Double Your Money In Real Estate Every 5 Years

Albert Einstein said that the greatest
financial innovation of our time is compound interest. It’s the most powerful
thing that you can have working towards your benefit. Problem is, most of us are
not really leveraging compound interest in any kind of significant way. Which is
why today as a real estate investor having done thousands of deals, I would
like to share with you what you can do to double your money
every 5 years. Check this out. How do you double your money every 5
years and why would you even want to be able to do that? You know, right now when
you think about society we’re told to do certain things with their money. We want
to be safe and we want to be secure and so we’ve really been habituated to put
our money in savings and 401k’s and IRA’s and really not think about it. And also
have it not necessarily give us anything. When the market goes down, we fret and
when the market goes up, we get excited. But it doesn’t even matter because we’re
just leaving it in the market. Just understand this. S&P average is
under 10%. That’s the S&P500 or if you take a look
at 401k’s and IRA’s, the amount of time it will take them to double your investment,
you don’t even want to know how many years it is. If you really want to
realistically have a successful life and have more opportunities and not have to
wait till you’re late into your 70’s and 80’s, you’ve got to find a way to have
more success quicker but safer. And the way that I do that is by honing in on
investments that for me, averaged a minimum of 25% a year. Now why 25%? Well, because if I make 25% this year and 25% next
year and 25% the year after and 25 percent of year after, I’ve made 25% 4 times and 25 x 4 is 100 %. And if I throw a 5th year
in there of 25 percent, I’ve now made a 125% and then if I
sell off that asset and eliminate one of those years, I still have a 100%
percent of my money left over to now do something with. I double my money every
5 years through real estate investment. As opposed to 401k’s and IRA’s
that aren’t going to double in… Use the rule of 72. It’s going to take forever.
It’s not enough to be contributing to typical retirement and have it take 20
or 30 years to double. How do I double my money every 5 years? It’s the power of
compound interest and my friends that’s the power real estate. I’ve invested in
golden or companies and trucking companies and different stocks and all
sorts of different things that you can possibly imagine. And at the end of the
day where I put 80% of my money. It’s always 100% back in the game of
real estate. The other 20%, I put in business and outside of that, it’s all
real estate. Those 2 things are really where I
continue to dynamically grow my wealth and I want to share with you why. Let’s
assume for a moment that all you could do is buy a single home.
You buy one home and in 5 years it doubles. So it becomes what? 2 homes. Now
by the way 2 homes is twice the cash flow, twice the tax benefits but you
didn’t have to put in twice the money because the interest that it produced
was enabled you’d buy the second home. 5 more years from now, 2 homes
become 4. Now by the way, now you’ve quadrupled your investment. If you were
earning 25% on one and 50% on 2, you’re now earning like the equivalent of a
100% a year on 4. How cool is that? But then you go from 4 homes
to 8 homes and now you’ve doubled it again and you’re doing 200%. And then you
move from 8 homes to 16 homes, you’ve doubled it again and then from 16 to 32.
We just blasted through 30 years of life. But I want to show you a couple of
things. Number 1, starting with the power of a single home. In time, can
produce an amazing livelihood for you. In fact, real estate, it’s inevitable that
every one of us can become financially free, rich and wealthy through the game
of real estate. The question is how long is it going to take you? Starting with
just one home in 30 years can give you a multi-million dollar net worth. But
you’re not going to take it out. You’re going to live off of the residuals. You’re
going to keep getting the tax benefits and the next year 32 homes becomes 64 and
then 64 become 128. Before you know it, you’re passing on to the next generation
insane levels of wealth. You know because I’ve been in real estate for 15 years,
I’ve had a chance to meet some wealthy families that have been in the game for
40, 50, 60 years and here’s what’s interesting. If they were aggressive in
their first few years, it meant 50 years later, one of these families – billionaire.
Donald Trump, bankrupt 6,7,8 times – billionaire. Always right back
again because he knows how to do it. Real estate is this game that you’re never
going to come out of because the cash flow keeps getting bigger and bigger. If it
works you’re going to keep it and that’s where you have these massive family
conglomerates that pass things on. Make the decision right now that even if
you’re starting with nothing that you will find a way to buy a home that is a
great investment and that you’ll find a way to multiply it with ROI’s at
least 20 or 25%. So they’re every 5 years,
you are doubling your money. You may not be rich in 10 years. But if you give
enough decades, you’re going to pass tremendous wealth on to the next
generation and you can still be a participant in that. Now, I get it. Some of
you’re like, “But Kris, I don’t want a 20 or 30 year game plan. I want to be
wealthy now.” I hear you and to you I say this. If you start buying a home and it
becomes two and you develop a track record. And it’s working then the only
thing keeping you from getting more homes is introducing the idea of your
success to other people. They can say, “Can I throw the money in and will partner up
and do more of what’s been working for you?”
Tada, this is entrepreneurship 101 and this is how people crush it all day long
in the game of real estate. At the end of the day even though I sometimes frown on
the idea of a thirty-year game plan, the reality is is that people everywhere
would kill to have millions of dollars or even one or two million dollars at
the point of retirement which could easily be done if you just get started
early enough in the game of real estate. Make your focus right now getting that
very next house and then make sure you buy it with proper ROI so that it can
double every 5 years. And if you do that my friend and then you’re going to get
yourself somewhere in life that eventually you’re going to look back and
smile and say, “I’m so glad that I did that.” If you want to get there faster
though or if you want more aggressive techniques or if you want to know how to
turn a thirty-year plan into a five-year plan, click the link below. Talk to a
member of my team and say, “Alright, I watched his video, I know I need to turn
1 home to 2 , into 4, into 8, into 16, into 32 to 64. Wow Chris is good at
doubling numbers and we want to know at the end of the day how to turn that into
super huge success. The retirement the financial future of your dreams and
there’s ways that you can go way faster with that. So my team will break that
down for you. Thank you for watching. Make sure that you are a subscriber because
every day a video like this is coming out and don’t think for just one moment
that all I’m doing is creating videos about how to make money in real estate
because every single day I buy a piece of property in real estate and my net
worth grows just like yours can too. Take care of see you tomorrow.

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