Dr. Jill Biden On Ensuring Veterans’ Success | Smarter Faster | JPMorgan Chase & Co.

As a military grandmother and a military
mom, you have to be aware of the children and really what they’re going
through because it’s tough for them to have a parent who’s deployed. And it’s on their mind every day. This is Dr. Jill Biden, former Second
Lady of the United States, military mom, and a member of the Military and
Veterans Affairs External Advisory Council at JPMorgan Chase. She is helping to support military
families, aiding veterans’ transition back into civilian life after deployment. Their wealth of experiences – being deployed,
going to different bases every couple of years, moving their families, so
they’re used to being flexible. They’re resilient. Veterans’ unique experience and tremendous
sacrifices give them an incredible foundation for success after the military, but
they often face significant challenges as they transition back to civilian life. Veterans have so many different skills, and
we’re helping them to translate the skills that they use in the military into
skills that they will use in business, or whatever field they decide to go into. To help turn those skills into lasting jobs, JPMorgan Chase co-founded the Veteran
Jobs Mission, which has helped place more than 400,000 veterans and veteran
spouses in hundreds of companies. JPMorgan Chase also makes an effort to
promote veteran-owned small businesses and supports the Institute for
Veterans and Military Families, helping veterans to start
their own successful companies. And they take a hands-on approach. One thing that JPMorgan Chase
does is that they mentor. That’s one of the pillars of their program. They mentor veterans and help them to get
into jobs and transition to civilian life. And they’ve done so much for our veterans
and I hope other companies follow suit.

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