Donald Trump – Liberty University Convocation

>>VIDEO IVANKA TRUMP: I remember him telling
me, when I was a little girl, Ivanka, if you’re going to be thinking anyway you might as well
be thinking big! He has the strength to make hard decisions and motivate those around him
to achieve the impossible. It is my pleasure to introduce to you today a man who I have
loved and respected my entire life: My father, Donald J. Trump>>VIDEO MEGYN KELLY: Enter, Donald Trump.>>VIDEO KARL ROVE: ..Really want the world
wrestling federation atmosphere in the oval office?
>>VIDEO SPEAKER 4: …A series of proposals in Trump’s plan that do create problems.
>>VIDEO SPEAKER 5: He feeds ammunition to the other party
>>VIDEO SPEAKER 6: …Visceral, and populist, and angry at politicians.
>>VIDEO SPEAKER 7: You are part of the liberal media problem.
>>VIDEO GRETA VAN SUSTEREN Donald Trump’s son is right here to go on the record.
>>VIDEO ERIC TRUMP: He’s incredibly quick. He’s incredibly practical. He likes to keep
things simple. He likes to get things done. He can cut through red tape. I mean, he’s
an amazing man. We’ve seen a lot of great negotiators. We deal with them every single
day, and there’s no one better than he is, and he’d be an amazing president to this country.
He’s passionate about it, and quite frankly he doesn’t need to set aside this life to
do this. He’s got an amazing company and he’s doing it and I think that’s actually very
selfless.>>VIDEO SPEAKER 10: I’m Hispanic and I vote
for Mr. Trump! We vote for Mr. Trump! Yes! Mr. Trump! We love you! We love you! All the
way to the White House!>>VIDEO: DONALD TRUMP: Thank you! That’s the
first time they’ve ever done that! Thank you! That’s the first time! Amazing! So it’s all
morphed into one big, beautiful package, and the package is called you, but maybe it’s
in the form of me. A beautiful package, what we’re going to do. And you’re going to be
so proud, and you’re going to be so happy, and you’re going to win again! We’re going
to start winning so much; we’re going to win! We’re going to win (2:30) our home, we’re
going to win on healthcare, we’re going to win with the military- hopefully don’t have
to use it. We’re going to win with our vets. We’re going to win with our wounded warriors,
the greatest people of all! They’re incredible! We’re going to win! We’re going to win! We’re
going to take back our jobs from China and Japan and Mexico! We’re going to bring them
back. We’re going to bring them back! Thank you! I love you! Thank you! We’re going to
do it together. Thank you!>>DAVID NASSER: We thought that would be
fun to show. Well obviously to the thousands in the room that already know our great president,
our first lady, there’s no need for an introduction, but we have hundreds of guests here so I just
wanted to come out and introduce to you– Well, before I do that, can we thank Becki
Falwell for just her leadership and her investment in our school? You’re the best first lady
ever, Becki! I want to come out real quick and let all our guests know that when our
president comes out, I guess about two semesters ago this has become a new tradition, we all
say “Jerr-EE!” All right? And so can we just put our hands together for our great president?
President Falwell, everybody, come on!>>JERRY FALWELL: Good morning. Thank you
for braving the cold and the wind this morning. We are so honored to have all of you here
in attendance, but it is my distinct honor and privilege to welcome back to Liberty University
a man who I introduced in 2012 as one of the greatest visionaries of our time. Over the
last few years my wife and I have remained in close contact with Donald Trump, and with
his special council who accompanied him here in 2012. As our friendship has grown, so has
my admiration for Mr. Trump. Whenever we were in New York we were asked to drop by and say
hello at the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. Mr. Trump was loyal to his friends, even new
friends like us. As you know, Liberty University does not support or oppose candidates for
public office, and Mr. Trump’s appearance here should not be interpreted by any as an
endorsement by Liberty. But we have invited all the other candidates for president from
both the Democrat and Republican parties, but I do want to share with you things that
I’ve recently learned about Mr. Trump that most people don’t know. Things he never would’ve
told me, and things you won’t read about in the media. Soon after his last visit, a friend that leads
another well-known Christian ministry in another state was seeking support for an important
project. I called Mr. Trump, told him about the need, and later learned that he had donated
$100,000 of his own money to assist. On another occasion, Mr. Trump learned about Clive- Whoa!
Sorry! There we go. On another occasion, Mr. Trump learned about Clive Frasier Jr, a young
African American man in New York, who ran something called the Harlem Hoops Basketball
tournament in the inner city. Clive died in the 9/11 attacks on New York City and the
tournament had to be shut down. Mr. Trump told his aids to find Clive’s father, and
when they did Trump donated the money to keep the tournament operating. Once Trump was in
his limousine that broke down on a deserted highway. A couple stopped to help him. Soon
thereafter, Mr. Trump paid off the mortgage on that couple’s house. Watching ’60 Minutes’
one night, Mr. Trump saw a report on the negative impact a Maytag Plant moving to Mexico had
on the community of Newton, Iowa. He contacted all three of the businesses covered in the
report and found ways to help them financially, actually preventing the closure of the businesses. Liberty student Erin Kelly told us this week
about how generous Mr. Trump was to her family when her father, Jim Kelly, was receiving
cancer treatments in New York- giving them a place to stay close to the hospital, and
calling every week to check on Jim. I attended the debate in Charleston the other night and
I noticed how friendly and personable Mr. Trump is to strangers. He was the only candidate
who walked down off the stage after the grueling two-and-a-half-hour debate to greet the crowd,
shake hands, and pose for pictures. Matthew 7:16 tells us that by their fruits you shall
known them. Donald Trumps life has born fruit- fruit that has provided jobs to multitudes
of people in addition to the many he has helped with his generosity. I’ve met three of his
children in the last week, and I can tell you they are personable, kind, and humble,
successful in their family lives and in their vocations- a real credit to their father and
to the Trump family. I have seen, firsthand, that his staff loves him, who is loyal to
him because of his servant leadership. In my opinion, Donald Trump lives the life of
loving and helping others, as Jesus taught in the Great Commandment. My father was criticized in the early 1980’s
for supporting Ronald Reagan over Jimmy Carter, for president I should say, because Ronald
Reagan was a Hollywood actor who’d been divorced and remarried, and Jimmy Carter was a Southern
Baptist Sunday school teacher. My father proudly replied that Jesus pointed out that we are
all sinners, every one of us, and when Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar the things that
are Caesar’s,” that meant we are to be good citizens: voting, active in the political
process, serving in the armed forces if necessary. And while Jesus never told us who to vote
for, He gave us all common sense to choose the best leaders, and the ability to chose
the best leaders. My dad explained that when he walked into the voting booth, he wasn’t
electing a Sunday school teacher or a pastor, or even a president who shared his theological
beliefs; he was electing the president of the United States and the talents, abilities,
and experience required to lead a nation might not always line up with those needed to run
a church or lead a congregation. After all, Jimmy Carter was a great Sunday school teacher,
but look what happened to our nation with him in the presidency. Sorry. I said on Sean Hannity’s show in December
that I see a lot of parallels between my father and Donald Trump. Like Mr. Trump, Dad would
speak his mind. He would make statements that were politically incorrect. He even had a
billboard at the entrance of this campus for years that read: Liberty University: Politically
Incorrect since 1971. His polarizing statements made people who
didn’t know him think he was tough and mean, but he was anything but. People who knew him
personally attested to the fact that he loved people. He never could keep any money in his
pocket because he gave it all away to those in need, and he gave away so many scholarships
he nearly bankrupted this school. That’s a fact. He regularly gave students and staff
members who got in trouble the second, third, and fourth chances even when they didn’t deserve
it. And he loved his enemies. When he had heart problems in 2005, two years before he
died, he received letters wishing him well from only three prominent national figures:
Senator Ted Kennedy, Reverend Jessie Jackson, and porn king and Hustler magazine publisher
Larry Flint. They were his political enemies, but he had shown them love over the years,
and they had become warm personal friends. I’ve come to see many of these same qualities
in Donald Trump. He honors his fiduciary responsibilities to his corporations. He makes tough decisions
to ensure his businesses’ success. He speaks the truth publicly even if it is uncomfortable
for people to hear. Yet, he treats his friends, his employees, and those in need with the
greatest respect, loyalty, and generosity. Dr. Bernice King, the daughter of reverend
Martin Luther King Jr, spoke in this convocation a few years ago. She told me of how her father
was loving and generous in his personal relationships with others, but he spoke the truth no matter
how unpopular it was. That boldness cost him his life. Dr. King was in good company. Jesus
himself also healed the sick, cared for the poor, the widows and the orphans, was accused
of being a friend of publicans and sinners, because he often hung out with those who are
down and out, the wrong crowd so to speak. And he also made public statements that were
so radical and unpopular that the religious and political establishment of his day crucified
him. Becki has often commented to me that it is
inconceivable to her how or why anyone would run for national office in the current political
climate. The loss of privacy, the security risks, the scrutiny, the lies and vicious
criticism that candidates and their families face in a national campaign is brutal and
requires enormous sacrifice. In Donald Trump’s case, he has even more to lose. He could have
opted to sit back and enjoy his unparalleled business successes. Instead, he sacrificed
not only his privacy and popularity as a TV personality, but he chose to risk his business
enterprises as well. All because he loves this country and because he desires, more
than anything, to make America great again. Donald Trump has stunned the political world
by building an unlikely coalition that crosses all demographic boundaries of age, sex, race,
religion, and social classes, and all party lines. Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air
in a nation where the political establishment from both parties has betrayed their constituencies
time and time again with broken promises and a continuation of the status quo. I, well,
let’s stop right here for a second, but I really think that the status quo is often
just a- my phone’s ringing, I’m sorry. All right. That’s so aggravating. Donald Trump shuns the censorship that is
rooted in political correctness, and speaks the plain common sense truth that so many
have been longing to hear. The mainstream press expected this to end his candidacy early
on, but it did just the opposite. He has soared in the polls and for many months has been
the front-runner in the GOP field. You know, Liberty is unique as an institution,
because unlike most nonprofit universities, we try to operate like a business, emphasizing
efficiency, treating students like customers. As general council here in my younger years
spent many days negotiation with creditors, and spent many weekends begging and borrowing
from donors and lenders to cover the paychecks that had already been issued on the Friday
before. But applying common sense business principles with an entrepreneurial spirit
finally brought success. In just the last five years, Liberty has gained the respect
of Wall Street, exceeding $2 billion in assets and became one of only about 70 universities
nationally rated AA or AAA by both Standard & Poor’s, and Moody’s. The Chronicle of
Higher Education in February of last year said that Liberty’s business model just might
be the future of higher education in this country. That’s in contrast to many universities in
this country that compromised their missions, abandoned their original purposes, just to
get the money they needed or wanted from donors. Money that came with strings attached- objectionable
strings in many cases. I’m proud that Liberty is now strong enough financially to refuse
gifts if they come with objectionable conditions, and it is clear to me that Donald Trump is
the only candidate in this national election that can make that same claim. He cannot be
bought. He’s not a puppet on a string like many other candidates. He’s not on a puppet
on a string like many other candidates who have wealthy donors as their puppet masters,
and that is a key reason why so many new voters are attracted to him. Imagine how wonderful
it would be, for once, that the United States of America had as its president a man who
not only refused contributions- a man or a woman- not only refused contributions, but
who has built companies from scratch, who knows what it feels like to be solely responsible
for finding the money each week to cover payroll. Who runs the nation with the same entrepreneurial
business principles that have brought success to their own companies. For decades conservatives and evangelicals
have chosen the political candidates who have told us what we wanted to hear on social,
religious, and political issues, only to be betrayed by those same candidates after they
were elected. Our local congressman, Robert Hurt is here today with his two sons. Congressman
Hurt, would you please stand? Robert Hurt recently made the shocking announcement that
he would not run for reelection representing Virginia’s fifth district in the US House
of Representatives despite his popularity with constituents. He told the Washington
Post: “When I think back on my first run for public office, I never envisioned making this
a career. I ran because I believed then, as I do now, that every citizen should contribute
in his her own way to ensure a vibrant, representative democracy. But I also believed then, as I
do now, that it is not our elected leaders who make our country great. It is rather,
the private citizen and the private economy that make this country great.” You know, our founding fathers envisioned
a nation governed by citizen legislators, and I believe that the polls are indicating
to us now that the American public is finally ready to elect a candidate who is not a career
politician, but rather who has succeeded in real life. Please welcome back to Liberty
University Mr. Donald Trump.>>DONALD TRUMP: Wow. Ah this is so beautiful.
Get those Teleprompters out of here. We’re going to have some fun, right? Get those Teleprompters.
We have a president-you know our president, and I’m not talking about this president,
I’m talking about that president- we don’t like those Teleprompters. I will say this;
it’s an honor to be here, and especially on Martin Luther King Day. We broke the record,
you know? We had the record for about three or four years the last time, and the first
thing I said to Jerry and Becki when I got there was, “Did we break the record?” They
said, “Yes you did, by quite a bit.” So we’ll dedicate that to Martin Luther King, a great
man, and that’s a little bit of an achievement, I will tell you. It’s an honor to be here. It’s an amazing
story what’s gone on with Liberty University. I mean when you think of all of the years,
and through your early years were not easy. I’ve read a lot about it, and I’ve watched
it, and Liberty University like a rocket ship, a really great rocket ship. And what Jerry
has done, and I knew his father a little bit, and I have to tell you, I knew his father
a lot from the standpoint of what he did, and to be compared to his father, just a little
bit; to be compared to his father is really an honor for me so I want to thank Jerry for
saying that. You know, it was very interesting, because
when other candidates- and everybody wants to come here, they don’t have this kind of
a crowd, but that’s ok- but I will say this: When Jerry was telling nice things about other
people and he was saying this one is very smart, and this one’s good, this one’s good,
and Trump reminds me of my father. I said that’s the best compliment of all. That’s
much better than anything the other people got, so I was extremely happy about that I
will tell you. And you should be very proud to be here. You’re going to have amazing futures.
You’re going to have just absolutely amazing futures. We had a debate recently, and the debate–
Who watched the debate? Everybody? Very political place ok? — But it was an amazing evening
for me and we did fine. We did well, and the polls came out right after that and we keep
going up and we’re so happy, and I’m not going to go over the polls. Somebody said, “Why
do you always discuss the polls?” One of the people I’m running against. “Why do you always…?”
Now he’s in seventh place. I’m in first place. I said when you’re in first place you discuss
polls- it’s true. When you’re in first place you discuss polls, but so many things have
happened and now they just keep coming out and we go up and up and up, and we hit 42
last week. 42%, that’s with 14 or 15 people. You know they’re dropping out rapidly. When
you have 42%, at least you know you’re not totally wasting your time today, right? 42%
is good. I think I’d take 42% if we had three people, not 14. But it has been an experience
and NBC, Wall Street Journal just came out – 33%, and CBS and Owen, let’s see 41%,
CBS, 35%, Gravis, 44%. We’re really doing good, so I’m not going to bother you. I will
tell you in South Carolina we’re at 35% – way, way, way above anybody else, and in Iowa CNN
we’re at 33 to 20. So we’re way up and actually some other polls. The closest is Iowa, and
I love Iowa, and I’m going there right after this. I’m going up to New Hampshire. I’m going
to Iowa, because I want to win Iowa. Everyone says: “Don’t say that! Don’t say you’re going
to win. Just say you’re going to do well. That’s the closest.” But I can’t do that.
You know, the safe way is to say, “Oh, I think I’m going to do well.” I want to
win Iowa. Let’s see. We’ve done great. We’ve done great with the evangelicals. The evangelicals
have been amazing. The Tea Party has been amazing, and we’re doing really well there.
So we’ll see what happens, but we’re going to give it our best and I think we can really
surprise a lot of people by winning Iowa and then we’re just going to clean the table.
We’re going to go through New Hampshire, through South Carolina where we were this weekend.
It was amazing. We’re going to go right through the whole group, and I think we can really
something special. And we’re going to protect Christianity, and I can say that. I don’t
have to be politically correct. We’re going to protect it, you know? And I asked Jerry, and I asked some of the
folks, because I hear this is a major theme right here, but 2 Corinthians, right?, 2 Corinthians
3:17- That’s the whole ballgame, right? “Where the Spirit of the Lord,” right? “Where
the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty.” And here there is Liberty College, Liberty
University, but it is so true. You know, when you think- and that’s really, is that the
one you like? I think that’s the one you like, because I loved it. And it is so representative
of what’s taking place. But we are going to protect Christianity and
if you look what’s going on throughout the world- you look at Syria, where if you’re
a Christian they’re chopping of heads. You look at the different places and Christianity
it’s under siege. I’m a protestant. I’m very proud of it. I’m Presbyterian to be exact,
but I’m very proud of it, very, very proud of it. And we’ve got to protect because bad
things are happening. Very bad things are happening, and we don’t, I don’t know what
it is, we don’t band together- maybe. Other religions, frankly, they’re banding together
and they’re using it. Here we have, if you look at this country, it’s got to be 70% or
75%, some people say even more, the power we have. Somehow we have to unify. We have
to band together. We have to do really, in a really large version what they’ve done at
Liberty, because Liberty University has done that. You’ve banded together. You’ve created
one of the great universities, colleges, anywhere in the country, anywhere in the world, and
that’s what the country has to do that around Christianity. So get together, folks, and
let’s do it, because we can do it. No matter where I go, we’re having tremendous
crowds and we’re setting records everywhere. We went to Dallas and the Mavericks arena
packed- 20,000 people. Oklahoma- 20,000 people. Mobile, Alabama- 35,000 people. No matter
where we go, it’s only dictated- Even here I understand you have rooms all over with
the various equipment to show on the screens. You have a much better location than they
do, but I won’t tell them that. We’re just going to cut that off, but you have rooms
all over with the media equipment. No matter where we go, because I will tell you, this
is a movement; it is a movement going on. We want to take our country back. Our country
is disappearing. You look at the kind of deals we make. You look at what’s happening. Our
country is going in the wrong direction and so wrong, and it’s got to be stopped, and
it’s got to be stopped fast. We can’t go another four years. I know that maybe Hillary will
be here, and if she is you can play this back. We can’t have another four years of Barack
Obama. We can’t have another four years of Hillary Clinton. We just can’t do it. I watched that debate
last night with the three of them. I mean the one of them is in there; what is he doing?
He keeps mentioning my name. He was the mayor of Baltimore. That was his big claim to fame.
Then he became governor, because they thought he did a good job, but turns out that he did
a horrible job. But he’s in there constantly mentioning my name. Donald Trump, Donald Trump.
I said, “Why does he have to talk about me?” You know, I look at the job this guy’s done.
And then the other two, you know, you have a socialist who was here actually. You have
a socialist, and you have – and I was going to say you have a socialist- could be worse
than that, okay? Could be much worse than that, and you have Hillary. And just, if anybody
watched that debate last night, what it means is tremendously high taxes. Things are not
going to happen with the military. We need to build our military so big, so strong, so
powerful that nobody, nobody is going to mess with us. We have to do it! You know General Odierno left recently and
he said our military is the least prepared that it’s been in generations. The least prepared!
We need it more now than we’ve ever needed it. And I’m in the real estate business. I’m
always getting listings. I get listings of different things- bases, an Army base, a Naval
base. Everything’s for sale! If it’s military, it’s for sale! And we can’t have that. We’re
going to build it big. We’re going to build it strong, and we’re going to – hopefully
we’re never going to have to use it. We’re going to make it so strong nobody’s going
to mess – That’s really what we have to do, and in the end that’s cheaper than this nonsense
we’re doing right now where nobody respects us; they’re laughing at us, we don’t know
what we’re doing. We can’t beat ISIS, and I see, I see it on television- these generals.
They get up and they talk on television. They’re being interviewed. I don’t want generals to
be interviewed. One of the generals just recently: “Well what of you think of the ISIS threat?”
“Oh they’re very tough. They’re very-.” Well, can we beat them? “Well, it’s going to take
a long time.” I don’t want that kind of a general! I want
a general who will knock the hell out of them. Fast! And my generals, by the way, they’re
not going on television, OK? So the enemy can learn all about it. Oh, well, then we
attack. How about president Obama recently? “We’re
sending 50 people over there. Our finest!” What does he have to say that for? Why does
he say it? They have a target on their back. They are looking for those 50 people. They’re
looking for those 50 people right now, more than any other people. Why does he have to
say it? Why can’t he just do it and not talk about it? Right? Why can’t he do it and not
talk about it? When the war in Iraq started, I was very opposed
to it, I have to tell you, and I came out and was very strong that I was opposed to
it. Now I get – you know, I used to take a little heat on that – but now I get a lot
of credit for it, but in 2003, 2004 I said that if you do that, you’re going to destabilize
the Middle East. It’s going to be a disaster. One or the other, whoever we’re going to knock
out – because we can knock them out pretty easily – is going to take over. The one who’s
not knocked out is going to take over. So we knock out Iraq. Iran is taking over the
Middle East. We have totally destabilized the Middle East, and I said this in 2004.
We’ve totally destabilized the Middle East. It’s a disaster, and you look at this new
Iran deal, which took forever to get done. You look at how bad it is, and how one-sided
it is. You look at how one-sided this deal is, and yesterday I heard we’re getting our
hostages back. Some people call them prisoners. Some people call them hostages. I don’t care.
So we’re getting them back, and then I heard, well, wait a minute; we’re paying a big price.
They’re getting 7 back. We’re getting actually 4. You know they say 5, but the other one
they can’t find. He’s in Iran, I tell you what, that’s a strange, that’s another thing
we’re going to be looking into. And we’re getting 4 back; they’re getting 7. They’re
getting 14 off of the Interpol watch list. These are real bad customers. They’re getting
all sorts of advantages including free market oil. They’re getting unbelievable advantages.
They’re going to be an immensely wealthy country, and a wealthy terror country, and they’re
getting $150 billion. So when our sailors were captured, last week, I said that’s one
of the saddest things that I’ve seen. When those young people were on their hands and
knees, in a begging position, with their hands up and thugs behind them with guns, and then
we talk like it’s OK. It’s not ok. It’s lack of respect. We can’t let that happen to this
country; it’s lack of respect, and we’re not going to let it happen to this country. We’re
going to be strong; we’re going to vigilant. We’re going to have powerful borders and
strong borders, and look what just happened this morning. I don’t know for any of you
that have been seeing the news or reading the news- three people have just been kidnapped
in Iraq, because they see- what the heck- we pay $150 billion for four people. Three
people just this morning, and this is going to take place all over. They should’ve come
back as part of the deal three years ago when they started talking about the deal, not now,
not now. What should’ve happened- what should’ve happened is our representatives- first of
all we needed people that negotiate properly, not a guy like Kerry who doesn’t have a clue,
but – and we will have those people! I know those people; we will have those people! But
when you look at what went on, our people, all you had to do was go in and say to the
Persians, very good negotiators, great negotiators, legendary negotiators, they’re known for it-
they’re sitting across the table, fellas- and in this case it is all fellas, I hate
to tell this to the women. They’re behind the fact; they’re a little behind the fact.
They haven’t figured out that women maybe in certain ways are much better then men,
but I don’t want to say that because I’ll get myself in trouble with men. But they haven’t
figured this out yet, but that’s okay. You say, “fellas, we want our prisoners back;
we’ve got to have them back. Does it help you? It helps us. We’ll make a better deal.
The United States, the people, they want them back. They’re talking about them; we want
out prisoners back. You’ve got to give them back.” They’ll say no, and we’ll say that’s
OK; don’t worry about it- bye bye. Get up. Leave the room. Now you double up the sanctions.
Within 48 hours they will call and they’ll say we want our prisoners back. And here’s
your prisoners. And now, you go in a second time. You don’t mention this. You say, listen,
the other thing I had to tell you but I didn’t want to tell you before we got our prisoners
back: We’re not going to give you any money, no money. We don’t have it; we’re a debtor
nation. We owe 19 trillion dollars. We’re not going to give you any money, and you want
to be nice. You don’t want to put it in their face. Just say, look, we’re a poor nation.
We’ve been mismanaged; we’ve been misrun. We don’t know what the hell we’re doing, right?
Is that true or what? This isn’t Jerry running our nation, that
I can tell you. But, we’ve been mismanaged. We have 19 trillion in debt; it’s going to
be 21, because that ridiculous budget that was approved last week that got approved so
fast. That’s going to add another 2 trillion; so we’re going to be $21 trillion – So we
say, we can’t give it to you, we don’t have it. Sorry. And they’ll probably be upset,
but don’t worry about it. A week will go by and they’ll say, “Let’s start negotiating.” So you could’ve saved, you could have gotten
the prisoners out years ago for nothing! For nothing. Without giving them these people,
who by the way deserved to have been in prison. These were serious, and the Interpol people?
Forget it! These are bad dudes; these are bad people. So they made like this incredible
deal, but everybody makes good deals with the United States because the world is smart.
And they use their smart people, and they use their most cunning, streetwise people,
and they know what they’re doing. We have people that don’t know what they’re doing.
We want to be politically correct; Like Jerry Sr. would say, politically correct. We want
to be politically correct, and it’s just not working. And I think one of the reasons that
people are showing up for me, and the poll numbers are all showing up for me, its not
that I can’t be- I went to a great school, Ivy League school, all of that stuff, did
well, smart guy, I even had an uncle- you know if you believe in genes- some do, some
don’t – but I had an uncle who was a professor at MIT for decades, brilliant guy, Dr. John
Trump- We can all be politically correct; it takes too much time. It takes too much
time, and a lot of it’s just wrong. I’ll give you an example. You go into a department store now, right?
Where was the last time you saw “Merry Christmas?” You don’t see it anymore. They want to be
politically correct. If I’m president, you’re going to see “Merry Christmas” in department
stores, believe me, believe me. You’re going to see it. You’re going to see a lot of things;
you’re going to see beyond. You’re going to see a lot of things, but that’s one example.
You go shopping today, you don’t see it anymore. You hardly see anything. You see they have
a wall that’s painted red; oh great, oh that’s wonderful. We’re going to be saying “Merry
Christmas” again, and we’re going to be saying Happy Holidays for them. I have friends that
aren’t Christian; they like to say “Merry Christmas.” They love it; everybody loves
it, but we’ve taken it out of the vocabulary. It’s not going to happen, okay. (Shout from
crowd) Thank you; I love you too. Thank you. That was very nice. That was very nice; that
was very warm actually. Sometimes you never know who’s shouting; you never know. You know, it’s sort of interesting, when I
go to the rallies, we had one of those the other day with about 16 or 17 thousand people;
the arena was packed, and I go home and I’d say to my wife: “Darling, how did you like
the speech?” “Oh it was good. How many people were there?” I’d say, “What do you mean? You
didn’t see it?” No, and I say it all the time, they focus on my face; they never ever, ever,
ever show the crowds. So she’ll say how many? Now it sounds like a roar, because when you
have a lot of people like this it sounds like a roar, but she’d say, “How many people were
there, darling?” I’d say, “Place was packed. It had to have 15, 18 thousand people” In
one case we had 15 and we sent away 7, because they couldn’t get into the arena. I said,
“You didn’t see that?” No, they focus on your face; they never show. But the thing I love
about the protestors, and I thought the cameras were like in a fixed position. They don’t
move, right? You know, what do I know about this stuff? So I figured they were fixed;
you can’t move. Except, every time there was a protestor screaming about something those
cameras could be like a pretzel. They’d turn around, and I’d never saw anything like it.
I love the protestors, and we don’t have many honestly, but I love the protestors because
there’s a protestor up in that corner. The cameras would go up there and people would
say- they wouldn’t talk about the protestors, saying boy that place was packed, but they
said that’s right because it’s a movement, it’s packed. But you wouldn’t see because
the press, and I have to say this, is very, very dishonest. Now, not all of it, but most
of it: very dishonest. Very, very dishonest. and I’ve never seen, actually, I’ve never
seen anything. I’ve seen financial press and they play games, but, you know, the numbers
are numbers. But with this press, this political press, is brutal. Now, 25% are good. 2% are great, okay, that’s
not acceptable, do we agree? 2% is not acceptable, but the press is very dishonest. Like the
camera trick. I call it the camera trick, what they don’t show. So what’s happening,
and what’s happening in the country, is you’re not getting a real picture of these silent
majority which Jerry Sr. had something to do- and that’s a phrase you should really
cognizant of, because it is a silent majority. But I think I’m going to up it a little because
it’s no longer so silent. It’s really a noisy majority. It’s become a noisy majority. People
want to see greatness for our country; they want to see things happen. They want to see
things happen, and they’re not seeing it. These politicians are all talk. They’re no
action. They don’t get it done. When I say we’re going to build a wall they all say,
“Wall? What are you talking about? You can’t build a wall.” Of course you can; it’s simple.
China, China. Think of it. China. Two thousand years ago, China built the Great Wall of China.
This is a serious wall, and they didn’t have Caterpillar tractors, or as we say, Komatsus,
because so many are coming out of Japan – we have to stop that now, by the way. But they
didn’t have the equipment, and they built a wall, think of this, 13,000 miles long,
and this is a serious wall, okay? This wall is wide. This is like this, and this is a
serious wall. So then we hear, “You can’t build a wall!” I say not only can I build
it- and the guys that I’m talking to on the stage are saying, “You can’t build a wall,
can you?” because they don’t know anything. They don’t know how to fix the infrastructure.
Our bridges are crumbling. Our roads are crumbling. We spent $5 trillion in the Middle East, and
our country’s going to hell. We’ve got to bring it back. We’ve got to knock the hell
out of ISIS, by the way, by the way. By the way, so I didn’t want to go to Iraq, but I
didn’t want to get out the way we got out, because what happened- and I was always saying,
I’ve said this for years. I might’ve said this the last time I was here two years ago:
Take the oil. Take the oil. Keep the oil. You know in the old days, to the victor belonged
the spoils. To us, we go in and fight. We lose trillions of dollars. We lose thousands
and thousands of unbelievable people. We have wounded warriors, who I love, all over the
place. We get nothing. Look at Iraq. What do we get? Nothing, and Iran now takes over
Iraq. I always say, Iran made the greatest deal with 150 billion. What a great deal;
what a great deal. Two weeks ago came to me: that deals nothing. They made the really greatest
deal: they took over Iraq. They’ve been fighting for Iraq for – ever, under different names,
but they’ve been fighting. And they were the same militarily. They’d
fight and fight and fight. They’d go 10 feet left, 10 feet right, left, right, then they’d
rest. Then Saddam Hussein would drop gas, and people would say it’s unfair. They’d
stop, the whole thing. This went on forever, and it would’ve gone on forever, but we decapitated
one. Now, so what did we give Iran? We gave them 150 billion, the great deal and all that-
and they’re going to have, by the way, they’re going to have nuclear weapons. They don’t
have to develop them anymore. They can buy them they have so much money! They’ll do – what
do they want to develop them for? How about this? We see something wrong, or we think
there’s something wrong, so we have to wait 24 days before we go in. But before the 24
days start, they’re a whole procedure, so who knows how long it could be. It could be
six months. So something’s going on, but the other one is even better because in certain
locations it’s called “self-inspection.” They have the right to self-inspect. So, we
call up and say, listen, we hear you’re building nuclear weapons over here. We want to go in-
no, no, you don’t have the right- but we’ll self-inspect. We’ll call up the- no, no, nothing’s
happening over there. Oh, thank you very much, I appreciate it. Now we feel much better. These are the deals we make. Sergeant Bergdahl.
Anybody ever hear of Sergeant Bergdahl? We get Sergeant Bergdahl, a dirty rotten traitor-
six people died going after him. Six people died going after Sergeant Bergdahl. We get
Bergdahl; they get five of the great killers that they’ve wanted for the last nine years.
So we get Bergdahl, a traitor, and we knew he was a traitor before the deal, because
they had a general and a colonel talking to the people that he was with. So we knew that
he was a traitor. Who would make deals like this? Who does it? [Shout from crowd: “Obama!”] “Obama.” Stand up. I like that. Boy, you are- that
was very good. That was good timing. Thank you. I love it. He’s right! And I didn’t want
to say it because it’s a little bit rough. But if he says it, that’s OK. Now Obama is a disaster. And you look, take
a look, at our trade deals. These are deals that are the worst. We’re going to lose 500
billion dollars, trade deficits with China. With Japan, 100 billion dollars, so we’re
talking about a year. How do you have a country, and then they say, “Well Trump doesn’t believe
in free trade.” No, I want free trade, but I want it want it to be like at least we break
even, right? We do something, but how do you lose the kind of numbers? And remember they
don’t play by the rules, and I love China by the way. I deal tremendously with China.
I own a big chunk the Bank of America building in San Francisco, through China. I have apartments
all over, condos, through China. So much through China. I buy, I do great business with China.
They’re fantastic. They’re unbelievable. In fact, my daughter’s here. Where’s Ivanka?
Where’s Ivanka? Stand up, Ivanka. Anybody ever hear of Ivanka? Ivanka deals with China
all the time. And we deal with Mexico, and Mexico’s great. I have great relationships
with Mexico, with the Mexican people. I have thousands of people from Mexico, and Hispanic
people, these are great people; they’re unbelievable, but their leaders are too smart for our leaders.
They’re too cunning for our leaders, and you look at what they’re doing, not only in the
border but with trade. Nabisco, from Chicago- no more Oreos folks- Nabisco is moving to,
they’re moving their big plant from Chicago, they’re moving it to Mexico. Ford is building
a two and a half billion-dollar plant in Mexico. That’s not going to happen. I’m going say, folks, we’ve got to stop this.
We’re losing our jobs; we’re losing our manufacturing jobs. I go to schools, and less so here because
it’s so good, but I go to very good colleges and I see students and they’re borrowed up
to the neck. Everything, the biggest problem is they graduate, they study, they work, they
do well, they get good marks. They’re really wonderful, they’re proud of themselves. Then
they come out, and they can’t get a job! We’ve got to create jobs. We’ve got to bring back
the jobs from China; we’ve got to bring back the jobs from Japan, and all these countries
that are ripping us off. And we’re going to do that. And we’re going to do that. And just
like I say, OK. So I say, who’s going to build the wall, folks?
You tell me. Who’s going to build the wall? Mexico, everyone knows. I say that, and again,
they say: “Oh, you can’t build a wall.” So easy, you have no idea, and the reason it’s
easy- it is! For me, I just built a 92-story building. I mean, when you build buildings,
building a wall is called, like give me some prefab plank: bing. And I have to make it;
I have to make it look beautiful. Why, because someday they’ll name the wall Trump Wall,
and I got to have it beautiful. And by the way, we want people to come in,
but we want people to come into our country legally. They’ll go through a process. They’ll
go through a process. One of the people I’m running against- I won’t use names because
we don’t want to insult anybody, and this is really just such nice religious people,
I love it. Such great Christians! I can’t say bad. Am I allowed to say bad in this room?
No, okay. I wouldn’t say that. The other day, for the first time I heard it, one of the
folks said, “We’re going to build a wall.” I said, Wha? What’s going on? I just heard
him say- nobody said that before, so they’re all coming my way, you know? They’re all coming
my way. The only problem is that they don’t know where to begin. They wouldn’t know where
to begin. And it will be one of these walls, not one of those walls. See the side of that
ceiling? If you got up there you’re going to be really scared coming down. This is a
serious wall, and we can do it for the right price. It doesn’t matter because, again, I don’t
know if you saw Saturday Night Live where they said: The Wall. Did everyone see that?
A lot of people saw that, but just so you understand, the reason they’re going to pay-
and the reason is easy for a business man to understand this – is very easy. Mexico
is making a fortune on the United States. Now, China, I love them. They’re great. I’m
not holding it against China. They’re the largest bank in the world is a Chinese bank.
The Chinese bank is a tenant of mine. I don’t hold that against you. Mexico- I don’t hold it against Mexico. You
see what’s going on with the crime and all that. I don’t hold that against Mexico. If
they can get away with it, if their politicians can do it I hold it against our very stupid
leadership in this country. That’s what I hold it against. I don’t hold it against these
other countries. I mean if they can get away with it, let them do it. I want to get away
with things. I could go into story after story, after story, and I used to use the word: incompetence,
but it’s not strong enough, you know? And then I used the other word; you know the word
I’m talking about, right? I used that word and they say he’s plain-spoken. My education’s
too good to be called plainspoken. I’m not that plain spoken, you know? I wrote the Art
of the Deal. I wrote many bestsellers like The Art of the Deal. Everybody read The Art
of the Deal. Who has read The Art of the Deal in this room? Everybody. I always say, a deep,
deep second to the Bible. The Bible is the best, the Bible. The Bible blows it away.
There’s nothing like the Bible, but The Art of the Deal was about- in fact there are a
few of them over there- but The Art of the Deal was the bestselling business book. And
Obama didn’t read it and Kerry didn’t read it. But we can do things with our country
that will be so good, but I’ve always used that word incompetent. They’re incompetent.
Now I don’t care anymore. I don’t care. Again, I’m not being funded by these guys from Wall
Street that have, you know, they own, as Jerry called them puppets. It’s true. I’m doing,
I’m self-financing my own campaign. I’m not taking funds. Is that nice? So we can do what’s
good for the country. In other words, we are going to do what’s good for the country, and
I tell people all the time – and use Ford as an example, you could use Nabisco. I could
use a hundred companies. And by the way, you have a lot of corporate inversion going on,
which is going to be beyond Mexico. You have companies leaving the United States right
now because taxes are too high and lots of other things. They’re leaving is called corporate
inversion. It’s a disaster. They’re leaving for lower taxes and because they can’t bring
their two and a half trillion dollars back into the country. They just can’t do it. But take Ford, and I use this as an example.
It could by anybody. It could be any company that goes into other countries, but take Ford
going in. Two and a half billion dollars, so they’re taking a lot of stuff out of Michigan.
They’re taking a lot of the – they’re closing other things and they’re going to build this
massive thing. Who ever heard of two and a half billion dollars for a one-story building?
You know how big that is? So they’re going to make cars, trucks, and parts. So, I don’t
care about Ford. In fact, the president of Ford wrote me a very nice letter trying to
explain that it was a good thing. I said it’s not a good thing, but that’s ok. When I’m
president I can say it even much stronger. Right now I don’t care, ok? But he wrote me
a nice letter. Good company, run very well. Good product. I love Ford. I love Chevrolet;
I love all our products. We want to buy USA, right? But they wrote me and I said, here’s
the story. If, let’s say a stiff, like Jeb Bush is president, OK? Let’s say he’s
president. No he’s actually a – Let’s say Jeb Bush is the president, okay? Low energy
person, but that’s OK. Let’s say Jeb becomes president. Look, Jeb is president. Now they’ll
go to him. He has $128 million that he got from donors, special interests, everybody,
lobbyists. So Ford will hire one of the lobbyist, you know they’ll sit there and -look, I know
this game better than anybody. I’ve been playing this game for a long time, folks, from the
other side. I changed sides. You know I was total establishment. Now I’m like the worst
thing that ever happened to the establishment, because I understand the game. So now they
go to, let’s say Jeb. They say Mr. President, this is a very bad thing. Well I agree it’s
bad. I agree it’s bad. We have to do this; we can’t allow this to happen. And he’s going
to get a call from his lobbyist or his special interest. “Mr. President, they gave you $5
million. You cannot make this deal.” Well, did they? Another one’s going to call: “Mr.
President, they gave you $2 million. You’ve got to take care of Ford.” All right, I’ll
do it. Okay. That’s the end. We lose the jobs; we lose all the different things. With me, they’re going to call. And by the
way, Hillary, just as bad even worse. Hillary they’ll call. They’re going to call Hillary
and say Madam President- by the way; I want to see a woman be president soon, but not
her. She’s a disaster. She’s a disaster. She’s a disaster. I mean just think of the corruption
and the scandal. We don’t want to go through it. You just don’t want to go through it.
We want to see winning. We want to see win, win, win. I always joke, I say we want to
see win, win, win, constant winning. And you’ll say if I’m president, and you’ll say, “Please
Mr. President, we’re winning too much.” We can’t stand it anymore. Can’t we have a loss?
And I’ll say no, we’re going to keep winning, winning, winning, because we’re going to make
America great again, and you’ll say, okay Mr. President, okay. But they’ll call Hillary with Ford, right?
They’ll call Hillary, and they’ll say, Madam President, and she’ll do the same thing because
her donors gave her a lot of money, and they need the money for their next election. By
the way, the only time the politicians really started work, right, was when they’re sort
of like retiring. Like the gentleman over there, the congressman. Now he’s a young guy.
He retired of his own volition, because he knows what’s going on in Washington, which
I have great respect for, but some of them retire and they get a little bit tougher.
But with Ford, you take a look. Now, they call them, Ford moves in. They call Trump,
okay? Now it’s President Trump. So they call President Trump and they say, “Mr. President,
I mean you have to do this. Ford has been great and wonderful. I say, what are they
building in Mexico for? What do we want them building in Mexico? They’re going to build.
Remember this- cars, trucks, and parts they’re going to sell them across the border – no
tax. So you say, we’re all smart people, how does that help us? We closed plants and we
opened new plants in Mexico, and there’s no tax. So they’re going to say no, no, no we’re
going for it. I’ll say here’s the story. If you go forward, that’s fine, but for every
car, truck, and whatever else you’re building, you are going to pay a 35% tax every time
it crosses the border. We have to, or we’re not going to have a country left. Everyone’s
ripping us. Everyone’s ripping us. Now I don’t want to do that because I’m a free trader.
I want free trade, but we’ve got to be sort of smart here, folks, because we’ve lost seven,
eight, and some people say ten million jobs. We’ve lost 50,000 manufacturing plants. We’re
getting killed, and the quality of our jobs is terrible. You saw that in the last report.
They have this phony number: 5.2%. Everybody that quits looking for a job is considered,
statistically, a person that has a job. Its’ a phony number. You probably, real numbers
like 22 or 23%. In fact, if you look at crowds like this, at crowds wherever I go, if we
were really at 5%, 5.2%, nobody would be there. Although they might be there, because the
military’s so badly run with this president. You know, probably there for other reasons,
but basically you wouldn’t have the kind of crowds and the kinds of poll numbers that
we have. So I’ll tell Ford the following. I’ll say, look, you’ve got to move your plant
back. They’ll call me. I’ll have a few people call me. Doesn’t matter because they didn’t
give me any money. They don’t own me! Jerry was right. They don’t own me! Self-funding-
they don’t own me! I’ll say look, Mr. President of Ford, I’m sorry but you’ve got to build
over there, otherwise we’re charging you tax. He’s going to say, no Mr. President, that’s
not fair. I said, do me a favor. Think about it overnight; call me back. He’ll call me
back the next day. I guarantee you 100% he will say, Mr. President, we have decided to
build our plant in the United States. Okay, that’s what has to happen. It has to happen.
And again, free trade is good, but we have to be smart about it or we’re not going to
have a country left. So when this started, and I call it a journey, on June 16th the
escalator. Has everyone seen the famous escalator, coming down? I was coming down to reporters.
It looked like the academy awards. I had never seen so many cameras in my life. And I sort
of, you know, Jerry said something that’s true. He said it’s very hard for somebody
to run for president. It’s very hard for someone that’s very successful- I’ve head this all
my life- to go into politics especially if you’re going to run for president, because
you’re really exposing so much. I mean you’re doing deals, and deals, and plus you don’t
do this. Who would’ve known I was going to do- I like the debates. I love doing debating,
but I never debated before. The politicians do all the time. They’re all talk, no action.
That’s all they do is debate, but they don’t get anything done. And then on top of it,
most of them aren’t even good debaters- which is sort of amazing. You’d think at least they
could debate properly, right? It’s amazing some of the things that they say. It’s really
just incredible, but we’re coming down the escalator and I said to my wife, Okay. We
have to do it. I’ve just seen so many stupid things. I say we have to do it. We’ve got
to go, and we’ve got to do it. And she said if you want to do it, I’m with you 100%. She’s
been so supportive, and I got on, thank you, the escalator and we’re going down. I’m waving
and I’m saying, wow, and I went up and I started talking about illegal immigration. And boy
did I take it. For two weeks Rush Limbaugh said the most incoming he’s ever seen a human
being take. But I didn’t give up, because you can never give up. One of the things I
do when I speak about success, and a lot of people ask me to think about success, where
it’s just great. I love speaking about it because I can help people. One of the things
I see. Love what you do, but you can never- this applies to so many young, incredible
people in this room- you can never, ever, give up. You can never give up. If you give
up you’re not going to make it. I’ve seen people over the years. I went to Wharton,
and I know people that have been, who were phenomenal students, brilliant, but they didn’t
have that drive, they didn’t have that stick-to-itiveness. And they didn’t make it like other guys that
were not as good and not as smart, but they had tremendous drive. Those are the people
that are running the country now. So you’ve really got to never, ever, quit or give up.
So I said- so important for the room- I figured I’d get out of politics for at least two sentences,
but it’s so true. Just don’t quit. And for you- always, always, go into a field that
you love. You’ve got to love it. You’ve got to love it. If you don’t love it you’re not
going to be successful. Even if people say you should, you’ve got to love it. If you
don’t love what you do, you’re never going to be successful. [Shout from crowd] Ah, that’s beautiful, wow. I make you proud
to be an American. Stand up! And did I ever meet you before? No. That’s very nice. Thank
you, man. Thank You. We mean that. We mean it. That’s very nice. So, I took a lot of
incoming as Rush said- who’s a great guy – a tremendous incoming, and I stuck and I even
doubled down. And then all of the sudden you had tremendous stats coming out which were
terrible, but tremendous numbers, and you saw the kind of crime, and you saw the hate
in San Francisco, and you saw others. Jamiel in Los Angeles, a woman- 65-year-old veteran,
who was raped, sodomized, and killed by an illegal immigrant. And you saw the kind of
horror that was going on not only in terms of the border, not only in terms of coming
in, not only in terms of drugs that are pouring across – drugs which are going to ruin the
fabric of our country- are pouring across the border, but also just in terms of the
volume – the sheer volume. And then people started saying, you know, Trump is right. And I will say this: If I didn’t talk about
illegal immigration in my opening remarks, I don’t even think you’d even be talking about
it today, and it’s one of the most important things that anybody’s talking about, one of
the most important things. So, when it started out, I started talking about the different
things: Common core, very bad, you’ve got to educate your children locally, ok? Very
bad. Second Amendment, very good! We’ve got to have the right to protect ourselves. Very
good. We have people, you know the whole gun situation’s under siege. Now they’re talking
about we want to give less bullets; we want to take bullets away. I mean they are talking
about – you can’t let it happen. By the way, in Paris which has probably the
toughest gun laws in the world, and France, had bullets been going the other way you wouldn’t
have had 130 people killed and plenty more to follow who were so badly injured. In California,
recently two weeks ago- where you had the 14 people killed and others to follow because
of the tremendous injuries- but where you had the 14 by these two radicalized people,
where the people that were killed gave them wedding parties. They held wedding parties;
they knew them. They were friends. They went in and they killed 14 people. If we had somebody,
a couple guys like him, or him, or definitely him with the white hat on with a gun strapped
in here and the bullets could go the other way you wouldn’t have had the same- you would’ve
had problems; you wouldn’t have had it to the same extent at all. We need the Second
Amendment; don’t let anyone take it away. If I get elected, it’s totally protected,
totally protected. We have to do something- and these were the things I talked about-
we have to do something about Super PACs, because Super PACs now are running the country.
Because they’re running our politicians, and our politicians aren’t doing what’s right
for all of us. We’ve got to get rid of these Super PACs. We want to have a clear vision
of who’s doing, what’s being put up, and who’s putting it up. We’ve got to get rid of Super
PACs – really, really, really, bad. So then with Paris, pretty much the start
of Paris, all of the sudden Paris happened and my poll numbers went way up and I didn’t
know what happened. I said why? And then CNN actually did a big poll and a big study, and
they said that Trump is number one by far on the military, by far on protection, by
far on the border, by far on ISIS, because they see me because of my very strong stance
on illegal immigration. That’s an off-chute. I won’t let the Syrians that we have no idea
who they are; they want to come into our country. They may be ISIS. It may be the great Trojan
horse of all time. Who knows? We cannot take a chance. I want to build a safe zone someplace
in Syria. What’s happening in Germany is a disaster. What’s happening in Brussels, you
look what’s happening all over Europe. Europe is being absolutely swamped and destroyed.
What’s going on with the crime and the problems? And it could be some sinister plot. You look
at these migrations. You look at the lines, and you look at the tremendous amounts of
young, strong men in those lines, and you say what’s going on? Now, Obama wants to take
in thousands and thousands of people. We can’t do it, folks. We can’t do it. We don’t know
anything about the people. We’re going to do a free zone and a safe zone.
We’re going to do something where we have to get the Gulf States that have nothing but
money. We have to get them to fund it; we have to get them to put up the money. We’re
going get them. Don’t forget: without us they wouldn’t be there very long. We protect them.
And with the military by the way, we’re protecting countries that are behemoths. We’re protecting
countries that are so rich, so powerful, so incredible. South Korea- we protect South
Korea. I have many friends. I have deals; I have buildings in South Korea, but we’re
protecting South Korea. We have 28,000 soldiers on the line. Between the maniac and South
Korea, we’re protecting them. They pay us peanuts. We protect Germany. We protect Japan.
We protect countries nobody even knows about. We protect Saudi Arabia. Before the oil price
downed, Saudi Arabia was making a billion dollars a day. We protect them. They pay us
practically nothing compared to the cost. They’ve got to pay up. They’ve got to pay
up. Everybody’s got to pay up. We can’t do this anymore. We’ve got to run it like a business
but with heart. We’ve got to have great heart. We’re going to create great healthcare. We’re
going to get rid of ObamaCare. We’re going to terminate it. We’re going to repeal it,
and we’re going to replace it. And now you see the signs. The sock market is starting
to go down, big league, and a lot of bad things- I’ve been saying this. We’re in a bubble;
we’re riding a big, fat, juicy bubble. We’re giving out loans for nothing. We’re giving
out- you know you look at what’s happening with our money. You look at what’s happening
with the Federal Reserve, so we’re riding a bubble. It could be really ugly, but right
now you’re starting to see at least the beginning signs of it, because the stock market- which
was the only indicator that things were good- is starting to go down. So what happened, is with Paris, I really
took a different turn, and now I’m back, and really back, to security and security for
our country, and great, great military. We’re going to build that military- great, great
military, and people are loving it, and people need it. And they don’t have confidence in
the politicians, and they don’t have confidence, essentially, in the other candidates, because
when you’re leading by the kind of numbers that I’m leading by, they don’t have confidence
in the other candidates. Because they understand politicians. We’ve been dealing with politicians
for the last so many years. We’re so tired with dealing with these people. They’re no
good for what we have to do. So, so we’re going to do things that can be
done. We’re going to fix our military. We’re going to take care of our vets who are the
greatest people, most incredible people. They’re treated horribly. I mean our vets, our vets,
are treated worse than illegal immigrants in may cases. You see what’s going on? Our
vets are not being treated properly. We’re spending tremendous amounts of money. The
corruption in the VA administration, I mean the Veterans’ Administration, is beyond belief.
We’re going to fix the situation so our vets are taken care of the way they should be taken
care of. We’re going to do all of these things, and
we’re going to create security. We’re going to have great security. So, in a nutshell,
number one- it’s an honor to be here again. It’s an honor in terms of Martin Luther King
to have broken the record. We’re dedicating the record to the late, great Martin Luther
King, OK? But it’s an honor. And, very simply-and I didn’t used to say this, two or three weeks
ago I wouldn’t say it, but I think I can say it now, because I’ve seen so many people.
We have such amazing people in this country- smart, sharp, energetic, they’re amazing – I
was saying “Make America great again”, I actually think we can say now, and I really believe
this, we’re going to get things coming. We’re going to get Apple to start building their
damn computers and things in this country instead of in other countries, and I honestly
think I can say, and I’ve said it for the last two weeks and I mean it 100% or I wouldn’t
say it, we’re going to make America great again – greater than ever before. And we can
do that, and we’re going to win, and we’re going to win a lot. I want to thank you. I
want to thank Jerry and Becki and everybody. We love you all. You’re a special school,
a special university, and amazing people. Thank you everybody. Thank you! Thank you
everybody! Thank you!>>FALWELL: Thank you Mr. Trump, and you are
all dismissed. Thanks.

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