you Laurie we pretty [Applause] so got a shot to his name Oh started up a new turning up a new dawn it open ooh restore its on the day of booted up renewed the devil is in trouble your lifetime is complete you know mr. dolphin Uddin your story is true I can see the restoration if the tunnel of renewed somebody sampled on renewed I can see you're going on with detective Malone the tornado Pernilla – torn open mr. donut when doing it no more shame on my solo every train is broken kept turning up renewed come on join me cattle celebrate dr. napur noona is a turning over I have drinian where were Batali now except to worship this morning from the book of Sam 67 will be written irresponsibly from verse 1 first one God be merciful unto us and bless us and cause his face to shine upon us verse 2 together now let the people press D or God let all the people please Davis fall let the people press D or God let all the people praise devices together now now let's take verse 7 together one to go God shall bless us and all the hands of the head shall fear Him you are welcome I have dominion please listen to faith thermicon announcement number one covenant our prayer continues tomorrow monday to saturday take advantage of this platform as an avenue for father's spiritual investment in your kingdom advancement in divorce and for taking on personal issues that require divine intervention the time is 5:30 to 6:30 a.m. number two believers function class hold this Monday for all new converts in 710 locations caught across Lagos Mota all our newcomers and new members admonish to take advantage of this very important platform for spiritual empowerment that will result in victorious living the time is 6 to 7:30 p.m. number 3 those who desire this charge to be planted in their own land to signify their interests by lived of their hands to receive a copy of the church planting facilitators form and those who previously received the form and are ready to switch to signify by lifting it up for the church officials to collect number for good news enlistment of missionary evangelists to Pastor our countryside churches across the nation is already ongoing give God begins among others male and female are eligible for enlistment husband and wife are also eligible for enlistment as a team other details and application forms and criteria for enlistment are up on the church website as indicated on the screen number 5 praise the Lord special Elizabeth commences this Tuesday bring all the afflicted and our prayers for an encounter with God at the service as they come they shall experience the alien touch of Jesus that will establish their testimonies the time is 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. number 6 praise the Lord our week of spiritual emphasis for February 2019 for this week from Wednesday 6th to Friday 8 February 2019 custom is we shall be waited on the Lord in a fast for our desire turnarounds put as a charge and as individuals for the month of February and break with a communion at our various soon awfully centers the time is 6 to 8 p.m. Friday shall be a break to service the time is 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. it is testimony time please let mrs. Victoria chew Andrew mrs. Victoria chew window come up for testimony number 7 winner satellite fellowship hour also as fellowship of every Saturday in over 20,000 locations across Lagos author and environs we are all expected to be part of this put as a platform for spiritual development as an avenue for being one another's kippa remember the church is a family and not an industry the time is 5 to 6 p.m. number 8 praise the Lord next Sunday the 10th of February 19 shall be our special communion service it shall also double as our covenant day of exemption give God come expecting definite encounters with God vii is Ward and the communion table service schedule is as usual Jesus is Lord in this service it is testimony time please come forward to share your testimony my name is Archie Wendy Victoria I have dominion I've come to return all the glory to the God of God of this commission for blessing me with a bouncing baby boy so ever since I got married that we have in series of miscarriages I've had like six miscarriages the last one happened in the year 2017 when I took in and had six months plus I had another miscarriage so after that August miscarriage I came to see Luke tagged my new dog and I brought my Sheila sacrifice tugging it to my new dawn baby ever since I'll be giving offerings tugging it to my new dawn baby after she lo 2017 in 2009 18 much I took in and since then the devil also came but God of the new dawn baby kept my baby and October 2018 I gave that to a bouncing baby boy and returned all the glory to the god of this commission praise the Lord shout hallelujah let us listen to this documented testimony and be blessed over 20 years family restoration I have been believing God for family life restoration for 20 years now since I got married it has been from one conflict to another I have never enjoyed my married for once since 1984 my illness called me witch and all sorts of name saying I'm behind my husband's ordeal he left me are my children in 1996 he left home to his strange woman in a baton so we joined this commission in the year 2015 I believe God for restoration in my family because I was tired living alone with my children so many markets from family neighbors neighbors called me all sorts of names then I joined sanctuary keepers and my children who served in their units believing God for restoration I also engaged praying Kingdom advancement prayers praying for souls and bringing new converts attended Sheila and telling God to cut at the home of this strange woman and God did it last April 2009 18 put your hands together for Jesus the Holy Spirit instructed us not to ask for anything better press him for 21 days from 12 a.m. to 1 a.m. on the one on the 15th day he called the children that he was coming home on only 21 days of the exercise he came home Peggy me and the children and my marriage is now restored we now live in peace above all we come to church together we return all the glory to the god of this commission who is too faithful to fail the testifier is Abbasid de Ulua Familia your restoration will be established on this service today for these amazing testimonies lift up your hands and begin to appreciate God I have minion please listen to this epistle from the apostle of Addis Commission titled prophetic focus for February 2019 the minion greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I believe that we have all had specific encounters with God as individuals through the recently concluded arnaud 21-day priam fasting and because whatever the Lord does shall be forever I pray that everyone's experience shall be a spiritual asset for life amen what then is the Holy Ghost saying for the month of February 2019 we're all aware our Dominion in the kingdom is rooted in the world but what is in the world that engenders Dominion the nature of God which establishes his Dominion the power of God by which he rules forever the light that shut us every darkness every power of darkness the fire of God that keeps all evil beasts away from our territories the rock of offense the mixer's unstoppable irresistible and ever in command the creative power of God our positions of above all life's situations and circumstance the breakthrough power of God which manifests in the life of everyone serving God and the interest of his kingdom faithfully and fruitfully and many more what must I do to walk into minion 1 be committed to a lifestyle of prayer and fasting for empowerment to be committed to walk in the light of his world free be committed to imbibe a more of His divine nature through the world for be committed to walking by faith 5 be committed to walk in the Covenant of scriptures 6 be committed to serving God and the interest of his kingdom as a lifestyle and 7 be committed to giving God all the glory for every new level attained remember doing what the world says to do believe in is what empowers believers to walk in Dominion it is not the world we know that changes our story but what we do with with what we know walking in demeanor is simply walking the truth of scriptures believing and what we do therefore the prophetic focus for the month of February 2019 is Dominion is my birthright shall we declare together the rank of Scripture is revelation 5:9 2:10 recommended books of the month offered by gossip and include turnaround power of the world the force of freedom walking in Dominion sit and get lost born to win and fulfilling your days remain ever blessed Jesus is Lord give the Lord a bigger of praise [Applause] I have Dominion as Elia announced what now in this service is time for end of my Thanksgiving marriage and children dedication praise God give the Lord a big club offering are making louder louder for Jesus praise gone shortly which are all during a feed standing and the choir shall be leading us in high praises as we return all the glory on to God for His faithfulness in our lives the Scriptures makes it very very clear it's a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord and to sing praises unto the name or Most High some 92 and verse 1 therefore shortly which are all between that which is good giving glory unto God and as we do so the god of multiplication and dominion will yet visit each one in Jesus mighty name and this shall be the order we shall be happy the children that are here today for dedication the marriages that are here today for thank you and dedication coming forward and each and every one of us those of us who have space will come to the front those of us who may know how space in front wherever you are we all shall be rejoicing and gladly given thanks unto God for His faithfulness in our lives in Jesus mighty name would you please rise up on your feet right now as you receive this set of people in front and then the choirs shall be Latinos in high praises and you also prepare your trans given and your dedication seed at the same time praise God quiet yes [Applause] about you [Applause] shout hallelujah please bow your heads everyone lift up your voice of gratitude on to the God of gods and begin to give him quality thanks from the depth of your soul for his faithfulness in your life thank him personally thank him personally thank him personally thank him right now thank you me your understandeth return to him all the glory for his goodness for his massive and your direction I said individual as a family let God hear your voice of appreciation right now let them hear your voice of Thanksgiving right now return all the glory on to the giver of life give him praise give him praise God has done you well express my appreciation to him right now express your Thanksgiving to him right now let God know how grateful you are give it back all the glory that is dear to him for that we thank you father we thank you Father we thank you in Jesus mighty name we have given time fighting the name of Jesus Christ we have returned today according to the command to give you back all the glory beyond to You Father accept our thanks in Jesus name for all of the children that are here today for dedication they are your blessing they are your gift they care from you lord of idealised accept our times given and right now for the additional are going to be anointed let your spirit and your grace rest upon them together we decree and declare that this children shall fulfill destiny the sharpest sources of joy to the appearance and to the body of Christ thou shalt live long fulfill the number of the ideas we use them as a part of contact right now for those who are believing you for miracle babies let their own also hop on miraculously for other models that are here today for trans given dedication father accept returns given also we declare nucleus marriages blast we declare them fruitful we recruited shall be joyful they shall be worthy examples for others to follow there were not no crises there were not no separation will use this marriages today as a point of contact for others who are believing you for Morocco marriages find out do it for them speedily and let your name be glorified for each and every one of us standing here today thanking you for one to Onaga analyze further acceptance given for the gift of life we thank you for protection and provision we thank you for every good thing in our lives we thank you accept our thanks in Jesus name whatever you are sadly are today thank you God for shall never return to sorry it shall be multiplied and it shall be preserved so shall it be would you please lift up your trance given and dedication Sudan to God right now and present your zero to him joyfully gladly thankfully give impress as you present your seed unto God right now father we thank you this seed are hereby declared blessed and as you draw this seed it shall be multiplied by two you a maraca phone and Jesus mighty name we pray in louder amen again you quasi be Latinos in high praises we all shall be dancing and rejoicing and giving glory back to God please make sure that our children and water anointed before you get back on your seat praise God remember to drop your trans giving and dedication seed at the same time but you too Oh hallelujah give Jesus a big hand everybody and please be seated in his presence I have Dominion this morning is my privilege to welcome a number of us who are here today worshiping for the first time on Sunday like this at the Faith Tabernacle if today's your first time at the fete I'm a knuckle on Sunday please would you quickly rising your feet this morning wherever you are give Jesus a big hand everybody as they begin to rise everywhere is what your praise please remain standing remain standing it goes presents our fish songs are put into your hand a welcome package also you'll be given a slip to feel as soon as you receive your copy you may please be seated and begin to feel that slip in the cost of this welcome make sure to receive your copy of both the package and the slip and then be seated and begin feeling that slipping a course of this welcome I want to welcome you this morning on behalf of Jesus Christ the head of the church and on behalf of is7 the apostle of I this Commission Bishop David or any people wanted to know you have come today to a mountain of God and to a City of Refuge and that means every siege against your life and destiny comes to an end today in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ according to the scriptures the company you keep determines what accompanies you Abraham took a lot with him and as a result of lots being with Abraham the blessing of Abraham began to manifest upon lot you have come today to this company of the Blessed the blessings of God here will begin to manifest upon your life you have come to this company of testifiers the testimonies of jesus here will become your own experience you have come to this breakthrough company brick truth shall become your identity in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ however to enjoy the best of God that is available within any god-ordained company you must get planted and rooted there the Bible says those who are planted in the house of the Lord they will flourish in the court of our God therefore my charge to you is set to down here engage everyone that comes from this order and teaches instructions am fatik directions and as you put the Word of God to work God's Word will begin working wonders in every department of your life and like we have consonant Isaac in scriptures when God instructed him to set to down in the land and you obeyed God suddenly in that God ordained place for him the Bible said he planted his seed there within the space of one year the Bible said that he became so great that the entire nation was envying his blessing for you also as you set to down in this God ordained please engage in every seed of his word that you received from this altar within the space of one year God would decorate you with testimonies that would make you the envy of many in the name of Jesus Christ somebody believers say louder amen one more time well our first time worshipers please rise on your feet for a word of prayer and blessing raise your feet for a word of prayer and blessing now bow your head as we pray our Father in the name of Jesus we thank you this morning for each of these precious ones that you have drawn by your mighty hand you brought them here for a blessing and therefore today with the Creech one of them blessed in the name of Jesus whatever they may have left behind as a concerned father let it be converted into an open testimony and any one of them here to be saved we declare today as the day of their salvation we give you all the praise and we give you all the glory for in Jesus precious name we have prayed amen and amen please you may be seated they sure that your forms are duly completed and submitted to the fish are closest to you once again you're welcome and God richly bless you give Jesus a big hand I have Dominion in this service it is offering time I said it is offering time if you have not done so yet quickly begin to package your worship offering your tight which is ten percent of God's increase upon your life and then you under see that you're brought to horn or Jesus in his presence this morning and as we do so I want us to be reminded of God's Word in this room in Chapter 8 and verse 18 they said thou shall remember the Lord your God for it is he that giveth the power to get wealth as you engage this covenant of giving today I see greater empowerment for wealth coming your way in the name of Jesus if you have done that now quickly rising your feet with me lift up that seat before the Lord and present it on to him with gratitude this morning I appreciated the opportunity to be in his presence given to him this seed which has come from him in the first place will you lift it up before the Lord and speak to him from the depth of your heart from the depth of your heart speak to the Lord let God hear your voice as you call upon him this morning Lord I've come today presented this seed on to you speak to him from the depth of your heart appreciating the privilege for the opportunity to present see to him in order to enter greater levels of world to present your tie to him to enjoy greater dimensions of open heaven father thank you for in Jesus precious name we have prayed keep your seat lifted father we have come today bearing with us our tides offering some video seeds to every tider let the heavens remain open to every seed so on let it be multiplied the novice we give you all the praise for it in Jesus precious name please be seated comfortably cast your seat joyfully as you receive the minister on the Fatah Wanaka choir Oh [Applause] [Applause] your name now trains from below say bye to the one by the power Percy Percy Percy Percy [Applause] over three months oh Sh your politics brother Oh my bad Leah's gonna come Mountains Rumble through the world your minds you have we're stuck because we saw the baby Oh Santana but Cosi Cosi coochie-coo remind people you could email or your mama's face it was two cookies [Applause] boy see why so we lift up hands to heaven everyone and one more time give God tongues for today thank you Jesus would you ask him to speak to you today Jesus speak to me today I want to hear from you ask him to speak to you today one word from heaven can turn anyone's life around 360 degrees I want to hear from you Jesus in Jesus precious name we have prayed Lord Jesus were here in your presence make sure what manifest every one of us today and the precious name of Jesus Christ so shall it be in Jesus name and I hope you say with me Dominion is my birthright I'm walking into Dharam from this time forward even forever are very dim to walk in Dominion and I'm said to walk in Dominion job before we sit down in Revelation chapter 5 from verse 9 the Bible says pasanga new song saying thou art worthy to take the book and to open this easy arrow for thou wast slain and as redeemed us onto ago by the blow out of every kindred and tongue people and nation everybody every to Allah of this earth as been redeemed in verse 10 as priests kings terrain or the earth I read verse 9 so you can know that your kindred your tongue your nation is inclusive your race and color notwithstanding go solo the entire world that he gave his son as a ransom for us everyone redeemed of God through Jesus is redeemed as a priest and he came to reign on the earth so we are not Adam for slavery where no leader for servitude we are not redeemed as fetchers and he was fetters of water and he was a would therefore in the name of Jesus this month marks every form of slavery mentality in anyone's life I [Applause] have dominion give the Lord behind and get physically the response to the humanitarian seed of last Sunday was awesome we have about 13 containers filled by your materia seed in the name of Jesus no one's tall here we ever run empty the children's children will never know the mineral displacement your furniture see this enormous you never lack in your life to be given your information as for the distribution of this material to the various places the same thing happened across the nation in all our churches tremendous selfless giving men and women everyone that's a part of these in any form and any level we have something to show for it in the name of Jesus Christ also it's important to mention that the Covenant day of exemption next Sunday among goddesses to exempt you from any form of business and carry a crush taken down from Exodus chapter name was four to six all the cattles of the different diet but not one that belongs to the children of Israel died they are kata was their business they have career their vocation no matter the heat on the earth your business career will never suffer crash in the name of Jesus tell everybody god is putting a mark of exemption on these people tell everyone to respond and be part of that prophetic service it shall be unlawful in the name of Jesus Christ also in the name of the Lord Jesus today we'll flag off the pursuit of our for for 2019 church growth mandate and in the name of Jesus many place winners will emerge from this please connect you can enjoy the flu every one that favors these four food to a good Monday would be fearfully favored by God as I shall be fearfully favored by God the kind of favor that we'll get to shed in tears of joy we locate you this year in the name of Jesus Christ please those who don't have copies of these signify or shall make them available to you so you can be part of the race and enjoy this awesome move of the Spirit also the material welcome to 2019 is available for those who are not here when this was distributed so you can connect with the prophetic platform for the year 2019 in the name of Jesus our operations here in pursuit of this for footmen data clearly stated operation pray everywhere please make sure you read operation one winner one establish so every month an operation church on the move which is the planting of the five thousand churches you'll be glad to know that we are sets to begin with our thousand churches this month and this month amen praise the Lord an operation video brother's keeper just lending a helping hand to everyone in need around you at your level and to the best of your capacity those who have orders never lack hear from God do we never lack hear from God you will never lack him from God you will never lack hear from God you share your food with someone you never like what to eat you help someone's tried to go to school your children's student would never be granted whatever Boonton anyone draws the same wish I received from the Lord with every bond of free so please engage with the operation cell application that goes to all of our wsf ministers and members every cell is required to replicate minimum one new cell before September 28 2019 and say don't deal give the Lord of Rehana pray the teaching team for Sunday services this month is caption working in Dominion amen working in Dominion and today we'll be looking at an aspect of it working in Dominion by engaging the light of scriptures walking into many on by engaging the light of scriptures engage in the light of scriptures is one way we work in Dominion in this world of darkness in him was life and the life was the light of men and that light shines in darkness and darkness comprehended it not undies darkness couldn't stop remember in the beginning was the world the world was it goal and the world was gone thus it was the beginning we've gotten or things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made in him was life and the life was the light of men and that light shines in darkness and the darkness pudding we all know where a Dominion of light over darkness is instant and unquestionable I pray that the month of February month of lights for you we are constantly engaged in a battle against the powers of darkness finally my brethren be strong in the Lord and in the power of his mind I'm put on the whole armor of God may be able to stand against the wise for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness and against spiritual wickedness in high places you know finally my brethren be strong in the Lord simply means be strong in the world be strong in the world because in the beginning was the world they what was it God and the world was gone finally my brethren be strong in the world be strong those who do know their God they shall be strong be strong a wise man is strong yay a man of knowledge increases strength proverbs 24 and verse 5 a wise man is wrong he a man of knowledge increases strength finally my brethren be strong in the world be strong and the world and put on the whole armour of God and in summary of that is put on the armor of light everything about the armor of God is from the world from the world from the war Rep Romans chapter 13 and verse 12 they said the night is far spent the days around let us therefore cast off the works of darkness by putting on the armor of light you cast off darkness by putting on the armor of light next to salvation the greatest asset of a believer is light my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge no for lack of salvation we see a chapter 4 verse 6 my people are going to captivity because have no knowledge as a chapter 5 and verse 13 so next to salvation the greatest asset of the believer is revelation it is revelation that gives value to our salvation proverbs 21 verse 16 he said the man died wandered out of the way of understanding shall remain in the congregation of the dead so lack of spiritual understanding makes a believer looks like is now saved Colossians 1:9 it talks about for this course we also say that they were hard do not cease to pray for you and desire that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding what is light spiritual understanding of the truth spiritual understanding of the truth spiritual understanding of the truth what is like spiritual or and in of the truth spirit to our understanding of the truth on the standard award our leaders how can I access so much who guide me I'm beginning with the same scriptures he took him to he said hey wait a minute here is what I can't baptize now his eyes of understanding popped open that's what we call life the entrance of his Ward is what gives life and gives understanding to the simple understand spiritual understanding is what we call light light light is having a spiritual understanding of the truth of scriptures regarding any subject of interest to you spiritual understanding spiritual understanding this wisdom is the principal thing therefore get wisdom and with all your getting get understanding it's your greatest asset nest only to salvation the domain Ian of light over darkness is instant an unquestionable you turn on light in your room in the night there is no noise there is no argument darkness fizzles out that's not all committed tell me out every time the movement to turn on light darkness takes off now in the name of Jesus no one here will suffer the affliction of the powers of darkness again now this is one biblical pool of light we cannot speak those things we have heard and same as chapter four verse 20 anything you can see boldly and openly you have not seen you are saying they threaten of the shore up there we cannot boast with those things we have heard and say no treasure no circumstances no confrontation can make a man not to say what you are saying when I saw it as good yeah I can never be seen you don't concede that homes pros and cons love says what color of suit am I wearing right can any devil now convince regency saying I'm supporting you I will domain is our way that I'm the White has blood is a sitter I didn't already stuffed I say I can't see it I I saw it I saw now another public approve of spiritual understanding is unshakable faith you can see a nasty doubt it even if your name is tamas you see anything solidified you can stagger at the thing of saying untrue fit the subdued kingdoms the grave all the fiery darts of the devil they have whatever they say because they won't doubt in your heart you sell to this mountain be calm because to deceive you no doubt in your heart which are believed all the things you come to pass you shahe whatever you say this is so important God's people we must give revelation its place for us to walk in Dominion remember God is light and the world was gold so this is the book of light where is the entrance of it our spiritual understanding of it that this light under that intensity increases it turns us for light and so we dispel darkness at our parents you appear darkness checks out because our now turned into light and that is the true light that lighteth every man that comes into this world so we talk about revelation in verse five and we talked about illumination in verse nine they are all in degrees the Church of Christ the people of God will be walking in the realm of illumination in this end time you'll be walking in your office and demo possibly crying hey have you come to so I'm going to say all the time when you are illuminated an any truth of scriptures your domain only sealed established darkness can never resist the authority of light darkness can never assault light darkness can never molest light light will always have his way no matter how gross the darkness no matter how gross the darkness light will always have his way you will always have no way in the precious name of Jesus you will always have your way in the precious name of Jesus our heritage of Dominion is delivered as far as our eyes can see he said to Abraham lift up now your eyes and look not was southward eastward and westward for all the land which thou seest to thee will I give it and to thy seed forever Genesis 13 numbers 14 or 15 and to thy seed forever and to thy seed forever all the land without cease not with the reader know without irritant but without shiest Adame no will not go any higher than how far we see from scriptures this is why the bar to against our access to the light of scriptures is an ever fierce one because it is the cheapest way to disarm the wickedness of the wicked it is the cheapest way to expose the weakness of the path of darkness no one that the god of this world himself himself Satan himself has planted the minds of them that believe not lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ who is the image of God should shine unto them he has blinded the minds of them that believe not lest the light Satan is personally against your passes of my access to the light of scriptures for that is where our Dominion is hidden does the secret place of our Dominion that is the secret place of aluminum when I caught the light of am seated far above I lost every iota of fear if it's the devil leave me to him he knows that I'm seated fireable because I know it you know do this covering around him but he didn't know after no butan edia random and around his house and already has on every side job was a fear because the bleedin oil set a new evil dude Illinois Satan knows that I'm sitting far above him but I know it a cult hit at me as he tied you as far as your eyes can see today will I give it and to thy seed after thee that is 1979 40 short years MA and opti tomorrow because I'm working in the light it's impossible for any devil in any pocket wall to resist the efficacy of the light this light is not is not information is no revelation is illumination you know every time you caught any light step into it other words if you believe I caught it and the next meeting I when I promised certainty how many of you which is a stand-up Pope mr. doe he's not apologies about light or 25 years old it's not about what about experience about light there are despair as I told you right no experience is his substitute to light I'm experiencing flying public transport flights private flight but I can't fly so is about when about the world I've gone around but that experiencing is not equal to the line required to be a pilot the last time that cheated is the last time you had it you'll never be cheated by any devil again [Applause] light is sweet it's a bit of a thing for the eyes to behold the Sun light is sweet light is pleased Isis 11:7 miss a beautiful thing for the eyes to be older son it's commonly said those who look to discern don't see the shadows those who look to the Sun don't see the shadows it's a beautiful thing for the eyes to see the Sun this is why it takes a faster more often unknown to experience a quake of light for some time we never give we accept by prayer and fasting it takes player and faster somebody's being buffeted he sets off a three-day time before the Lord Cuddy the Buddha who helped him see the life because in delight shall we see light oppose our professor put in the church for the perfecting of the same till will come in the unity of faith all to the fullness of the stature of Christ of the pocket man man so so we have those are not a resources and form of books our cities and whatever you somebody came down here from Ghana with hiv/aids artist in a room with the zero-tails kept out of the room when for tests HIV free you don't dorsally then don't pop on becoming I'm being caught in lead until you see listing or to see you don't want that is possibly someone otherwise oh I see I see that the only time you understand what they're talking about no no sense robbing blue grama donuts how much I say my time look at it we didn't understand it searchable oh oh I see I see them we understood in the name of Jesus no situation takes anybody here for a ride anymore most of my encounters with life were to prayer and fasting with readings our such as are meditating to locate the way out of anything in the name of Jesus you'll never be taken for a ride by any different thank you Father now both to assess light one one must be born again on to us is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God mark chapter 4 verse 11 the best your intellect can take you is to assess the information or scriptures understandest Tory's been to was for revelation no asses on tours is given to lose the Misses term abroad or to them that are without all these things are mayor's stories they can assess the stories they can't assess the mysteries or the one is born again he cannot assess the mystery of the kingdom number two to assess life you'll need the help of the Holy Ghost we need the help of the I have many things to say to you God cannot grasp them now but when the Holy Ghost is come he will guide you into all truth he may will open to you we shall not speak of himself was ever here – I did teach and he will show you danced John 16 verse 12 to 14 now in John 14 verse 26 he said but the comforter which is the Holy Ghost whom the father will send in my name he shall teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance whatever you have ha of me what about 7 – you bring teach you all things so we need the Holy Ghost not as an emblem of redemption speaking in tongues but is our guide into the deep things of God for the Spirit of God such is all things 1st Corinthians 2:10 yay the deep things of God the deep things of God the deep things of God the deep things of God happily this way the deep things of life as contained in scriptures such as all things yea the deep things of life as contained in scriptures the deep things does his mission so without Holy Ghost we are limited in Revelation limited I have many things to settle one cannot bear them now or grasp them now so behind outbreak of Revelation is the minister of the Holy Ghost and you don't need any special criteria to be baptized everyone that is saved is entitled to the baptism of the Holy Ghost in fact in the house of Cornelius why Peter yet spread this word the Holy Ghost first not a special favor is the right of every oh god please ensure that baptized in the holy wars with the evidence of speaking with the neutrons ensure you are it will limit lack of that will limit our access to light amico subject to the enemy god forbid can I have your Lord SMA number three subscribed to the demand of reading and meditating on the war first Peter refers to motive for vast attained give attendance to reading to exhortation introduction verse 15 meditate upon these things and give the same who lead to putting them to work and thy profiting will appear to all died profiting give attendance to reading and to listening to exhortations and teaching meditate upon the tests you receive continue to engage with them and you're profiting will appear to all number four or three four please number four commit to students lifestyle like Paul study to show yourself approved unto God a workman that will not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth second Timothy 2:15 I remember Posey at second Timothy 4:13 the clock that I left a trust with couples when thou comest bring with thee the books but especially my parchment on my notes there was a live student of the world Anna says abundance of Revelation 2nd Corinthians 12:7 it was a man of unusual insight 2nd Peter 3:15 and it's sooo ero two tours of the New Testament that's so important we committed to Studios lifestyle and poor and then engage with prayer and fasting for access into the deep things of life like Daniel Daniel 10 1 to 12 engage in 21 days of us to assess a particular truth Daniel chapter members to attain a on the stool by boosts so it was fasting it was such a and so he had no much in his days eruption of light or visual assets to the deepness of life these are all Havana responsibilities for anyone the desire to work in the light of scriptures all his life walking in light of ketosis walking in dominion over all the paths of darkness that cannot be contested because his ward is the light of life the light of life the light of life the light of life today's a covenant day of restoration I want us to know Foster's restoration is the will of God our restoration is the will of God so whatever you may have lost in your life is coming back to you I sense coming back to you I will restore Jeremiah 31 verse 17 I will restore heaven to you as if on a chapter 3 verse 17 to 20 the Lord that guarded the midst of this mighty we save it will address over D with joy it will rest in his law it with joy over thee we sing it verse 18 I will gather them data of sorrowful that are sorrowful for the solemn assembly who of D of whoop the reproach of the land is a body just like we are behold at that time I will undo all that afflict thee and I will savor that hole and Gera hada was driven out restoration I would get them praise and fame in every land where they have been put to shame at that time I will bring you a game from a sinister nation everyone and the time that I gather you for I will make you a name and praise among all people of the earth when I told back your captivity before your eyes said the Lord so we saw a restorer ago whatever anybody may have lost to the wicked and the course of life shall be fully restored back to you let me hide aloud as Amon our restoration is a wheel of God Christ also came to the consul's back to God until this – or that we may have lost second Corinthians 5:17 If any man be in Christ nucleotides are pass away or things are become new everything back to order everything back to ship everything I was lost in Adam came back to us and in George chapter 10 verse 10 that if commit not over to steal to kill and to destroy but of calm


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