Donald J. Trump/The Left Have FAKE HOPE & EVIL Change/ 6.28.2019

[Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] I'm sitting here watching Fox News okay and I'm watching Shepard Smith tear up and cry about what happened and we all are what happened to that father and daughter breaks my heart it breaks my heart it shouldn't have happened we were all in agreement with that he also mentioned give me your tired your hungry your poor this is what the left continually does give me a tired you hungry poor but we didn't say illegals like my grandparents they came here legally through perils yes but they came here legally what's happening now if people like Shepard Smith is selling this shit to the American public that opened the borders that's what they want alright that's a subversive act let's pass legislation I blame the Democrats yes they talk about toothpaste then and and washing machines and all that other stuff that's phony you understand that's a phony thing that he's saying to the American people it's a whole ideology that's mixed in with crap alright we want to take care of the immigrants we want the tired hungry poor we want them to come in Legally the borders must be fixed the Democrats have caused this trouble this is nothing that the Obama administration didn't do there were tons of pictures but nobody threw them up a thousand times talking about them with tears in his eyes where was the reporting then where's the reporting that every single one said there was no crisis on the border is that not a crisis having a father and child die because the Democrats won't do the right thing and they want to blame it and turn it around this is a clown world it's got to stop you guys got to start speaking up where are the GOP deadbeats speak up in Congress tell the world that the Democrats have blocked this what are you afraid of so you lose of an election stand up for the truth none of you stand up for the so let's just step back from it from a policy standpoint this is one of those metered situations where people who have would come to our country and watch you be admitted have to meet certain standards that's the way it is but it isn't I'm have this conversation with my Republican colleagues frequently it shouldn't be a crime to have a visa to have a status violation girl you have lost your ever lasting mine what is wrong with you Nancy something is literally wrong with you what's going on what are you drinking you know what Nancy first thing you need to do is seek medical attention you need help seriously and you're talking about Trump is crazy no you crazy you're talking about Trump need to be impeached no you need to be impeached what are you talking about it shouldn't be a crime coming over here illegally are you stupid Nancy what's going on you know what I have heard it all I I knew y'all was crazy but now I really know y'all crazy this don't make no sense matter of fact how about this how about I don't renew my driver's license how about that my Fett how about I don't renew my car tag how about that how about I don't follow no rules in this country huh how about that since they don't have to follow rules why should we have to follow rules since they don't have to obey the law why do we have to obey the law huh why that just don't make no sense Nancy grew up I hate calling people stupid I hate calling it but Nancy you straight-up stupid for saying it you need you know what you've been in office too long this is what happened when you you better offices since 1895 you've been in office too low you need to result senator Warren I want to start with you we are less than 15 from parkland Florida where 17 people were killed in a we are gonna take a quick break we're gonna get this technical situation and we are hearing on Denali take a quick break we're going to get this technical situation we need a Marshall Plan for the United States to seek it senator Booker what would you do on day one and this is a situation that the next president will inherit yes the situation our order is inacceptable s president they are Damona Davo lost immigrant this is inacceptable a voy a cambiar dressed one american news investigation has revealed that in terms of donations Elizabeth Warren has received the most far-left donations of any candidate in the race in 2018 Elizabeth Warren was one of the top recipients in the US Senate of receiving anti gun donations and the most of any senator running for president this is why her anti-gun policies would even include gun confiscation from currently lawful gun owners Warren has also been a strong adversary of the NRA gun rights organization in addition Warren's highest amount of donors come from the occupation of higher education now while claiming to be on the side of students and offering to help end the student debt crisis Warren is raking in hundreds of thousands from elites within the education industry this is possibly while Warren targets banks and corporations she ignores the role of the Department of Education in federalizing student loans that led to the high inflation in college tuitions university presidents of course would love the big federal bailouts that Warren is promising further Elizabeth Warren is the candidate who has received the most contributions from the abortion industry while abortion money lines the pockets of many Democrat politicians Elizabeth Warren is absolutely the Planned Parenthood candidate in 2020 most recently she even celebrated her birthday at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic Warren has also stood by radical abortion laws put forward at the state level and opposed heartbeat laws passed to protect unborn children her as the leading recipient of abortion industry donations makes it clear why should Warren received the nomination she may end up being the most liberal nominee to ever lead a major party ticket let that sink in I'm Jack Pacific one American news to go back to my roots where that you freedom where I'm no friends I call family baby with a smile remember the good times now that are all man to the corner drugstore dodging our car lights brings out the boys every in a small-town America waterskiing man you know movies every Friday is where we used to drinking cream [Applause] whose bastard day Hey in the city trying to make a name climbing up the ladder of success we all know there's a sense to leave go to that little town in the Midwest to smooth to America we should stay as Oh the campaign to leave the European Union used one of your quotes in their posters they said the goal should be that migrants return and help rebuild their countries you have to be practical it's impossible for everyone to come the European country should take these refugees and give them education and training and then aiming is return to their own land and if these people want to stay in Europe shouldn't they be allowed to limited no K by the whole Europe eventually become Muslim country impossible or African country also impossible there's nothing wrong with that is that I mean you're a refugee yourself themselves I think better to their own land so better keep Europe for Europeans hidden camera footage obtained by Project Veritas shows a conversation with a woman called Jen Jenai her google title is head of responsive innovations responsible innovations in the global affairs department in that video Jenai says that Google is working specifically on products to make certain that Donald Trump does not win another election quote we're also training our algorithms like if 2016 happened again would the outcome be different people were not putting that line in the sand that they were not saying that what's fair and what's equitable so we're like well we're a big company we're gonna say it in other words we're gonna try and affect the outcome of the 2020 presidential campaign Jenai goes on to blast Elizabeth Warren's proposal to break Google up into two companies why check out this reasoning quote all these smaller companies don't have the same resources that we do we'll be charged with preventing the next Trump situation it's like a small company cannot do that that huh so using a company's dominance on the Internet to sway the outcome of an election that's their plan there should be a term for what Jenai is describing turns out there is a term it's a term you've heard constantly from Talking Heads on television for more than two years it's called PAC an election Google wants to hack our election they're saying that out loud as we've been told over and over again by CNN in the Washington Post in The New York Times and all the other propagandists hacking an election is very bad at minimum it warrants a multi-year investigation by law-enforcement agencies and yet it's happening now the Washington establishment is said they want to prevent election interference but of course that's a lie they just want to make sure they control the elections that's their only goal that's why they're not attacking the real source of election interference which is Silicon Valley Google Facebook and their ilk that far more political power than Russia ever has or ever will have no serious person doubts that but the people in charge of our country don't care about any of that because when Google metals in an election Democrats benefit by the way if you want to find that video you can't access it on YouTube Google took it down you can already be tossed off of YouTube in facebook if you decide they're using speech you don't like they'll accuse you of hate speech whatever that means yeah that's ridiculous they're always going to attack president Trump it's what they love to do but what's amazing here is they're running against the Trump economy I have never met a group of people who will so willingly admit that they are running against the most successful economy in modern history it's really incredible some of the things you heard we at the campaign think that debate should be an in-kind contribution to the campaign because it was the best advertisement we could ever get with decriminalizing border crossings a limitless abortion running against the Trump economy abolishing private healthcare you can't make this stuff up this is radical government takeover uttered from a debate stage so thank you Democrats for the contribution to Trump 2020 we greatly appreciate it the scientists tell us we have 12 years before there is irreparable damage to this planet this is a global issue what the president of the United States should do is not deny the reality of climate change but tell the rest to the world that instead of spending a trillion and a half dollars on weapons of destruction let us get to get up with a common enemy and that is to transform the world's energy system away from fossil fuel tank G efficiency and sustainable energy the planet I will say also that that in this campaign we have also heard and I'm gonna now direct this at Vice President Biden I do not believe you are a racist and I agree with you when you commit yourself to the importance of finding common ground but I also believe and it is personal and I was actually very it was hurtful to hear you talk about the reputations of two United States senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation of race in this country and it was not only that but you also worked with them to oppose busing and you know there was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bused to school every day and that little girl was me so I will tell you that on this subject it cannot be an intellectual debate among Democrats we have to take it seriously we have to act swiftly as Attorney General of California I was very proud to put in place a requirement that all my special agents would wear body cameras and keep those cameras on you have been invoked here going to give you a chance to respond [Applause] thirty Seconds cuz I want to bring another supporter bring er a from the very beginning I'm the guy that extended the Voting Rights Act for 25 years we got to the place where we got 98 of the 98 votes in the United States Senate doing it I've also argued very strongly that we in fact deal with the notion of denying people access to the ballot box I agreed that everybody once day in faddish anyway my time's up – ah Thank You vice president he's lied so much about the realities of what he's calling a crisis I have never seen a crisis since maybe when you were in New Orleans talking about Katrina that was as openly understood and ignored tonight the president tries to sell a crisis that the facts tell us does not exist this entire situation which many of argued is a bonafide crisis as are at our southern border the big scam of the whole address was that there's a crisis there's not a crisis those were the powerful words written to describe the humanitarian crisis at the border she's already been out lying about a crisis on the southern border he's doing a much worse than Barack Obama and he's created this crisis and the word crisis is what this is all about for Team Trump he's got to prove that there is one movie sighs in a moment of the blame and why we are suddenly having this crisis right now manufactured crisis as I said manufactured crisis it's a crisis um we want to drill down on some of the numbers from this humanitarian crisis there is no crisis at the border what do you think of the folks on the Left who believe that is not doing it out to deal with their crisis the border could help with the deportation President Trump once again tried to claim there was a crisis at the border the fact is migrant border crossings have been declining for nearly two decades but we have to grapple with the real challenges at the border and do more to reduce the number of migrants who feel they need to flee their countries in the first place president Trump must stop holding the American people hostage but stop manufacturing a crisis we have never not said that there was a creditor as a humanitarian crisis at the border [Applause] [Applause] girl hair full fire inferno of this dryer in nineteen me inside we had a control then burning right through my soul this place just won't subside and it's her energy and from [Applause] the way fire no I desire me inside my soul is please just Bastien [Applause] me [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] what do you think the prospects are for improving his his polling now as a result of what he can achieve in Osaka yeah I think it's a big deal anytime the president's overseas we saw his d-day speech which received praise from even the likes of the liberal media the g20 this is going to be another really presidential moment and you couldn't have this greater contrast of the president finally a strong president on the world stage not a weakling like President Obama and the Democrats squabbling overtaking us the way of Cuba and Venezuela give me a break the president this is going to put such a tailwind behind him the contrasting images you really cannot get it any better than that in the Obamacare he he tortures the word of fine somehow into attacks and and and sustains Obamacare there is the man is inventive and an activist and I can't figure out how he was ever considered a conservative well what you saw today was pure sophistry he says that the motive of the Secretary of Commerce was very important but in Obamacare he said the motive of the president wasn't important the fact that the president said it wasn't attacks didn't matter when the Chief Justice says well you know what I think it's a tax so what you have is inconsistency but more importantly sophistry fundamental intellectual dishonesty the Chief Justice just wanted to stick his finger in the president's eye it's demeaning to the court and it's embarrassing and he says there's no difference between Democratic and Republican judges baloney let's just talk about these two issues together so there's about four platforms in the world that control social media information they have demonstrated four of them that they wish to interfere politically in the elections in America that is unconscionable and they have to be stopped today the Supreme Court thanks to this this Chief Justice who is a traitor to the Constitution has said they're not satisfied with the reason the federal government gave so that you could ask if somebody is a citizen in America who cares what the reason is loo the point of a census is to ask who you are and under what status you are in the United States has nothing to do with the rear is that it's the federal guidance prerogative and when other Republicans going to stand up and show some backbone will actually let Sarah answer this time well we make a third attempt that's right and now boring they were and their positions and you could see that smile on the president's face that only he can absolutely and I want to say one thing I I think Angela Merkel was quite surprised when President Trump said that he was much happier being there with her than actually watching the debates I think that's the first time she's heard that coming from president Trump's mouth in a long time so I'm sure it started off on the right foot right there but going back over to what we were discussing earlier with the exculpatory evidence this is the reason why judicial watch and I'm sure tom Fitton will will go into what what they've uncovered is fighting so hard to get these documents think about this mccabe in order for us to fully understand comprehensively what actually happened with Andrew McCabe with John Brennan with James Comey we need access to their text messages and emails and this is what they're fighting so hard to get the American people deserve to know what they were doing what they were planning and why this investigation started into President Trump now Tom what's so important about the information you're getting from the freedom of through the Freedom of Information Act and what we got this week from the American Center for Law and Justice on executive order 12333 de mum information act requests that you guys put in to get released Oh often over well over a year and that requires a federal lawsuit and in a case of the text messages that we're talking about the FBI is taking the legal position an extraordinary legal position that where other government agencies are taking that not one text message should be subject to the Freedom of Information Act so all of Andrew McCabe's text messages they don't want to give us they don't want to give us page struck text messages or James Comey text messages and you forget about exculpatory information that's incriminating information you bet they're withholding because they have the text messages they think that FOIA shouldn't apply to them and this is a position only the FBI is taken it's not even something that Justice Department believes it's Christopher Ray's FBI defending the corruption of the last gang that ran at the Comey gang and we know Andrew McCabe has text messages about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump just as struck and Paige did and they don't want to release them under the Freedom of Information Act and this we know what's in there generally because we know McCabe was talking about Clinton we know McCabe was talking about Trump we're waiting for the text messages FBI just filed something a little over a week ago saying they shouldn't have to search for text messages unbelievable so on Greg you react yeah you know this is what the FBI does they think they're above the law because they are the law and they hide secrecy breeds corruption and it leads to immense power and that's what the FBI and Christopher Rae are all about I'll give you one quick example the Kathleen Cadillac memos that came out just a fraction of them Christopher Rea heavily redacted them and then he retro actively classified them so that nobody can see them until twenty forty one that's twenty two years from now I'll be dead so you'll have to tell me you know up there down here what's in them but I mean this just underscores that concealing evidence in secrecy is what Christopher raised FBI is all about they will not be transparent or honest and the Attorney General Shawn briefly needs to get beyond the declassification debate and just focus on transparency generally about this tremendous corruption scandal we've been waiting too long for these secret documents that we know will this illegal targeting of the president sour against the last word Shawn the FBI the CIA the DOJ all of these agencies and departments work for us the American people they're paid for by our taxpayer dollars they need to be open with us we need to clean house and we need to know what happened so that we as a nation can move forward all right Tom Sara Greg thank you all we appreciate it you

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  • I love it. The more the creeps in the clown car talk, the more they flatten the tires, . Keep talkin debaters, your base is running away by the millions.

  • Commucrat Platform:
    We want the entirety of Mexico, Central America, and S'hariah Law advocates to crash the gates, and taxpayers will fund their entire existence and keep us in power ad infinitum, ad nauseam.
    All Dissenters are raycis Naaahhtzee istic phobic whateverisms and will be dealt with accordingly after we seize their firearms.

  • When something is done Mr. Carlson. Demonrats say and do anything they want and they are committing crimes and, walking free.

  • The two greatest leaders in the world laughing together at the fake news media – wonderful

  • 18:03, what we didn't know when #HeelsUpHarris was giving her little speech on racism yet again is that she had already created a t-shirt with a picture of herself as a little girl that went on sale the next day after the debate. I'm guessing Gail King and Oprah helped her craft it.

  • Immigration Debate……




  • Actually, Pelosie isn’t straight up stupid, she’s straight up corrupt. How much $$$ from the cartels does she take to prevent the wall from being built. Oh! And they gain voters and increased numbers of CA residents ( no citizenship on censes). Add more representatives? Win/win for the disgusting, corrupt socialist dems.

  • 10:09, do a little research people on Richard Gere and the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama went to Hollywood with Richard Gere years ago and loved it. He especially loved the women.

  • Please! The Statue Of Liberty is a free Masonic idol of Isis! Social Engineering Our country with that give me your tired Yadda Yadda Yadda!

  • If the question of whether or not your an illegal is not on the census I will NOT be filling out the census. Politicians want more money by letting the illegals fill out the census without letting on they are illegally here. Well the way I figure it if I don't fill out the census that will cast out the illegals census. I hope there are others that will do the same. There is nothing that says we have to fill out that census. Screw the crooked politicians that want to keep bringing in all these illegals.

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