedly enlightening points raised-

    There is a threshold point for everything. This was our threshold point as doctors. There are more than >7000 cases of assault against doctors still pending. No investigations made.

    Doctors are assaulted left, right & centre and its become as staple as the rice/roti you eat for lunch.

    If the Mamata govt. made it a BJP issue or the BJP made it a communal issue.
    You sir, are busy making this a minority issue.
    You're the one trying to divide doctors into a Dr. Payel & a Dr. Paribaha.

    You spoke only one sentence about what the Mamata govt. did.
    You spoke about 'poor' patients.
    You spoke of how the IMA strike is not justified.

    For your kind information, IMA chief is Dr. Santanu Sen, A TMCP MP. So I guess your arguments just backfired. Because he was apparently against our movement.

    You are nobody to lecture us on Hippocratic oath. Doctors at Govt. Hospitals today, are working in the most pathetic settings, being made the scape-goats for a crumbling health system. This strike was a message to the community who think we suffer from Stockholm Syndrome (google it). Rich or Poor, its not possible to serve people, keeping ourselves vulnerable to blood shed. We care for them. But we can't afford to be killed by them.

    You've made a video on receiving death threats for your work. Well, we received them too. And what age are we? Ranging from 17 to 26 years? And you try to justify why the strike wasn't legit?

    This was a non-political movement. So your argument that IMA is making it a communal issue was extremely bizarre. That & a TMCP MP being the IMA chairperson.

    Your last points were fine. But most of your initial points were utter rubbish.

    You're very much elder to me.
    But in this regard, being a ground observer of the whole 7 day situation, I'm sorry to say that your comments about the strike was utterly shameful.

    Be a left appeaser. No one is stopping you. But do your research from authentic sources too before putting forward such arguments.

    Because you must know this, when the media asked us our names, they were met with the same reply each time- "We're Doctors"

    Stop trying to create divisions among us & politicising our cause.


  • सर आपने पूरी बात ठीक से नहीं बताई कुछ लोग नहीं बल्कि 200 लोगों ने आकर डॉक्टरों के साथ में मॉब लिंचिंग जैसा व्यवहार किया और एक डॉक्टर की करीब करीब जान ले ली ममता दीदी का वोट बैंक होने के कारण उनके ऊपर कोई कार्यवाही नहीं की गई यह बहुत दुख की बात है

  • शक्ल बंदर अक्ल छछूंदर नाम पुनयानी, आ गया मौका मिलते ही भाषण चोदने। ऐसे लोग ही काश्मीर समस्या का कारण हैं और इलाज के लिए ऐसे हरामखोरों के डण्डा ठोकना ही चाहिए।

  • Sir please stay in south india, in north india rss wale aap k dushman hain, aur jaise k aap nai hi kaha, un logon nai aap ko threaten kiya.

  • Ima was silent on matter of dr kafil and dr tadvi. This strike of doctors is totally illegal and politics oriented.

  • बहुत बड़िया सर…सर कभी संसद में ली जानी वाली गोपनीयता पर सपथ ली जाती हे उस पर भी प्रकाश डाले ..वो गोपनीयता होती क्या हे ..🙏🙏

  • Vote for Congress.
    Vote for Congress.
    भाजपा को वोट मत दिजीए ।

    अफजल हम शर्मिंदा हैं ।
    तेरे कातील जिंदा है ।
    चौकीदार चोर है ।
    EVM machine अनिल अंबानी को ३०००० करोड़ रुपए देने के लिए लाया है ।
    किसान आत्महत्याएं क्यों करते हैं ।

    भारत की क्रिकेट टीम को हम घड़ी घड़ी पाकिस्तान को हराने नहीं देंगे ।
    Vote for Congress.

  • उक्त घटना से ऐसा प्रतीत होता है कि यह एक गंदी राजनीति है। जिसके लिए हमारी व्यवस्थापिका जिम्मेदार है।

  • We always see that Dr. Puniyani comes forward in the time of any national crisis and shows incomparable courage to tell the truth.
    Dr. Puniyani provides the principle of solution in the most critical time of our nation.
    If Indian people wants peace, prosperity, development, progress and success in India the suggestion of Dr. Puniyani should be and must be uphold.
    Unfortunately there are only a handful of national figures in India who side with justice, fairness, honesty, righteousness, morality, impartiality, equity and integrity.
    Dr. Puniyani is a genuine friend of India who loves the Indians and who loves the India equally with heart and soul.
    In modern India nobody is comparable with this great human being. We call him Punyatma Dr. Puniyani.

  • Idiot puniyani…. Sale ek tu Buddha hi sahi bolta h Baki to hume kch nai pta h…. idiot… Fake no. Batata h ki 50 se Jada attack hue doctor's pe… Tu puniyani bjp ke itne against me q bolta h.. Bengal me Jo ho rha h ya hua h usse Mamta Banerjee ka koi hath nai??? Mamta Banerjee bilkul dudh ki dhuli Hui h ?? Elections me itne BJP ke logo ko maar dia gya uska Kya????? Tu sale buddhe apna propaganda apne paas rakh…. Nonsense baate hi krta h tu….

  • Sale sharm Ani chahiye tuje puniyani…. Hamesha negative baate krta h…. Sale Teri baate mullo ko boht pasand ati h…. U are the role model of Muslim community…. Tere jaise log divide krte h nation ko… Agr doctors ne strike kia to uska kch reason b hai… Mamta Banerjee ho ya koi b politician they should listen to doctors.. if someone is happening to them they will obviously raise their voice…. puniyani Tere jaise logo ki mentality ko India ne boycott kr dia h….

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