Donnie Swaggart Rebukes Jesse Duplantis and Other Prosperity Pimps for Excesses… 15 Years Ago

these hyper faith preachers they teach that they're so far in the anointing that they dare not talk to you commoners you're not allowed to speak to them now now I'm not lying I'm telling you the truth I mean I'm not lying I'm telling you the truth if you try to speak to many of them they will refuse to speak to you because you are not walking in the level of revelation that they claim to be their revelation is their brain dead applying for Oral Roberts the brother do Eastmont my boss on the airplane he said now Kenneth this is sanctuary it protects the anointing on brother Roberts and he said you keep your mouth shut don't talk to him unless he talks and because when he's on a meeting he doesn't talk to anybody but God now oil used to fly Airlines right but it even back there than me it got to the place where it was agitating his spirits were coming up to him he had become famous and they won't need to pray for him and all that you you can't you can't manage that today right this dope filled world right get in an air get in a long tube with a bunch of demons right that's exactly then it's deadly and and he works on your heart it really does did you ever see Jesus say don't talk to me did you ever read where Paul said don't talk to me did you ever read where Matthew Mark Luke and John said I can't talk to you I'm in the anointing let me take the anointing does not allow you to be rude Reverend Swagger's the pleasure is mine the former employees we spoke to also say their spirits sank after learning Kenneth and Gloria have little if any contact with their faithful followers that's the one time I saw the man was at the Christmas party I was in an elevator with Gloria once and they had little if any contact with their 500 employees it was an unwritten law that if kenneth or Gloria walked through the office you don't see them you don't speak to them former employees we talked to say when the Copeland's are not on the road they spend their days inside of their 18,000 square foot parsonage on the shores of Eagle Mountain Lake surrounded by hundreds of acres of Range and ranch land not far from their tennis courts and boathouse Paul said but they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare into many foolish and hurtful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition now let me say this there's nothing in the Bible that teaches that wealth is sinful or possessions are sinful but it's one's attitude toward those things it's one's attitude and actually this verse is saying this it's referring to the evils of hunger to be rich that's what its meaning now I will I'll go ahead and tell you this now don't don't get disturbed because he said three billionaires now don't I don't want you to get disturbed because since I'm one of them it'll only leave two more no no I'm wait a minute now wait a minute with smile on my face but I'm serious like me but now I'm not one of those three since I already am one I've already appropriated that I've been walking in that along everything I'm touched as prospered in 34 years of full-time ministry I've never had a financial deficit I live in the biggest house in the state of Louisiana according to my tax attorneys I have the biggest house of any preacher in America I'm saying that on television you don't think they're gonna nail me next week when I get on I don't care I may buy the station and fire that's a little fleshy but I just thought I'd say it I don't mean that arrogantly a pridefully it's just the Gloria came in spent the night at my house and she said oh this is an elegant home I have a name to my house and la maison Delta love it the house of dreams you're like going with the wind my house has that same staircase that's Scarlett O'Hara walked up I'm like Rhett Butler she said Gloria says I'm Rhett Butler sweetheart Cathy I'll read mutlar thank you glorify helping me out here praise the Lord so tithing is a divine connector it's a way for recession or depression to bypass you oh I paid cash for the home well you want to know how big it is it's a 40,000 square foot Oh am i shocked if you look at Cathy oh Jesus we're gonna catch it again it's 40,000 square foot Catholic II didn't got cathing get mad at me go somewhere I don't see her for a while till she repents and comes back people come and stop and just stand there and look i Holly can I have a wrought iron gate and fences around my home and I lot of time if I go out cars start stopping honking Christmas I walked outside the front just walked and a man slammed his braixen I said hello and he threw $5,000 over the fence a hundred of it I said I ain't telling Cathy nothin take that but I felt guilty and I said we got $5,000 and I ain't seen it since but I know it's in good hands in verse 10 a text he said the love of money is the root of he now what did he mean by the root of all evil this is what he was saying the love of money leads to covetous after honey covetousness is a desire running riot you have no control over it it's another dollar what do I have to do to get another dollar who do I have to step on to give another to get another dollar the idea is not merely to listen listen listen the idea is not merely about money as it regards silver or gold but as but it regards all the things that money can buy it speaks of ambition pride position place respect and carnal things your ambition should be what Christ wants your ambition to be I've collected artwork and everything you can think of I've got everything from everything you can think of in that kind of porcelain everything I mean that I've collected over the years you know why faith insists right there's the faith insist on possessing possessions it will make you own something faith don't want you in debt faith wants the bank Oh in you instead of you Oh in the bank see now people to hear me say that so that's green oh that's not green you're not operating in your faith faith were producing it it's it insists on possessing so when people get mad at me about the plane if we fly or the house that I live in or whatever jewelry I don't know whatever you whatever they don't criticize it don't make no difference a faith insisted that I'll have it that's not greed let me say this faith needs a channel to work through faith insist on possessing possessions that's why people don't understand prosperity and we make this announcement I'm satisfied but my faith is it that's why I'm believing for a new plane maybe close with it that's what I don't need another plane this ain't got anything to do with me but sitting in that plane God said that's all I can do for you yeah why I'm satisfied but faces no I'm not now I talk about this in a lot of my messages and I want you to see this if we can Caleb get it back this is the very first plane that I purchased for the Lord back in December 1994 and I said where I began and then the second one I purchased was in January 2004 where I used to be the one I'm flying right now and I've been with it's been with me twelve years I purchased it in January 2006 where I am now forced to get a shot at this and Caleb now this is the Star Trek Enterprise this way I'm going believing God for let me just say this we're believing God for a brand new Falcon 7x we go anywhere in the world one stop now people said my lord can't you go with this way yes but I can't go at one stop and you see if I can do it with one stop I can fly it for a lot cheaper because I have my own fuel farm and that's what's a blessing of the Lord but this one here I have to stop and then you pay those exorbitant prices for jet fuel all over the world we've asked the Lord Jesus Christ and we're believing God in fact he told me Jesse it was one of the greatest statement the Lord ever told me he said Jesse you want to come up where I'm at and I saw what do you mean he said that before you asked I'll answer Isaiah 65 24 I said yes Lord he said I want you to believe me for a Falcon 7x so I said ok but the first thing I thought of AHA I'm gonna pay for it and then a great statement that he told me in 1978 flooded into my mind and said Jesse I didn't ask you to pay for it I asked you to believe for it now think about that for a minute so I like the people at all people they know exactly what I'm doing in this ministry we don't hide nothing whatsoever at all I am a blessed man you're looking at a blessed man and we never ask you to give something that me and Kathy don't give ourselves we believe in that and that's what it's all about so think about this all these this was paid cash this was paid cash this was paid cash and the new ones will be paid cash also Paul said I've learned in whatever state that I'm in to be contempt I know how to be exalted and I know how to be a base he said when I'm exalted I don't get the big head because that's what God saw fit for that day and when I'm being a base I'm not worrying about it because God holds the pearls in his right hand and if that's where he is he wants me in a prison cell that's where he wants me and I'm going to be content there because he's going to send an earthquake that a whole lot of shakin is gonna go off and shake the whole thing down and you listen to me every one of you prosperity preachers Jesus Christ did not die on a cross he did not take the stripes on his back he did not take a crown on his head his side was not pierced that we may drive Rolls Royces and by $12,000 dogs and live forty million dollar homes but he bowed on a cross to save man's problem is not what kind of suit he wears or what kind of house he lives in or what kind of house he drop a car he drives man's problem is sin and man needs a savior and that Savior is Jesus I'm angry I'm mad I'm tired of God's people being fleeced we listen you better hang on and buckle your seatbelts we don't need any more prosperity pills leading the church into spiritual Abdallah tree I said we don't need any more prosperity pills leading the church down a primrose path our destruction we don't need any more snake oil salesman we need men of God and preach the gospel I will say it again if you're preaching that live the dream you are a prosperity pimp I said if your gospel is the gospel of greed you're a puss prosperity pimp and you're going to stand before God and give an account for every single message that you preached on that souls are dying and going to hell and your prostitute in the world of God Pop's therapy pimps then Paul said this he said they have erred from the faith the listen this is dangerous it is a two-pronged process the word erred means to lead astray to stray from truth to be seduced Paul was saying this through the Holy Spirit first the preacher of the greed gospel is led astray because his eyes his own money but as they go deeper into it evil spirits attach themselves to it and anoints them to seduce the body of Christ and to lead them astray and then Paul said this in verse 11 he said I mean verse 10 he said they've pierced themselves through with many sorrows this sorrow means consuming grief and this is what it means if you're guided by the love of money your end will be self-destruction if money is your message your God and what you promote your end is self-destruction listen to me I have nothing in my heart against anyone but I love you enough to tell you the truth yes come back to the cross to the cross a world is dying and going our nation is being destroyed from within we need preachers to preach the blood we need preachers to preach the cross we need preachers to preach the atonement and I'm begging you to come back to the cross you come back to the cross you come back to the cross sing that second verse whoa I would rather make this your testimony rather be faithful faithful to you my brother then worldwide face be true holy night take it home you

24 thoughts on “Donnie Swaggart Rebukes Jesse Duplantis and Other Prosperity Pimps for Excesses… 15 Years Ago

  • Donnie is right. These evangelists are as dishonest as a three dollar bill. They are not fooling anyone, especially God.

  • Im.sure many, many poor people put you in your 40,000 sq ft house. If you are a true man of God sale what you have give to the poor.

  • 0:05 I'm sorry but this is hypocritical of Donnie Swaggart. I took my daughters to hear him speak at a small church in Reynoldsburg Ohio. Donnie would not talk with anyone.

  • We haven't had running water for several years now and we're going broke buying water. I Thank the LORD that we have the money to buy water. We're praying for a new Home and running water. I'm grateful for the home we have we just need a safer home. I'm grateful for a roof over our heads we just need a safer home GOD will provide HIS WILL not mine. I cannot judge these people only GOD can. I live in pain 24/7 I'm disabled and my Husband does everything for me and works a full time job. I only want GOD to BLESS my Husband and provide a new Home and running water IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOUR AMEN AND AMEN. I pray that I'm not being greedy to have this.

  • Iss ole boy calls em out! I like iss guy! Ats right!!! Pimps and Snakes! Jesus is the way and preachers like this get to me! This man has great points!

  • Can't blame these blabing idiots, after all how did they get a 40000 sq ft house? THEY USED YOUR MONEY THAT YOU SENT THEM!!!!

  • Health, Wealth, and Prosperity teaching; the ultimate pyramid scheme! The only ones who actually get wealthy are the ones at the top of the pyramid.

  • Playboy billionaire Hugh Hefner had a fleet of jets and several playboy mansions where countless young ladies were exploited, drunken and sodomized yet no one ever questioned his ill gotten wealth. 😡
    But let one preacher of the gospel believe for a jet for transportation and all the religious zealots come out of the shadows and condemn him. I hope bro. Jesse has ten jets! God’s people ought to be doing hundreds of times better than the world. I’ll give to his ministry to see him out do the devil. You Christians ought to be ashamed of yourselves putting down a man of God for needing/wanting air transportation. Go ahead and take sides with the devil! I suppose you think it’s cool Hefner had all his wealth cuz he earned it after all, huh? Exploiting young girls.
    Bro. Jesse preaches the gospel and gets people saved. Think about that for a while!! 😡

  • While I am thinking about it, Jesus was much more capable of interacting with multitudes of people. However you rich preachers could use your money to reach unsaved millions.

  • Jesse Duplantis was working when he was 12 years old, and they teach us by faith how to believe God for what we need. Copelands were dirt poor when they started out. Most of these preachers have made their millions selling their books and material. Donny is talking out of turn and shouldn't accuse fellow christians to the public. He should talk to them privately if he doesn't agree with them.
    There were many times Jesus pulled away to pray privately and be alone.

  • Alright then. I'm believing God for $100,000 RIGHT NOW, THIS VERY MINUTE!!! And Brother Jesse, God told me he needs you to sow that seed as soon as you receive this message. I need you to reply and I'll tell you exactly where to send your faith seed of $100,000 dollars. The Lord's calling Jesse! I pray that you answer his call with this blessing upon me! 😉

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