Does LeBron James know What We Have lost without Freedom of Speech?勒布朗·詹姆斯知道没有自由言论的中国人失去了什么吗?(付中文字幕)

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influential and authoritative Chinese 《中国新闻分析》汇集,整理,和总结了 experts views on China’s issues are
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有影响力和权威性的 understand what kind of harm and
destruction the Chinese communist中国专家对中国问题的看法。因此您可以了解中国共产党的 ideology can bring to your country, your
cultural values, your freedom, and the意识形态给您会的国家,您的文化价值,您的自由,!以及您所爱的人带来什么样的伤害和破坏! ones you love!Hey everybody How is going? this is Dashia, 大家好!我是辟谣大侠。 LeBron James’ criticism on Daryl Morey’s勒布朗·詹姆斯對達里爾·莫雷支持香港 twist supporting Hong Kong has sparked a
controversy online in both US and China.推文在网上的批評激起了中美两国媒體的争议。 I’m not gonna to discuss the details here
because I believe many of you might have 我就不在这里讨论内容,我相信您已经看到了很多关于此的报告。 already seen(read) a lot of reports about this
matter. but I think Lebron needs to be我觉得他应该了解一下 informed about what the Chinese people
lost without the right to speak up. Look at中国人在没有话语权的情况下失去了什么? this photo taken in one of the cities in
China, can you guess what the fire truck was 看这张照片,你能猜出消防车在做什么吗? doing there? It is watering on top of
air quality monitoring device (that在望 测量空气质量的空气质量监测设备上方浇水, measures the air quality in the city) in
that way, it made the device mistook the air这样以来,该设备会误认为空气质量对人体而言处于安全水平。 quality as if it was as at the safe level for
human body. In fact, it was deceiving the 实际上,他们在欺骗人们。 people living in the city. However, some
people may want to ask why the local但是,有些人可能会问,白天每个人都可以看到, government wants to do such a deceptive
trick when everyone can still see what地地方政府为什么要这样做呢? they’re doing during the daytime? it’s the
local government not afraid to be方政府难道不害怕新闻,媒体或公众揭发吗? reported by the news, by media or by
public? Here’s a cultural shock that这是文化冲击,这可能使居住在 might surprise the people living in the
countries with a freedom of speech.言论自由国家的人们感到惊讶! The reason this Chinese local government did this during the daytime was because这个中国地方政府在白天这样做的原因是因为他们知道, they knew that even if the public see it,
nobody dare即使公众看到了, to report them to the superior authorities!
Why? Because in China people don’t have也没人敢向上级报告! 为什么? 因为在中国,! the right to speak up for themselves.
The Chinese law will not protect those人们没有权利为自己说话。 中国法律 who dare to reveal the misconducts of
the government; in other words, the government不会保护那些敢于揭露政府不当行为的人。 换句话说, can do whatever they want to do on
its people For example; If the government政府可以对人民做任何想做的坏事! 例如 wants you to move out of your house
without enough compensation for you如果政府希望您在没有足够补偿的情况下搬出您的房屋, then you better to do what you were
told to do!那么您最好按照指示去做! If the government wants to waste the
trillions of taxpayers money on如果政府想浪费纳税人的数万亿美元来支持非洲的专制政权, supporting the authoritarian regime in
Africa instead of having a national而不是花在全民国民保险上, insurance covering every Chinese citizen,
you better not to protest and ask them那您就别想抗议或问他们为什么? why! If your children get bullied by kids
from rich and powerful families at如果您的孩子在学校被富裕或有势力的家庭的孩子欺负, school, you better to tell your kids to
pretend to be punching bags and not to您最好告诉您的孩子假装是沙袋,并且不要告诉老师! tell teachers about it! LeBron when
you don’t have the right to speak up for勒布朗,当您无权自言自语时, yourself, you know the list of bad things
and unfair things that can happen to you坏事和不公平的事情会不断发生,甚至超出了您的想象。 goes on and on even goes beyond your
imagination! So, what if you insist to如果您在受到不公平对待时坚持要 speak up for yourself when you are not
treated fairly in China? Sequentially,为自己维权的话会发生什么? 好吧,依序, here is a list of bad things
will sure to happen to you! First, the这里是肯定会发生一系列坏事! local police bothers you at your home
and threatens you! Second, you lose your1.当地警察在家打扰您并威胁您。 job and your children get kicked out of
the school. Third, your spouse and parents 2.您失业,您的孩子被踢出学校。您的配偶和父母也受到威胁。 get threatened too! Fourth,
you are detained and tortured! Fifth,3.
4.您被拘留并遭受酷刑。 you disappeared without trace or “ARE
suicided”! Last, your organs are sold after 5.您消失得无影无踪或“自杀” you are disappeared. Injustice anywhere
is a threat to justice everywhere. Our 6.您“消失”后器官便被出售。任何地方的不公正都是对所有有正义地方的威胁! lives begin to end the day we become
silent about things that matter. LeBron 我们的生活开始终止,在我们都不发声的那一天—源自勒布朗·詹姆斯! James…Thank you for watching China news analysis!
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  • Are you talking about US? cause China wasn't ever be like what you said. If you're making irony, be clearly, cause your talk was not true in China. China is a good country for free speech, their government even formulated abundant policy for this.

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