Donald Trump’s USA Freedom Kids

I’m Jeff popeck and I manage this group called the USA Freedom kids who’ve come together to perform and sing patriotic songs and really celebrate freedom some guys that are in my position spend a lot of money on golf some guys in my position spend money on yachts and jets I get to spend it on these magnificent girls this little girl here alexis is my daughter and really almost since the time she was walking she’s been dancing one Sunday I just sat her down and said let’s do something beyond just dancing ultimately we decided to put a group together and we have had a casting call these girls came together that’s how we really became the USA Freedom Kids Jeff does a lot you know he give us a lot of opportunities and he also comes in during our sessions rehearsal and he like gives the pointers and like have fun you smile going to the recording studio and just recording the song just really fun I like just being with my friends and like bonding and talking about fun stuff and like all those girls like Bianca is he sad Victoria or like like so funny to me and I like that sometimes our vocal teacher has to like take a minute to like like get herself together because we like drive her crazy three times a week we like spend 1-2 hours usually working on the songs and then we go to the recording studio whenever we think we’re ready to record the songs I’m home schooled and I started singing when I was about two years old in my church in the case choir in my church and I joined the Philharmonic youth chorus of Naples and they recommended me for this group and that’s how I joined dawn to Setting Sun we have fought in every climate place where we could take a gun in the snow it’s sunny sarah has been blind almost since birth for any of your responses on you I know my hair shop I think it’s her sense of hearing that is so acute that she’s always on key always on point it’s amazing what she can do and we just love having Sarah as part of the group this is just absolutely incredible and I I’m just so glad that you know I’m glad that music has been a very important part of my life and I’m glad that I’m with this group and I’m glad that I get to show people who I am I have a music producer based in Tampa who’s created the songs for us some are traditional some are remixes of traditional songs and some are complete original songs we actually released our national anthem part to you on 9/11 and we thought a lot about that I get choked up about all of that stuff my daughter is the youngest in the group so some of what we talk about is in a very surface level but I think they’re really understanding some of this certainly as as much as they can at this age I like freedom a lot and so I like when like we sing about freedom and like I like just like thinking about freedom and talking about it I like to teach kids about freedom because most people don’t know the freedoms in the First Amendment there’s five freedom of religion freedom of the speech freedom of the press for the peaceful assembly and freedom to complain to the government because there’s so much going on in the country in the world right now and I think that as parents we have to educate our children about what is going on what’s happening because it does it affects not only us as parents but it does affect future generations a lot of the times people get scared about their freedom especially you know politics and all and you know they apologize for it we’re trying to we’re trying to turn that around we’re trying to make people celebrate their freedom I love Erica and the songs just really expressed that like and that’s how the soldiers are fighting and sometimes it’s rip for candidates like donít Tramp freedoms call which is the one that we sing about Donald Trump now originally that song was written to sing about General George Patton and it was really after Donald Trump had announced his candidacy and during that speech he gave he talked about him finding the General Patton and I saw that I heard that and that’s what really inspired me to change it to make this about President Donald Trump cowardice I serious apologies for freedom I can’t handle this when freedom brings into the call on your feet stand up Tom freedoms on our shoulders USA America great human design I personally think we have just endured the worst six or seven years that we from a freedom standpoint that we could possibly have endured and I think we’re on the cusp of having maybe the best president we have ever had in the history of our country cowardice are you serious apologies for freedom I can’t handle this don’t bring sand on your feet I don’t even listen to it because it’s just not we’re here to celebrate freedom really no matter who is elected there needs to be a force of freedom and and if it has to be these cute little girls then so be it and I’ll help them do it it’s not so easy but we haven’t all okay oh my god

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