Dr. Phil Reveals the Secret to a Full and Contented Life | SuperSoul Conversations | OWN

DR. PHIL: Most people, if
they're not really fulfilled– if they're not satisfied–
if they don't have that good tired at the end
of the day where they go, man that was a good day, it's
because they haven't figured out what their passion is. What their currency is, and
they're not working on that. If you aren't doing something
you're passionate about, you need to stop
what you're doing and find out what
that is and do that. Because this is not
a dress rehearsal. Man, I mean, this is finite.

12 thoughts on “Dr. Phil Reveals the Secret to a Full and Contented Life | SuperSoul Conversations | OWN

  • Oprah – he can't just stop with the discourse on figuring out one's passion… he needs to answer 'how' should people go about figuring that out.. working with students I have found that to be a really tough process for many. But not just for college students and grads, older adults stuck in corporate jobs can also come to a cross road in their life and don't always know how to think/feel through which way to turn. Give them tools!

  • I watched this show and I loved it so much. You and dr. Phil have been my teachers for 15 years. I was curious since you interviewed Tony Robbins, if Tony Robbins and dr. Phil have ever met or will meet and do some kind of interview. They seem like they have a lot of the same thoughts and ideas but go about it differently. So I wonder if they would mesh well together.?

  • Love it! Thank you so much for creating! Will share with as many others as possible!

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  • Contented life? it’s CONTENT LIFE .. contentment does not become contended LOL who the hell on Oprah’s team is getting something so basic wrong lol

  • Want to know the secret to a full and contented life? Have Oprah put her full power and clout behind your show. Have it be perfectly okay to name your show Dr. Phil and then claim you're not practicing medicine on national television. Mystery solved.

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  • I learnt years ago that everyone needs a passion related anchor. You can't always have a dream job but if you have the passion to even out the negative it can make all the difference.

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