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death destruction despair were in a Muslim Cemetery in Moraga City the remains of 27 bodies recovered from the battle zone are buried here local terror groups attempt to take over the Islamic city of Moriah in southern Philippines during the holy month of Ramadan what do they want establish a Caliphate where Isis or – will use it's war Filipinos against Filipinos soldiers terrorists battle over territory and flag president Audrey go detector declares martial law in Mindanao it's the biggest crisis of his young administration Armed Forces chief general Eduardo unnie allows to use his new powers to defeat the enemy we will use the special powers of Marcelo to defeat this multi group and other armed groups were webconnect rebel and trying to dismember this part of the territory from the residence flee the once bustling Islamic city turns into a ghost town there's no easy explanation for the tragedy that hits Malawi the clashes start in a village called bas akmaluddin where the military spots a most wanted terrorist leader and moves in the paper bullet holes on freshly painted walls showed the intense firefight that erupted in this safe house in Bassam multiplet the morale we crisis started here this four-story building with a red gate was the target of a military raid on May 23 because here they spotted Abu Sayyaf leader is nil on haploid the first clashes erupted here Isis names is near on appeal on its top leader in Southeast Asia the veteran terrorist leader based in Basilan is responsible for so many atrocities in Mindanao he has long been the subject of a manhunt in Malawi he joins young radicals who grew up in the city the makuta brothers led by Omar and Abdullah they all pledged allegiance to Isis I have a big lion to open up the hill McGlinchey a bohemian Nepali get pneumonia by a bicycle it'll happen on escapes arrests yet again what happens next surprises the generals armed Marawi residents rush into the streets wave the ISIS black flag and attack strategic points around the city they occupy a Maybach Park Medical Center they harass comprar now the military headquarters they surround the city hall denoted by the UN annum city although there were tents now there's nothing a possibility when they will take over the year they release prisoners at the city jail set ablaze the Protestant run Don Sahlin college and the Catholic st. Mary's Parish they take hostages along the way move towards Bangalore the city's commercial district where they hold out for months Marawi bishop edwin de la pena is away when the terrorists attacked the city but his residence is packed with workers in the middle of preparations for a catholic fiesta they were ready captives know when terrorists came in they take his right-hand man father cheetah sugan hub and church staff naka receive a Conan Tom walk using the cell phone of my secretary but to my surprise you Moses I boxes lelaki at saqqara Mattapan at Saqqara he was ordering me this to do this and that no he was giving me his demands no de Patri para think o military that they declare ceasefire the bishop hears crying in the background the man gives the phone to father cheeto she father cheeto come here in a hostage my little bishop the bishop gets in touch with the military and receives instructions to keep communication lines open I called back I I was the one who contacted them that I have already relayed a message in the economic contact well are now alone that the line was was cut off no the armed men also target Lancelin College a protest and run school the Maruti brothers attended as young boys with alabaster muhammara Nong Sabina Sabina to some officials your military in Aminu mana teachers or co-teachers la basílica me Philip a salsa band but passive servant Amina and I said Aggie yeah Fanny mahabhava as well as coming dinho father cheeto is also forced into the van and off they went to Bangalore we could equal then my stuff over coming in bungalow Union atop of kamikaze param phenyl I'm coming Samina new member skerin van mag line ko AK aluminum indonesian para execution not a not Awad bah-bah-bah real in Alameda four days the bishop fears father cheeto is dead until the eighth day when he appears in a terrorist propaganda video this is below a bridge in Moraga city at the height of the war it is one of the three critical bridges in the battle area it has seen a lot of fighting and death it's still day one of the siege but it is already close to midnight first lieutenant Geraldo alvarez takes two or more vehicles and 19 men with him to rescue a wounded officer and bring in reinforcements troops fog lavas commanded the bullets come flying as soon as they reach below a bridge in abundance at Alamein are on cylinder zakian so do ii munakata na na hey na bong bong chunky common so banana haahah a path of monkey inside enemy territory he learns the military armor can only do so much against rocket-propelled grenades or RPG mattress mattress nakooma doomed my aluminium immune vehicle Indian Agumon so fucking mean uh gana mana mana lava me Mom so PAGASA nodes are dominating MOBAs monkey thus begins the biggest battle of their lives their training his leadership are put to the test now a learning disability takuna in situations Neela so Donna nice anaconda say mama non-pom gila Posse lead private por las páginas and Alcoa aluminum you magnificent and so on along mom they apply first aid on each other while they repel the attacks hi mom so she llama Munna come Baggesen ID communi Manila young baloney rossabi cochineal angle of in Kahala bit in the lung the meeting in animal science a sense of hearing us the rescuers need rescuing but by then troops can't cross below a bridge anymore yummy some drop a bomb on me pootle nah Sabrina said oh the hidden demon Etrigan Machado England agenda much a dump in a fandom so foreign diplomat con taken on Nozomi Goodman on sector Poliquin demand Sonia Aparna is non-games reading and a chopper comes for them but enemy snipers forced the pilots to leave Alvarez and his men take cover inside houses nearby they try to restore the vehicle but to no avail they are on their own for days funny mommy one boom about Bobby Hamza Nepal would not mom I know you garner come on Cassini in dreiberg yeah Jackie in Pelagia Antipas a gunner still along human snipers mum they run out of bullets the driver volunteers to get what's left in the other vehicle we saw some Pollyanna goons a vehicle tenements a tequila nom nom Tino Monte together on maha kassapa shamans are loading vehicle so naka puck jacking possible in common among upon cinnamon mom Jackie Mia bambina Bona Sania Rahman and nobuta national minimums so you know comment below my mom didn't animal abatement guns are a minimum enemies burned the houses troops are occupying alvarez loses another man to enemy snipers boo Malik mom you know young Air Force Alanna mom you know you rocket nodosa North Pole top of the summer is portion Co so anumana this not a minimal abandon mom after several failed attempts rescue finally comes on the fifth day miss ECOSOC rokka rokka and insulin Ambala mom bullets rain on them as they move towards the extraction point where choppers are waiting no don't come in Nikita kita so la mochila Parsippany parameter aluminum alvarez brings home 15 of the 19 men he brought with him a remarkable achievement in the battlefield he is nominated to receive the highest combat award the Medal of Valor building Coutinho mental eminence kasi vanilla you kaamika aagama monitamon ballast it will take the military two months to regain control of below a bridge the bloodiest day of the war happened here when thirteen Marines died on June 9 2017 mariah is notorious for loose firearms it took a while for residents like a bull more Hamming to realize it isn't the usual read dough or clan war anymore in a portable cotton castle on intuition brunette oh no ma radula radula human patata lingered on my own subramanian when I mean Anna Putin an illusion Emily he evacuated day five of the clashes Sabrina inugami monotone ooh Java Budokan Nogami Tanana boom badda Manila pass you know Inc I am fuckin gun but Escape is not as easy for others knee bores turn into heroes in the rush to rescue civilians trapped in the battle zone areas rescuers cannot reach residents like Aneesa mojado brave the crossfire Thomas can beat atlona duels icon duo behind I mean and you know meketa or now father the Tomalin coming to Miami pass exact mineka Minamoto namaha isis nametag oka me da cunha man my denominator a Veronica Manila Makita community Nana banana Busan Caliban mo she sees a soldier at bungalow bridge and screams for help until Giovanni Latino nominee Nobunaga meaner addictive and Amidon eligibility indie developers subpoenaed an Omaha Nebraska just repeat ma ma ma petite wha-hoo savvy capo in the middle of all the violence residents like Nora Dean along – look man and his knees make a stand to defy the radicalism the terrorists espouse Muslims protect their Christian neighbors I told my Christian friends who are with me that I will die first before they kill you I mean Allahu Akbar para mula mala Manila Nellas coming Amara now make no mistake about it the people the Muslim people in this country are outraged by this act of some people in who wants to drive a wedge between the most recent Christian and to destroy our city and destroy the relationship between Muslims and Christians back in the safe house in basic molecular the military recovers a video showing happy lawn and the multi brothers planning the attack along with Malaysia's Most Wanted militant it confirms the foreign fighters are in general an assess the raid in basic male blood fault a bigger terror attack 83 and supposedly a pacifier but because of disable sorry 23 well we got also the copy of the beet juice I suppose but it also shows how much the military underestimated the enemy despite intelligence reports weeks before the attack the military operations are led by men who hunted down Hopalong for years Lieutenant General Charlie Galvez is chief of the military command responsible for almost all of the areas in southern Philippines where terrorism is a threat politician Muji Fatah man worked with Galvez when he was a young officer in basilica general Galba spot on Western Mindanao commander not brigade commander in richland ampicillin cataleya tamil shahana still on appeal on the ground commander in merawi is his classmate in military school Major General Rolly Bautista also came from Basilan this is how the war is fought here in Malawi CP it is urban warfare the main battle area is about 200 metres away the Marines here who are used to fighting in the jungles occupy tall buildings and snipers here bore a hole on the wall so they could have a view of the main battle area gentlemen Kuna keep an eye on here a person down low but clearly northern ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba whose minima soon Jung Jung a bill amending the hill but Paco Kamali was a knock on another sniper so Kanagawa not in Buddhist titanium ding ding una ganancia here young dalla wanna know the law one building below an aerodynamic Eno butas and a minimun imamat I suppose learning some building [Applause] when looking at the 105 millimeter cannon of the philippine army we are 200 to 300 meters away from the possession of the enemy's it's the final push to end the war in Malawi and from here we can already see the tallest building in the battle area the C and D center point where one of the officers for the army was killed the Philippine military fought urban warfare in Zamboanga City in 2013 but morale is so much worse Army Air Force Navy combined forces in the biggest longest and bloodiest operation of the Philippine military since World War two allies come to help us Australia fly surveillance planes to help locate the enemy China sends rifles the mission is complex neutralize the terrorists while making sure the hostages are safe the military resorts to air strikes horrifying residents like nor Mira pan Arun men who fear bombs will destroy their homes or kill loved one still trapped in the battle zone who still mess up room Elana lungs are people in deep university weeks later she is reunited with her family but her nightmare is all too real to the military at least twice bombs accidentally hit troops the Marawi war forces young officers to grow old beyond their years Billy Koss John left military school only three years ago in June his company was pulled out of Basilan to join the fighting here the bagua composition pre-flop Akuma had experienced several ban warfare and the baby no harmony reps are urban water urban warfare is sniping on top on the bus and aligning behind memorandum with us he won't forget his first battle in Malawi the mission clear this green building that serves as an enemy stronghold from the enemy Colonel Minh Almodovar is called James battalion commander first discussed a few days very strong defensive plan Taliban and we see clearly the long building the Matata students are up at past moody per person in the building the whole agreement bitumen I became additional supports more compassion and support Mormon is my collaborative another second or third form in the path of the mission first for dinner – to get me that's optional Manila but kabocha hiring company commander problem is put to a new second prerogative not happen like hd8 coming home finishing the labyrinth on K the mega committed certain given then the Hangang gonna present it will take them four attempts in a span of three days to take the building in proper moment available on Syria wounded Bella Coola one soldier is killed troops push on and learn new tactics along the way but so do the enemy the mosques make good hiding places we are limited to enough to strike you manga moss or onion inaudible die not any Mama's because of you not in our cultural sensitivities and respect for religion Sigma super intelligence l alamin most case or basements yeah they also bore holes and dig tunnels the military can found buildings with airstrikes but enemies can move from one building to another using these so no Munna in DC Lana gonna select a panel Mozilla so began again proved in Yokohama tactics check nominal techniques tire we have to adopt this second villages in basic and common tactics to one cabo de la look we listen more seeing it come under a new problem emerges as tropes close in improvised explosive devices or IEDs suspected nothing I mean up in Miami for analyzing ordnance item sure it almost probably remote control chair by listen from a cell phone remote detonation is my son following the battle area becomes even more complex troops need to move fast to evade enemy snipers but not too fast or they will trip on this bombs the death toll rises that is always there's a box and a lock on and then lentil Agha give me some Pamela Luneberg NASA give me some parmesan hope I expected an Armenian or however we are leaders we tried so hard for our protect behind dialogue Almodovar third Scout Ranger Battalion later plays a big role in ending the war yelling camisa bootleg run along boy named Ryan no Micah's name is D to sell a non-transparent Fed Santana me I know the war against Isis linked groups in the Philippines did not start in Marui it's in boutique where the Maruti brothers operated for years boutique is no ordinary town its hosts one of the biggest camps of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front the country's dominant Muslim rebel group this is how the peace process is connected to the war in Malawi the father of the muta brothers was once a member of mi LF he and his sons rejected the political solution the group espouses the creation of a new Bangsamoro region that will give Muslims wider powers over their land the Muta's preferred the radical ideology of Isis and decided to carve their own territory mi LF peace panel chairman mohawk hair Iqbal says they work to counter the spread of Isis ideology only the factor of my life is preventing the mati group to recruit so many people to their side but delays in the peace process erodes the m IL f s influence especially among the young the leadership of develop belongs to the first generation of leaders and they are they are advocating for the political resolution of the conflict in Mindanao which government has not yet complied fully especially the passage of the VL so in terms of moral ascendancy I think the moti group is taking something from morals and ascendancy of their Molly it's become a battle for legitimacy in 2016 the town that enjoyed relative peace since the malf embraced the peace process becomes a battle zone once again we're here at the Municipal Hall of batik down in the now del Sur last week the multi group occupied this abandoned municipal building and for the first time raised the black flag of the ISIS hopalong joins the maruti brothers in booty they received funding from isis foreign fighters also come to help clashes move to pay agapo in April and then merawi in May the wedding of Noreen Shaba share and Joe Martha oh my lifts the spirits of the evacuees at the density in the town of pant our life goes on despite the difficult situation in evacuation centers but it's a long wait for the war to end inside the battle area hostages learn to live with their captors lloyd veena copier is tasked to tend to wounded Malouda fighters dr. Ouma he laughs hello Street East indeed Nakata Lucas I made more patients and Roxanne sempre mo monitor my own commode Oh monetary Mon Cala hosaka Kyle Ignacio movin not auto-lock honest honest abhi na hai na ho Mannion so lost radiation perilous in corner drugs can bombs are dropping everywhere Boombah heart attack pocus al-abbas ananda bar baka bare-legged Anila assailant attack vocally young intention Musa Rami Oscar and Goomba bakas says if Allah the toshka one day o marma would defines him crying oh my god moon along to trabajo not o perineum Anita Janna Dianne vasilich ah o in toda hill up doors or Terrace he meets her pill on himself so by kami knock the solid rocket a fucking shame pray you move me lady param known but Omar serioso print a coupon dushashana recognizes ih1 a silly little onion I recognize Oh Nikita a Omaha news they learn to pray like Muslims but all the while they plan their escape bro before that maimie plans not like a committee father in Thailand Amina major malapa plan yo operatives cassock mahira pramana Tomas Boca John or tamarcus Cana Antonopoulos Amelia million la merced allah we're only about 400 meters away from bottom ox where troops had an intense firefight with the enemies they overwhelmed them and were able to rescue father cheetah Sugano after 117 days in captivity they are preforming recovery thank you very much god bless you troops push forward day by day the last of the enemy strongholds fall one by one is nellen happen on in the motives put up a damned good fight but on October 16 2017 they meet their end in Malawi in an assault that Colonel Almodovar leaves a bullet to her pylons chest another bullet tomar marutas head put an end to the reign of terror I am confirming that the top that Emir of Isis in the Philippines Anamosa fever is nil on Abaddon and the last of the dreaded multi brothers / Omar Khayyam I bought them this is what's heartbreaking going inside the battle area we see how houses are destroyed and we're seeing human skeletons among the debris still to be a bit ripped from the battle area the crisis is not over beyond rebuilding homes and burying bodies claimed by the longest war since World War two is an urgent cry to address the root cause of conflict there are boiling issues to resolve to prevent murali from happening again here or elsewhere farm elephant wanna wrap

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  • they are not terrorists. they are slandered by those who hate Islam. In fact, the duterte was used trump to destroy Islam and made an unreasonable excuse for terrorists. there is a reason why they are church bombs because you make a church in the state of Islam sulu jolo. so they feel you should not do it in their place but be out of sulu.philipines as the ancestors of Islam tausug yang memerintah sebelum spanyol datang membuat kacau .

  • Army good for figthing to isis.the isis is rong comonity in the wourld.fhinesh the goddemn emany in the wourld.isis in the god demn

  • Mam there is another story here that everybody forget, there are about 20 to 40 men in cagayan de oro hired to work in saudi and one of it is my cousin, they where fitch in cagayan de oro an took a white band to go airport and to there shock when they came out in the van it was already marawi and told them to take the gun and they will pay them which for them has no choice in the hands of terorrist and tthere we see photo in one of the wanted terorrist and we dont know what happen to him anymore

  • Foreign national insist they are the hero.. what a shame on this nationality..they cannot even finish there own war on terorist for years with modern weapon compare to this stopping at 153 days ..
    They insisit philippines soldier is been train by other national… the truth philippines has there own training grounds,,and no one train them but there own instinct to survive as a real warriors genes of old times tribe ancestors..

  • Man Filipino are the most confused asian on the the earth. I dont know if you guys are still asian really are you catholics or are you muslims. You still speak Philippine but your name is Rodriguez you still speak Philippine but your name is madhamed you guys are losing your asian identities. Whatever happen to your forefathers religion. Adopting the Spanish and Arab religion and cultures was the worst thing that ever happens to yours people.

  • And don't forget that the Philippine Army defeated isis within 3 months! Even though they had just been with by a natural disaster AND the fact that isis is armed and supported by the military industrial complex. Amazing what can be achieved by a strong nation and leader.

  • This marawi siege nake me clap my hands for the phil forces and the president Duterte and his admin for his strong stand to hunt and kill this maute-isis group ,to end This maute for terorizing the people who did not follow thier idiology specially the christians.

  • bsta rappler tlga tanga! bat pinapakita mukha ng mga sundalo sa vid pwde naman e blurd.. tanga lang ipapahamak nyo pa sila

  • The report is somthing wrong the balo-i Bridge is very far in Marawi they are saying the mapandi bridge.

  • The underlying cause of these conflicts is religion, specifically the Islamic faith. It is one of the most, if not THE most, intolerant religions of all. They see other people as inferior to them. To say that they are fighting for the survival of their culture and their traditions that are rooted in Islam, and the way they want to govern themselves under their Sharia law is just saying the same thing: to literally put up an independent Islamic state within the Philippines. There will be no peace.

  • #NoToRappler #NoToRessa #TaxEvader #ForeignOwned – Sagutin nyo lahat ng kaso nyo sa korte. Enough of your drama Ressa!!!

  • Nakakaawa mga sundalo natin. Sobrang proud po ako sa inyo. Condolence po sa lahat ng nakipaglaban hanggang kamatayan. 😔

  • di you know that during mc arthur 1000 filipinos sent t o fight a hundred thoussand japanese. and why US, a long term ally and thie technolofy didnt share to us. iys because the dint want filipno today xolonizing country liiar!!!!papjnts na ako dyam.

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