Come on guys I think we escaped this way, let’s get out of here Maybe we could put these disguises on our heads, so he won’t see us come on guys. Let’s get out of here I’m gonna ride on Rudolph come on not suspicious presents. I don’t want to make anymore fidget spinners. where do you think your going STOP! It runs on Santa power you can’t ride a sleigh without Santa Can’t believe he trapped us in a facility we tried to escape on that sleigh ride But now we’re here and we need to hop all the doors so we can escape gonna keep us here for eternity You guys can’t escape you’ll be making fidget spinners forever Well you have to yeah go back to your work go back to your Come on. Come on wait was my work station in this a tube thingy. It says I’m Authorized entity because it’s your work space yeah, you guys have a little funny Draft go his trap to me. It’s awesome. Oh, Oh Thank you so much, okay, let’s get out of here, so we’re gonna Go have another computer Dracoclaus is still on the loose make sure to take check left and right okay open the door open the door Run run run run. Where are we in a conference room? Oh? It says next Santa project. It says he’s trying to make a new windows He’s trying to make a computer to take over the world girls come on come on after the window Make more toy Josh go make a fidget spinner, and you will make hatch animals for days Jong-kook laws. Why do we gotta make so much hatch symbols though. I thought the trend was over. I thought for them Not come on where are you? We can sneak in here Wait to use do something to my gold. Oh heck die hack that I’ll get lunar out. Let’s go back. Let’s go back And let’s hack this computer wait. Where’s Ellen Rambo Leave this place, okay Cass, no you have this day. Ho ho shit off Will cub you you wanna leave Rudolph. You don’t have Rudolph. You’re lying you robot get off track oh no No, I have rude are You why you why you throw out Where are you? What is the point of having a tiny hole they have you kept lunar turnaround we had escape we go we gotta find Uh the rest of the elves or they’re gonna die Actually, they’re fine, you know what rainbow keeps getting captured, so we’re just gonna leave from lunar ditched me, okay? She left me here in the garbage disposal, and I was drowning in the water. Well the rest of your life rainbow spinners in that pod Don’t know how to Guys guys come on you’re gonna disappoint all the Space part well my truck. Oh, don’t don’t don’t I have something I tell you I have a new invention It’s a new type of fidget spinner if you don’t okay, okay, so it’s like a type of fidget spinner Where you put it on your head, and you wear it? It looks like a propeller hat and it spins Haha Drock OH How does it feel ruined Christmas? Yeah, you’re ruining Christmas. You don’t want to make toys well I don’t want to make toys because I don’t want to make hatch two moles for one year, okay I just want to be a free elf I want to go in the city. Maybe get a little cabin have some eggnog You know I’m bad or not to have a cabin now just wait wait Hey Open the door open it where’d you go? Like not in a good way like this the bad way Gold we need a hack another computer. I don’t know where to go Why dragos she opened the gate like out hey, this is rude you can’t throw me on the Shelf out Do you know how to pull an elf? I’ll protect me. I don’t want to make more hatchimals go in I’ve been making fidget spinners for my whole life The doors gonna come back in here uh You know what gold I have ditched you this is survival of the fittest only one of us will live Survival of the alphys okay, go to where I go? What is A GU GU save goat is my job as an elf the protector no no no not this time She was trying to help you ding ding dong dong This is freedom, but you can wait let me choco, can you test a glitch can you just drag really? I can’t escape you just give it to me through the hole. There’s nothing here. It’s all fake My whole elf life, and you’re never going to escape Well you were just trolling me. Oh yes, you’re never gonna escape you guys That is what you get for cheating wait how did you get a scent outfit? Okay, that’s a good idea. I’ll rat Drago claws. We want to make an alliance with you Yeah, I’m not Drago cause I’m an elf You changed there’s no Santa Claus why you? Guys I’m 9 well, you’re actually nice, I’m peaceful I’m reformed wait why – Santa’s cow dragoo Claus aren’t you a little angry that gold is wearing a Santa costume? I’m an L. I don’t I don’t I don’t need a sidekick that is the boss and that’s why dad has to go down No no Santa It was a bad egg And you guys you friends with this fake Santa that you must be fake elves and you have to be Eliminated Jaco cannot be trusted you’re not allowed to work or escape this factory ok I see how this is gonna be a Danger hazard, I’m an elf anecca sue you for dangerous work. I don’t work here. You’re a fake-out You see someone oh wait, I mean I didn’t see nobody I Don’t know you were you just sitting there. I was like oh hey Yeah, you guys can see each other forever in that. I can’t see each other track. Oh, yeah, we let someone protect me What is wrong with you two go Jack oh You know what you guys don’t have to save me just I’m just pretending. Please come save me, okay. We’ll save you Drago Okay, you know I’m gonna go hack a computer first because that’s like Jackal jackal get those juice juice. I gotta I gotta save my friend No I mean jackal. How are you gonna? Have all your elves do midget spinners if we’re all frozen. Yeah drop fake elves You don’t work there. You could BAM you laughs what I’m going through though I’m going am I so slow. Yes, because you’re a player and I See someone fails a computer oh It’s a lunar Swan swing We have more computers left come on we have to hack these we need to Bells jingling No, I can’t wake up what a speech help me help me help Help me Jack Jack oh, please come on My gold iPhone into pod Hey Watch it. Let me go through the portal maze Whatever gonna get lost in here you get real confused Rach. Oh look at ice I don’t know. What’s the point of going through all of this just so for you to suffer Drago just for you to suffer chuckle chuckle chuckle stop What is the echo What did you literally capture everybody you froze all oh? You literally just rose gold you betrayed me you took the profits from the toys for yourself I can see it in your hammer and in your pocket. No this is from donating to flee the facility I got it Bitches Buddhist wait oh, thank you how am I supposed to make fidgets spinners if my fingers are gonna be frozen Run learner run like you’ve seen a cake in the snow for my oh I don’t know I’m an elf I don’t Open this loon. Are you captured no. No. Yeah, okay? Okay? I’m opening I’m opening with the hacking skills come on Why is this taking so long? Oh? My gosh my gosh come on I Don’t have a good feeling about this guy’s Rainbow are you hacking – yes? I am I am. I did. I already did two computers alright I feel like Luna is a bad spot right now loon. Are you still alive or you like? Honey Which one You can’t find All the toys we got to be safe, and we will escape through the mirrored thing if anything happens all right Oh the mirror thing. Oh, I mean No, don’t listen to what I’m saying yeah All I said like don’t listen to it the bye cruel Goodbye, cruel cookie less world the world is so cold without cookie oh, hey I’ll poop Luna, so tell me where leader is then I’ll spare your life at jacket She was behind you. Oh, she was behind you when we don’t drag me don’t take me don’t laugh. She wants to shoot No, seriously laugh. Go straight jacket. Go straight. No go straight down the hallway Jack go now take a right Take a right and then take a left She’s right there didn’t know where Hey what No Ah Fine okay, I’m assuming you won’t believe I should write down Hey Save yourself Luda Wake up I need to wake up wake up wake up hi Don’t put me beside Luna. This is just sad dude. This is all very cool Drac. Oh What’s the point Drago what’s up? Why why Jack? No you want out there goes Okay, you know I’m just gonna take one first. Yeah, I’m escaping Luna I Feel like I’m In blue Okay, we need a fine the last Computer, but I am shedding out of these doors. Okay. We’re not gonna leave it open so he could come in here and troll us does anyone know where the last computer is I don’t feel so say no I Don’t feel very safe, I know I know, okay, let’s go Drago just leave Luna alone, okay? No, you are not escaping again and selling these toys for extra money in your pocket Luna, I’m sorry I couldn’t get to you and Beaver are you excited for Christmas Jack? Oh? No You just you’re just a little elf Well, I must your pony. It’s just a 1/1 computer. I gotta play with the cookie now. I cannot find it. I’m This little elf I think I found it Hello Hello, it’s me It’s not I’m not looking for you a towel go away. Go away elf elf dell drac. Oh, please elf alpha Del junco yeah, I don’t want to sing a song with you stuff. I just want to escape the facility in a very quiet manner The time limit runs out this facility’s gonna go in lockdown Well I could do this I don’t care as long as I don’t get frozen and make biggest Fitness I Have a dog What’s your point I have a reindeer oh Yeah, Jocko your bad elf you’re making me taste the cockpit, and it doesn’t taste very nice well He’s putting me away Try let’s get some milk and cookies first No You’re not Santa only Santa gets milk and cookies You’re a suck-up dracco chuckle the elf we were just trying to escape the facility to never make fidget spinners again But I guess you’re gonna. Dude. You’re the party runner. You’re the sucker you’re a party pooper. Yeah party pooper tracker I hope you like being a party pooper pooping on people huh you enjoy Christmas movies forever Something has gone terribly wrong Gold’s elf went haywire She said she’s crazy I can hear her evil. She’s crazy um She wants to trap us all she’s on dracco clauses evil side and luckily this time Drago up, so I guess you follow the mentality if you can’t beat them join them Yep, that’s right. That’s not a good mentality there. Please please let me go go. Let me go Why? Totally We brought you into our team Drago elephant now you’re letting us out, what’s wrong with in the in the candy cane skittles room It’s it’s the honey cake skittles Jail. He’s Lions left prison. It’s left No, Oh Michael Michael, mud, don’t you loon? I can’t see anything Oh Hi day, and she keeps walking five Well just you know okay, she’s gone, she’s gone. I was hiding in the washroom stall now she’s gonna come back Hey, where are you guys can you uh? Oh? Oh? I just saw you come on. Hey God yes You bitch right? Okay? She’s gone. Okay, y’all betrayed us he We are in the cafeteria where we get a good stuff like cookies and mouths and sugar Oh spaghetti candy canes and crab cakes Yeah, why do I keep going in here this prison is looping us. Let’s get out of here Drago Don’t hide in the kitchen chill. She’s gonna come you cook. You don’t let her know we’re in the kitchen. Oh hey. Hey evil Gold Yes, can you turn the lights in the prison? It’s very dark. I can’t yeah Did you not pay your bills or something the point? Yeah, so did you not pay your bills? they like shut off the electricity nah the light hurts my house I see oh So like you’re like darkness or something bomb blast computer. I am hacking Oh My gosh buddy, you know it’s okay, I left the location. She is not near bus anymore Nice oh no there I’m getting out of here when I leave. I’m gonna go get me a nice. Uh a nice hot cocoa near the fireplace I’m moving now maverick catch. I swear the gingerbread house. Yeah, yeah Yeah, okay. Let’s go let’s go Come on Think of all the wonderful things we can have we can have popcorn candy pop coin Gold Stu hey hey, why are you being so savage junkie let me talk? And I will cope with that you know, yeah, sometimes people get really okay? Just want to talk to you, I swear if I open a door you can stick me right into that freezer right away But can you let me talk I’m a talker okay, okay? Gold. Why would you like dismiss this year? Except dragging me around on the floor that Samantha Jesus asked the questions funny. I Will listen to you what toy, would you like to me to make for the UH not You want you want a hoverboard Yeah, I want you to filled hundreds and hundreds of them with vinegar wheels what’s up. I don’t Okay fine. I’ll make whatever you say okay. I’ll make a fidget spinner have a voice That’s right Yes, Oh God any last words before I leave this issue what my gosh calm down girl Calm down I know I’m not leaving yet Well we hope you guys enjoyed that roblox video I’ll free the facility if you did make sure to smash the like button down below like like that like an elf Yes, I felt like an elf Yeah, Santa’s bad now like Alf we’re trying to reach 15,000 amazing likes for more flee the facility and you guys if you are new to the channel and love this video don’t forget to Subscribe we post videos every Single day, and it’s finally here my dream cabin. I’m going home guys go back. Yeah, we have cookies We have cookies and you guys thank you so much for watching, and we will see you all in the next video bye guys


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