Don’t Fall for the Freedom Foundation’s Lies | On the Record | AFSCME Video

Hello, I’m from the Freedom Foundation, an organization that stands up
for the freedom of ordinary, working people. I’m here with a message for you — I’m here with a message for you: you can leave your union and
not lose anything. Would you trust that guy? Would you believe him when he tries
to tell you what’s in your best interest? The Supreme Court’s decision
this summer in Janus vs AFSCME was just the beginning
of the attacks on our union. Now, the same wealthy special interests
that bankrolled the Janus case are back with more deception and dirty tricks. They are spending millions of dollars on running aggressive propaganda campaigns. Trying to persuade AFSCME
members to drop their union. They want us to believe
we can get the same benefits, better wages and working conditions, retirement security, a voice on the job and a seat at the table by giving away our power. A whole network of shadowy groups
funded by CEOs and billionaires is trying to scam us. They all have harmless sounding,
misleading names. But don’t be fooled — the Freedom Foundation doesn’t
fight for our freedom — it stands for the freedom of
corporations to rig the economy in their own favor. So far, we’ve been able to sniff out the lies. Since the Janus decision, AFSCME members are choosing
in overwhelming numbers to stick with their union. That trend will continue
if we keep talking to coworkers about the power of solidarity and collective action. But in the meantime, the dishonest drop campaigns will continue and we need to call them out. If they contact you: report it at this website. If you get one of their emails: delete it. If they call you: hang up. If they come to your door: slam it in their faces. And if you get one of these in the mail: rip it up and throw it away. Because AFSCME members never quit.

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