DOS2: Nameless Isle Sebille & The Mother Tree – Freedom from Duty – Let’s Play 51

What’s up again, guys? Yo, it’s me, your friendly neighborhood Dovahkiin and welcome back to Let’s Play Divinity: Original Sin 2. And, before we begin, be sure to hit on the Subscribe button for more great videos. Ok, in my previous episode, Sebille got her revenge against the Master, now, I’m here before The Mother Tree to present his severed Heart. Take note, as I’ve mentioned in Episode 49, to prevent things from screwing up with the appearance of Saheila later, the matter with The Shadow Prince came prior and this will actually be my 1st time to go inside the Tree. Anyway, in my previous vid, I mentioned the freedom from control that Sebille broke in that glorious moment was incomplete. Today, she will face, yet again, a new shackle, the chains of duty. And, let’s see if she’s gonna accept this impending bound fate. I accepted it ‘cause of the Rooted Talent which gives her +3 pts in Memory and was my goal all along. What could be better than that? Anyhow, let’s find out how she feels. Obviously, she ain’t really pumped about it. Not long ago, she was freed, now she’s like back to square one. WTF? Anyway, let’s exit and be surprised with, yet again, a familiar face. Saheila’s words came in at just the right time… Sebille, the one who loves her freedom above all. Which is BTW in the 1st place how the Master found her ‘cause she ran away from The Mother Tree. Anyway, in Episode 28, back in Act 2, I saved Saheila from the Lone Wolves but here it seems she had some sort of amnesia. Anyhow, a very important note, before you kill the Tree, pickpocket and/or settle all your businesses with the merchants in this area ‘cause all the NPCs here will be hostile. As per my strat, in my previous episode, I knew exactly where the enemies were hiding and just focused on revealing them as fast as can be. Here, I have that advantage as well but the problem is quantity and where the strongest ones will appear, the 3 Dryads and their summons to be exact. So, take note of Red’s position and how he’ll tank for the squad while waiting for the artillery. Again, once you go outside, everyone in this Temple will be your enemy but you can simply Waypoint your ass outta here. In my case however, my next episode is gonna start here as I pummel my way out in combat. What can I say? I love Kill Exp above all. Anyway, Sebille has chosen and now her freedom is complete. The old Mother and the Master signified control and becoming the new Mother symbolized duty both of which the Shackles she must Break in the end… hence, we come full circle, the name of her unique Innate skill is her story. And, that’s all there is for now. Thanks for watching! Also, check out other videos from Sabbath Clan Philippines and Subscribe. See ya on my next vid! Peace out…

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