Donald Trump officially wins Republican nomination

Few would have thought it possible a few months
ago,… but Donald Trump has been formally nominated the Republican Party’s candidate
for the U.S. presidential election in November. For more on that, we go live to our correspondent
Park Ji-won, who’s in Cleveland, Ohio, covering the G-O-P convention for us.
Jiwon Hello Mark
After a months-long struggle and several attempts to put down his candidacy,… Donald Trump
is now the party’s official nominee. He easily earned the votes of more than 12-37
delegates,… putting him over the threshold for the nomination.
The other candidates who fought Trump for the nomination — including Texas Senator
Ted Cruz, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Ohio Governor John Kasich — collectively
earned a significant number of delegate votes,… but it wasn’t nearly enough to overtake Trump. So,… we now know for sure that it’ll be
Trump versus Clinton in November,… should be quite the battle. Jiwon, you’ve been covering
the convention for the last two days… what’s the atmosphere been like? Mark, the Quicken Loans Arena,… the main
convention venue,… is currently filled with thousands of delegates from all 50 states.
They’re applauding and cheering the nominee and have gotten given standing ovations to
the convention speakers. Many of the delegates that I have spoken to
have told me they believe in Trump’s ability to create jobs, boost the economy… and bring
real changes to America. They cite his credentials as a successful
businessman… and have also described him as a family man.
Of course there are delegates whose first choice was not Trump,… but in general, they
seem to share the belief that Trump can bring new energy and growth to the country. Thanks, Jiwon. Please keep us updated.
That was our correspondent Park Jiwon, reporting from the Republican National Convention in

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