15 thoughts on ““Does Human Nature Make Socialism Impossible?” with Adaner Usmani

  • people, when Marx said that the world shapes human behavior he did not mean humans have no nature at all, he was pointing out at the specific arguments that defend capitalism by saying humans are born greedy and they will be forever. But they don't get that parenting for example is the way to raise a good child who is not greedy, and therefore human behavior is changeable…

  • Socialism is the collective emotional growth of the human race. The instinct for survival the only driving force for any living life form and if scarcity deprives then our basic instinct rises to the top of our agenda and when people are hungry they can do bad things to survive. Abundance removes our base instinct and then we have contentment and are able to focus on the higher things in life. As long as some are unwilling to share then conflict will happen. We have abundance but it takes time to change conditioned minds, we are gradually making the transfer into collective adulthood, the collective emotional growth of the human race is inevitable.

  • Hi 🙂 What a good work on this channel. I'm from Brazil and I would like to ask for videos with portuguese subtitles, please. Thanx !

  • Yes! This is Marxist theory that speaks to me, not this bullshit about people being zombies driven by ideology or whatever

  • To the point of human nature: in the words of Dr Gabor Matte “a predisposition is not the same as a predetermination”. We are 99.9% products of our environment!

    Very good overall. But speaker says that capitalism has provided the best standard of living but he has no idea about the 200,000+ years of peaceful human civilisation before the invention of capitalism/money where people lived in peace COOPERATIVELY. And I’d say it’s more technology that’s provided that.

  • The question is not whether it is human nature to be greedy and selfish, but whether humans desire more (and more comfort, specifically). Seems to be that this desire for comfort underpins cognitive (and dispositional) practices that enable us to suppress, forget, and marginalize our objective knowledge of endemic suffering and inequality. I think this topic is much more textured and complicated than how it has been handled by both the speaker and chair of this session.

  • Does anyone know what Jacobin's definition of socialism is?

    Also if everyone is inherently and primarily selfish, capitalism still fails to perform. If we are truly purely greedy and that is our justification for the current system then it is also justification to abolish it. What of the greed and selfishness of the workers? Our greed and self interest is relegated to the margins of the ruling class's greed. If greed is their justification for domination then it is our justification for pursuing our interests in removing them from power and relevance.

  • It is not human nature that makes socialism impossible but Marxism. Marx did understand capitalism well but knew nothing about socialism. His revolutionary ideas stopped the development of humankind. The most important part of socialism must be equal human rights and no one even understand what does it mean. You may find more about it in my article "The failures of Marxism and the right path to socialism and communism" here http://www.sarovic.com/marxism.htm

  • The (political) problem is that many of the people that voted for Trump do not respond to empirical reality, facts, figures, data, or history. They live in a bubble where true and false are determined by source, not substance (Fox News = True; Climate Scientist = False). There is no way to come to them from the outside. If you do not already act, think, and look like them you are, by their definition, evil (or at least untrustworthy). A lot of this has to do with the fundamentalist religion they were brought up in. It is a closed system that prides itself on keeping new information out.

    I wish he was right. I wish it was as simple as we need to be more empathetic to their human nature because it is, at root, the same as ours. But it is not that simple. A lot of Trump supporters have been conditioned to reject all information that does not come from Fox or Breitbart or some other source of right-wing disinformation.

  • "We are few, and they are not with us, not because they have failed to understand what we see, but because we have failed to understand what they have seen"
    YES. But how do you popularize this? How do we pull ourselves, let alone others, out of our habit in de-humanizing others?

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