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hey guys my name is Justin and your friend is sending you this video because they thought that you may or may not have some interest in the project that we’ve been working on for the last little while it’s been an absolute game changer see the way that we run our lives today is very different from how we have in past decades the way that business is marked in their products different as well we’re going through a social and economic change and it’s happening right now and the way to advance your business is simply through word-of-mouth advertising think about it how do we hear about Facebook how do we hear about Netflix Snapchat Twitter Instagram uber how do we hear about this we heard it from our friends and see since the emergence of modern technology smartphone apps and social media in particular people want to know what their friends are into and these disruptive services they’re spreading into multiple different areas of our life and giving us real opportunity to participate on a part-time basis and give ourselves freedom and flexibility to work where we want when we want and how we want to and people are flocking to this particular opportunity because it’s so innovative listen to this the former vice president of Microsoft the gentleman that launched the Xbox his next project is the one that we’re working on right now just like Netflix knocked out blockbuster and just like Instagram knocked out codecs and just like uber has taken on a taxi industry right now we have an app that is revolutionising the legal industry let me ask have you ever been hasseld buy a landlord or given the runaround whenever you’re trying to cancel a subscription or maybe had a problem with a product warranty or even has gotten a speeding ticket well we have an app for that and if you do something as simple as you share it with people you think might have a need or one point and let’s be real everybody needs this because it puts the law firm to the palm of your hand then you get paid so imagine it every time you refered somebody to download uber you got paid per download well you actually do except you just get paid in free ride credit but imagine if you got paid next day depending on where you were in the company between 69 and two hundred eighty dollars and as long as they keep the app and continuing to the membership you continue to get paid period they keep it for 10 years or 20 years you continue to get paid based off the original work that you do they could have only taken 20 30 minutes over a cup of coffee listen this is a revolutionary opportunity than my generation the Millennials frankly are just flocking too because the rate of underemployment and unemployment amongst college graduates is astronomical the amount of student loan debt is unbelievable and this gives us the ability to run our business through the palm of our hand and like i said earlier have freedom and flexibility to work how we want where we want to whan we want to with whoever we want to and win a life of adventure if that’s something that interests you get back to the person who invited you and get your questions answered I know the first time I heard about this I had questions but whenever I ask them to the right person I realized that the more you look into this the sweeter that it gets and for me guys frankly it’s absolutely changed my life I have the ability to live life on my own terms and that’s my wish for all of you so take a serious look at this and if it’s for you phenomenal welcome to the team we’re all ready to help you be successful and if not no big deal no worries thanks so much your time and consideration have phenomenal day

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