Dr Sukhpreet Singh Udhoke Tabhe Roos Jageo Exposing RSS – With English Subtitles

I am Dr Sukhpreet Singh Udhoke from Punjab (India) I have come here to preach a few matters Among the Sikh congregation That in Punjab (India) In some period of time the killings of Sikhs (1984) And after that Other killings which took place How these matters were addressed by the Government of India and By various Hindu groups In an unrighteous way That the idea the Sikh religion Is a separate and distinct religion be removed In many different ways from these people Force is being applied that Sikh’s aren’t a distinct religion But are a sect of Hinduism From them.. Various forms of mediums are being utilised Such as writings (articles, books) In Schooling system (of India) Where Gurbani and preaching Of Sikh principles are Preached Preaching in many forms Upon the history of the Sikh Gurus Sikh tennants are there distorted Of the Sikh religion all of it’s great Generals
(warriors) Who spilt their blood (became martyred) Who established Khalsa (Sikh) Rule Today those great Warriors There created rule is being called a Hindu Rule Likewise In uncountable forms Sikh Teachings and Gurbani are being manipulated In the roads of the City of Delhi what happened to us (Sikhs) You have witnessed this from eye witnesses But what is happening now Within 20 Years So that is a matter which is even more hateful Even the genocide of the Sikhs (1984) Of the Sikh religion’s huge genocide (action) which has started It is so hate filled What I will present will make your soul tremble That how has Sikh history and the teachings of Sikhi Are being eradicated To the point the government of India wish to
remove the distinction of the Sikh faith. And it be proclaimed the Sikh
religion is not a distinct religion But Sikhi is a sect of Hinduism Who were merely created for a short
time for the protection of Hinduism However, today Hinduism requires no protection since
Hindus form their own government in ruling India And now for Sikhs should leave their own distinct ways, Leave their path And should collectively accept that
they are just a sect of Hinduism Institute ‘GURSIKH’ Global United Research & Service
Institution of Knowledge for Humanity Who have in the last decade Who are working on the subject of how Sikh history
is being eradicated on an intellectual level From that the beloved Sikhs of the Guru With you all I will share a painful, insolvable matter On the day the Lord King Guru Nanak Dev ji At the age of 9 refused to wear the Janeou (Hindu sacred thread) It was understood by them then that this religion will finish the blind rituals
of the Brahmin (hindu preist) From that day on they: became the enemies of the house of Guru Nanak then after that Our first battle occurred where Khalsa college is now in amritsar on a battlfield The fight started due to one falcon And the mughal government had understood That guru’s falcon That Guru’s royal falcon which has defeated the mughal empire’s falcon That the loss of the falcon today will turn into the loss of the empire (crown) some day The great Lord King Guru sent a message to the mughal’s Falcon, Crown(empire) He (god) shall take it all. Because the behaviour of a falcon is very similar to that of Sikhs From Sikh History Our relationship with the falcon is very deep Because a Falcon will never eat a dead corpse In flight both are in the same atmosphere but the
world of a vulture is different to that of a (royal) falcon’s A falcon will never eat a dead corpse A falcon will never enter a cage A crow sustains itself from it’s donor(corpse food) shahi (falcon) ke lai zilat (humilation) hai kare aishi bande(i)
For the Falcon it is it’s humilation A falcon is never placed in a cage And when the uplfight of a falcon appears in the youth
of someone belonging to the Kaum (Race/Religion) aukabi ru jab madar hote hai nawjawani mai He can see his goal from the skies Nahin tera besara (nay is your home), kasaara sultani te gaumband paer tu shahi hai (are a falcon) tu basera kar pahara ki (live of mountains) chakauna paer
Your home is not on the King’s falcon stand, but your home is on the clifs and edges of mountains Hence, of the religion of which take on the form of a falcon are never anyones slaves They do not become a superficial part of a cage They don’t go downwards They go upwards (towards mountains) That tday the Guru Bestowed upon Khalsa (Sikh
brother hood) Khanda Da Pahul From the world it was a different thing The Lord King Guru Giving our heads we got benedictions We gave the price for amrit Upon it is seen differently that the Guru takes
5 Singhs gives them amrit and makes them Singhs And then from them he asks to be bestowed by the grace of amrit This is a different story in the world. Out of
the worlds religions such a thing isn’t recorded Out of all of the world’s religions
and histories you may go and read If someone is a disciple Then they have remained a disciple If someone is a Guru They have remained a Guru It is one of the highest things that in the house of Guru Nanak,
in the tenth form has graced us with Amrit (khanda da Pahul) And those pracitising sikhs are called the Guru Panth
(Congregational-Guru) and he himself takes amrit from them And the lord king Guru proclaimed loudly Moi benti panchan agai
My humbl request before you five is hum sewak tum satguru laiga
I am a servant and you are the true Guru jiv tum syar singh bahiya hai amrit shak ki tyar hoi hai
as you have been given amrit, transformed into singhs and prepared tin mang das paer kirpa ki ji
Bestow upon this slave this grace khair pavaen ki das dejiii
Bestow upon this slave this Daya Singh just like you have taken amrit and from Daya Ram,
have become Daya Singh; today please give the grace of amrit And my Gurudev, King’s Resolve having been
witnessed, Daya Singh replies O’lord King to become a Singh is very hard O’lord King to become a Singh is very hard We became singhs having given (cut) our head First you took our head then you gave us the holy water We will give you amrit What will you give in exchange The fee for the price of taking is
bring before us your head on a platter O’ Lord king if you want to walk on this path then you
will have to donate the heads of your family to us The guru donated to us the heads of his whole family And he didn’t bow before anyone else Those heads that he himself donated to take the grace of amrit The head was never bowed before any government official That head never bowed before anyone A price was put on those heads In that time When one sikh’s head was priced at 40 moraa (unit of currency) And the honour (women folk) of India
are sold in the markets of Ghazni for pences (takas) But the price of the head
of Sikh increases then Because that head was already donated to the Guru And those brave ones of the Guru Struggled through on every battle field And for this country (India) And for respect and honour of this religion They kept sacrificing their lives (Becoming martyrs) The country was made independent After the martyrdom and sacrifices of many That comfort that people of India have after indepdence For this indepedent comfort Sikhs had their bones cooked
as if they were fire wood But after that Those who freed the land, made it
independent. Upon those brave ones Where in India genocide took place (of Sikh) There in 1925 This human created a group,
whose name is Dr Headgawar And the groups name was called R.S.S The group was formed in 1925 on the
day of Dushera (Hindu festival) Uptill now Fifth Head/President is K. S. Sudarshan (1931-2012) And from this group Hindu youth camps are setup 3 day elementary camp And after that 30 day
orientation training camp And then 90 day advanced training camp And you will be suprised Out of all of the Gursikh (practising
Sikhs) that have gathered here together For us to get together Or just to send a message
for this took many days But youth belonging to that institute out of India’s 39,301 regions they join daily 39,301 programs are held Where sitting these people
preach their religion Even in punjab In 775 places In U.P 9000 of their programs occur Of that institute this image you can
see is of the second head/leader And the number of branches they have is And I have given chronically to you In which state How many of their branches are open How big is their membership And after that to distort and change
history what scheme they have hatched Sikhs Christians Indian Muslims And the history of other minorities How is it being eliminated How is it being defamed Because their aim in Hindustan
(India) is for Hindu (religion), Hindi (Language) and Hindustan
(Land of the Hindus) Within their martial art training centre the youth of Shiv Senna and Bajrang Dal Are being taught how to use weapons That Khalsa (Sikh brotherhood) of the Guru Of which the great guru said: When you come to see me come with long hair and with weapons He today is without weapons In his hands Are the best bottles of
liquour but not weapons But those people whose honour was
sold in the markets of Ghazni Those people are today taking shastar
vidya (learning to use weapons) And our Daughters and Sisters who are
the descendents of Mai Bhago Solely Are entangled in their world
of materialism and fashion. But those people, whose honour was sold in markets They are training their daughter
under an institute named Durga Vai Let us preach What did the Guru make us today what are we now and those who have no religion/righteous-path who have no religious philosophy Who up to the point don’t have any definition of
religion, who have no meaning of any religion Today those people are enrolling into a discipline They are calling regions of India And for this country those who gave 90% of
the sacrifices (for independence of India) And those who spilt their blood,
the khalsa (Sikh brotherhood) Today like homeless people, is living such a life Which you previously Our condition which you have seen in the previous film these are those armies retired officers Whose institute is called Poorav Senyak Sewak Prishad They are all senior officers Mostly retired from the army and police And they who belong to racist groups,
they train youths on how to use weapons And they train their young children
how to use canes/batons (Lathis) Today from our own homes Perhaps we may not have batons/canes Today our bodies aren’t armed with weapons Today we do not wish to give our children
knowledge of Gatka (Sikh martial arts) But those; It is a very suprising matter that when the great
Guru bestowed the Khalsa initiation (Khanda da Pahul) They are those people That said this and ran away. That O’ Lord King Our occupation is of the weighing scale (merchants) We have never held a unsheathed sword/dagger A sparrow that flies scares me,
How shall I fight the Mughals. O Lord King we can’t even hold a dagger Today in those people’s hands are baton’s/canes In their hands are Kirpans (daggers/swords) Today, in their hands are weapons And you are the beloved Guru’s
Khalsa (pure ones/brotherhood) Those who the Guru once called upon I will one by one by my sword I will leave your heart having cut open your chest Firstly the world bowed before fate,
Now fate will bow before my sword That Guru which bestowed upon you the sword Now we have forgotten him And the reason is that today in Punjab This image you can see now That today upon the walls of Amritsar are being written: That if any other
kaum (race/religion) is to remain then they must become hindu to remain Because this is the government of Hindustan (Land of the Hindus) – India After leaving your religion’s path can you only breath And they are those people From Bajrang Dal those Bahiyas (Bihari Brothers), those in the apperance of
Sikhs are being trained in the handling of weapons (Shastar Vidya-Martial arts) They are two types of people Either those who don’t know their religion low standard Sikhs who are members of those institutions They are the comestic make up of those groups Or those from Bihar (Bahiyas- Bihari Brothers) Who in the apperance of Sikhs In those camps take training to use weapons from these institutions And we think And the penalty for this we only recieved when At the time these rioters destroyed Babari Mosque Because many Sikh youths were
trained to destroy Babari Mosque And what happened muslim brothers out of bursts of anger where they
attacked Mandirs (hindu temples) they also attacked
Gurdwaras (Sikh temples) Because before them it was shown that Sikhs are equally to blame
for destroying Babari Mosque Yet, the Sikh is not to harm the sentiments, the
thoughts or the places of worship of other religions But Sikhs that puritanical, racist, bigoted face From these institutions Event has been brought upon the map of the world that action you have seen The dishonour of Harmander Sahib and Akal takht After that In Delhi our genocide, the genocide of the Sikhs (1984) Our daughters and sisters rape in Delhi (1984) Very, very small children were grabbed and killed Around the necks of senior citizens were placed tyres and set on fire. And the government of India just watched When such ideological attacks had taken place In that time, in 1986 Those of the way of the Brahmin (hindu) From puritanicals For Sikhs an institute was created which
was called Rashtriya Sikh Sangat In that time the president of that organization was Shamsher Singh And their next president was Chiranjiv Singh whose image you can see now He has has been a preacher of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh And throughout his whole life has
preached the teachings of Hinduism having been influenced by this Many families from the cities and villages of Punjab are joining this institution Perhaps the the blame is ours That the people of the world those who have no definition of Righteousness/Religion Those who have no sacrifices and no history
filled with blood spilt in sacrifice They try to light the world with very, very small candles But the great Lord King Guru’s created Khalsa (Sikh
brotherhood) who have the great sun (enlightened) of wisdom from Guru Nanak Today in their house is darkness (spirtual darkness) Today the world is waiting for the teachings of Guru Nanak But we, The great Lord King Guru’s Teaching of wellfare of humanity. Haven’t
been able to spread that message to people. Around the time The Sikh Religion Celebrated 300 years of the formation of Khalsa (Sikh brotherhood) In that time cartoon’s of that
group in the apperance of Sikhs Reached Anandpur, Punjab Around that time from them Rashtriya Sewarag Janti Sangh Samagam
(event/function) was done in Ludhiana, Punjab Within which after the worship of the Goddess, Gurcharan Singh
Tohra (1999) removed a curtain away from the image on the goddess And with great shame I have to say, that the president of the SGPC
(Tohra) said: that I desire I wear shorts [RSS uniform] (knickers). I have in my possession the recording of this This is our leadership Who would sit on stages with those people Who are refusing to accept Sikhs as a separate religion These people those ritualistic founders They are those Greet those puritanical, racist groups And looking at them I remember a few lines by Khasad (sahib) Going into the presence of the
Guru he narrated a said story The one who bestowed the nectar of
living with pride (self-esteem) Your Sardars (Sikhs/Lords) have sold their own Sardari’s (Lordship/religion) Your innocent children’s blood having been spilt and
acknowledged, this group of servants demands posts of leadership (Jathedari/Pope type/religious head) Is of the disciple of these Sikhs truly Guru Gobind Singh?
(Reference to Khalsa Mahima and Bhai Gurdas Singh Vaar 41) Today those who do not have self-respect/pride, who
do not have honour, who do not have conscience Today I do not see any Nalwa’s biceps
flexing or Ranjit Singh’s bright sword You who have sacrificed your beloved sons Having done much treachery to the kaum (religion/race) How can we complain to our enemies , O King of Kings your
Sardars (Sikhs) have sacrificed their Sardari (religion) Looking at them these matters are remembered When they sit and do Havans (Hindu fire worship) When the Guru had said to them That the Guru of the Sikhs is Shabad Guru (Guru Granth Sahib) When the Guru has said Recognise my form within the Granth (Guru Granth Sahib)
do not see any difference me and the Guru Granth Sahib When the Guru had said: Sab sikhan kō hukam hai gurū mānyō granth
“All Sikhs are commanded to take the Granth as Guru” But these Sikhs in religious robes But with the religion they do this On one side they do Havan’s (Hindu fire worship) And on the other side these people call themselves the
members of Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) Recite the Ramayan in prayers Their betrayal to the religion On the land of Punjab, wall to wall
this leaflet was stuck upon them To eliminate other religions in Hindustan (India) the of youth the Bajrang Dal
should take up the trishul (dagger – trident like dagger or trident headed spear) This is stuck on the walls of Punjab, India Beloved Sikhs of the Guru, The next
matter I am about to talk about I will present to you the matter of Diwan Todar Mal
which shows Sikhs recognise the events of history (his respects paid to the Sikh religion) There is a teaching in the Sikh religion: bahari poora kirt karn mande
madee: Those who don’t recognise the good other people they are bad Sikhs don’t forget the favours done upon them Those Hindus from ancient times till modern times
have joined us and helped us through our struggles We are not against them We are not their enemies Our ideological battle is with them Who today want to destroy the distinction of
the Khalsa panth (Sikh-brotherhood/Sikhi) Of Rashtriya Sikh Sangat which was formed in 1986 From them During their monthly meetings Putting down idols of Ram Chander and Guru Gobind Singh some invocations/prayers are said Vande Mataram (Indian patriotic song) is sang And after that And out of India’s mythology some extracts are explained And from them Previous, for some time back;
to destroy Sikh history the policies they have created Now I will with share them with you This book you can see It was published by them Which book is called ‘Guru nanak se, Guru Gobind
Sing’ – From Guru Nanak till Guru Gobind Singh In this book there are many mistakes But the first error I will bring to your attention Which is the Lord Guru Nanak wore a Janeou (Hindu Holy thread) images have also been published In which Guru Nanak’s beard has been cropped On his forehead he wore the tilak (Hindu powder/paste applied on forehead) On his head he is wearing a hat (not turban) And around his neck he wore a Janeou (Hindu sacred thread) That Guru Nanak Dev Ji Who At the age of 9 said to pandit haridayal I am not refusing to wear the janeou But I want that janeou which is made up
of which it’s cotton be made of mercy It’s thread of contentment continence its knot, truth its twist If you have such a Janeou then I am ready to wear that Everyday we read in Asa Di Vaar dhaeiaa kupaah sunthokh sooth juth guntee suth vutt
Make compassion the cotton, contentment the thread, modesty the knot and truth the twist eaehu junaeoo jeea kaa hee th paaddae ghuth
This is the sacred thread of the soul if you have it, then go ahead and put it on me. – Asa di vaar Andm This image which you can see now At the age of 18 Where the great Lord King Guru Refused to get married in the hindu ritualistic way around the
fire (vedic way). All of our historical sources tell us this. But such images are being published by institutes who hate the Sikh religion In which Guru Nanak’s marriage Is being written to have happened in the hindu ritualistic way And around it, it is written: Ik onkar satnaam karta purkh and Satnaam sri waheguru
‘There is one god, his name is true, Creative Being Personified’ and ‘His name is true, praise to God’ Because that Guru At the age of 9 Refused to wear the Janeou (Hindu sacred thread) That was a great wound upon the ways of the Brahmin That Guru at the age of 18 In between 1486/1487 Rejected to get married in this way of the brahmin,
ritualistic, hindu marriage ritual around a fire And those of the ritualistic way think that the
way to break the boundaries of the house of Nanak Out of the civilisation of India Will eliminate me In 1999 when Sikhs were celebrating 300 years of the creation of the khalsa Of that time a man from Jalandhar named Surinder Soi
who was connected to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh He published a book named Roohani In which the article was named Vedas man nai vuktom In this article He tried to say Gurbani is not a revelation Gurbani is a guide (commentary) to the Vedas And the language used was defaming This writer Gurbani is a smaller insight into the vedas But upon this matter Before diving into this matter further, it
is essential to know abit about the Vedas Because of the preaching of these people It is with great pain that I have to say That of our Sikh religion, our preachers
themselves say Gurbani (Sikh scripture) is from the Vedas (Oldest Known Hindu scripture) Either these people have not read Gurbani (Sikh scriptures) Or these people haven’t read the Vedas (Oldest known Hindu Scriptures) There are 4 Vedas; The first Veda is called Rig Ved(a) The meaning of Rig is ‘to praise’ In this Rig Ved(a) Many deities (gods/goddesses) are recorded
and ways to worship them are recorded And these deities are: Brahma Vishnu And Shiv[a] Brahm Vaivarta Puran Shrimad Bhagwat [SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM (Bhagavata Purana); the story of Krishna] And in many other countless Granths (manuscripts) The character of these deities is told to be.. I do not wish to go into too much details In the city of Kalad Roughly about at least 5,000 Pathans (Afghans)
were beaten up by Sikhs- you can ask them Out of all of creation he sees Sikh as dogs With these Sikhs, they hate At the end he writes two lines Se[a]g a roh, madae Se[a]g – Seg means
dog in persian [being punned with Sikh] Se[a]g a roh, magoae Se[a]g Ke Hastham de sher He says I have seen them as dogs But know the truth, they are Lions Out of humans you are a lion And on the battle field They are even more braver then Lions But he says be warned Do you know what the reason
is behind their bravery? He said the reason behind their bravery is.
Their moral character is very high. On the battle field when they leave on their horse backs If before them a girl of young age comes infront of them,
of the same age or a senior person comes infront them They will call them mother or sister they do not see others in a perverted,
incorrect way, or in a bad light This matter is separate That todays youth will see a senior citizen walking,
they will say o’ look at them walking on the streets This is our moral character today And sometimes we We would spill our blood for non-believers/those who weren’t of our group The second Ved(a) It is called Sam(a) Ved(a) Within Sam(a) Ved(a) (blind) rituals is mentioned Magic spells is mentioned Apart from that Sharad ritual is mentioned (funeral of
father, feeding a priest – hindu ritual) Lord King Guru Nanak in the time of having established his first preacher went to Lahore He found a Seth (rich man) named Dhuni Chand Is doing his fathers Sharad (post-funeral hindu ritual) We also do our own sharad. But we
blame brahmins for this matter indeed But we do it in admik form the Sharad At that time Guru Nanak, went to Dhuni Chand and asked him what are you doing?
He said he is doing his father’s Sharad (post-funeral hindu ritual) The meaning of Sharad is actions done with
devoution (Sharda=devotion, Karam=action) There are 4 types of sharad; Nitai Sharad, Parvan
Sharad, Mahaelau Sharad and kushiya Sharad He says he needs to do his father’s sharad and
Guru Nanak asks why are you doing his sharad? He says because his ancestors are hungry in
Ancestoral World, afterlife (Pitar-Lok) And whatever I donate to the Pandit (Hindu Priest) All of that will reach my ancestors And then Guru Nanak said: Dhuni Chand; Accept that if a theif’s father has died Everything in the house of that theif is stolen His utensils are stolen, clothes are
stolen, bread and butter are stolen Pandit ji, if these people supplies such
items from this life to the after life The thieves ancestors are
sitting in the after life And whose items which were stolen, also have
ancestors sitting in the after life aswell And if they recognise their own
belongings above in the after life, then.. jae mohaakaa ghar muhai ghar muhi pitharee dhaee
The thief robs a house, and offers the stolen goods to his ancestors – SGGS 472 agai vasath sinjaaneeai pitharee chor karaee
In the world hereafter, this is recognized, and his ancestors are considered thieves as well.- SGGS 472 He says who is to blame pandit ji? vateeahi hath dhalaal kae musafee eaeh karaee
The hands of the go-between are cut off; this is the Lord’s justice. -SGGS 472 Because Pandit are supplying stolen
goods from this world to the after life vateeahi hath dhalaal kae musafee eaeh karaee
The hands of the go-between are cut off; this is the Lord’s justice. -SGGS 472 naanak agai so milai j khattae ghaalae dhaee
O Nanak, in the world hereafter, that alone is received, which one gives to the needy from his own earnings and labor – SGGS 472 When I speak of Sharad then I remember a small story/song Somone wrote in a humourous way That a Jatt’s father died In his was no money to do a Sharad The poor Jatt must be asleep,
his crop hasn’t ripened yet A pandit comes to his house and asks why
haven’t you done your father’s Sharad? He says I don’t have money The pandit says a Sharad must be done The pandit says he can do a small
Sharad and take less money instead The Jatt asks Pandit Ji, How
much money will the sharad cost? The Pandit says it will cost Rs.250 [Indian
Rupees] if you wish to do your fathers Sharad The Jatt says I have very little money.
The Pandit says we can do a smaller harad. The Pandit asks the Jatt how much money do you have?
The Jatt says he only has Rs. 10-12 [Indian Rupees] He says in that amount a Sharad can’t be done We will do a Sharadi We will make it even more smaller. So the Pandit has gone to the Jatt’s house He has placed down a very good bed
spread on the bed and sat ontop of it. The poor Jatt had sent off for good food to be prepared Then the Pandit said I am about to give you the
Mahamukhti Mantar (the great salvation invocation/chant) He said very well Pandit Ji, please give me the
Mahamukhti Mantar (the great salvation invocation/chant) He said what I will say That you must repeat whatever
I say after I have said it. The pandit then says Akh Ohm (Say God) Following, the Jatt also
says Akh Ohm (Say God) The pandit said to the jatt you
are not to say it like that You are only just to say Ohm (God) The Jatt says: “you are not to say it like that” You are only just to say Ohm (God) Then the pandit says: O’ Friend you are very foolish, you are not
understanding what I am trying to tell you Following the Jatt says: “You are very foolish, you are not
understanding what I am trying to tell you” The pandit ask O’Friend have you become crazy?
The Jatt says “have you become crazy?” The Pandit gets angry The Pandit slaps the Jatt once. Following the Jatt slaps the
pandit twice, thinking this must be a part of the Sharad ritual Then some slaps would fall on the Pandit Then some slaps would fall on the Jatt Then some slaps would fall on the Pandit. Then
some slaps would fall on the Jatt. Vice-versa When the pandit was about to run out of
breath, the pandit said enough, stop. The Jatt asked is the Sharad ritual complete now? The pandit say be thankful it was
only a sharadi (small sharad ritual) Had it been a full Sharad, then who knows
what would be of my state of health after So Gurmat (Sikh teachings)
have prohibited these things Jīvaṯ piṯar na mānai ko▫ū
He does not honor his ancestors while they are alive, SGGS 332 mū▫eʼn sirāḏẖ karāhī.
but he holds feasts in their honor after they have died. SGGS 332 We are speaking of the 3rd Ved(a) Yajur Ved(a) In that giving sacrifices is spoken about But Gurmat (Sikhi) has prohibited this If we read the scriptures of the Hindu religion In those there are countless examples of
various types of sacrificial offerings (Bali) Those people who today Call the Cow their Mother (Goddess) Within the Ved their is a form of sacrficial meat of Cow Meat
(Beef) itself [even though the cow is thought to be sacred in Hinduism] We can find also recorded their how to give Bali
(sacrifice) of a Camel (Camel sacrifical meat) We can find also recorded their how to give Bali
(sacrifice) of a Rhino (Rhinoceros sacrifical meat) To the point we can find also recorded their how to give Bali
(sacrifice) of a Human (Human sacrifice/cannibalism) Naermek Jag/Yag/Yagna/Yajna this is called Bhagat Kabir Ji has said something
very beautiful about this matter He says O’Pandit Ji jeea badhahu s dharam kar thaapahu.
You kill living beings, and call it a righteous action. SGGS 1103 You consider killing living beings a part of your religion? adharam kehahu kath bhaaee
Tell me, brother, what would you call an unrighteous action? SGGS 1103 aapas ko munivar kar thaapahu
You call yourself the most excellent sage; SGGS 1103 You consider yourself a munivar… ..a muni, a rishi, a sage, a seer, a monk, a saint? kaa ko kehahu kasaaee
then who would you call a butcher? SGGS 1103 If you are a Bhagat (devotee)
then who is the Butcher? Gurmat (Sikhi) has prohibited
these types of things. Then there is the 4th Ved(a).
Called the Athra Ved(a) Among us all sitting Upon all of our minds is the effect of the atharva ved(a) Guru Nanak said: “Kal mėh beḏ atharbaṇ hū▫ā”
In the Dark Age of Kali Yuga, the Atharva Veda became prominent; SGGS 47 Today all the adverts we see in the newspapers of magic, spells, exorcisms,
charms, enchantments is all due to the grace of the Athra Ved(a) I went to Calgary (Canada) It is a very suprising matter. Even there sisters claim they have been possessed by demons and ghosts. And I say O’ Sisters I don’t know when it came to us it was very difficult to get our visas
to come to Canada, How are these ghosts getting their visas for Canada? Ghosts from India are comming to Canada and are possessing people. It is indeed a very surprising matter. Ghosts from India are comming to Canada And are possessing people. Why? Because, perhaps.. We have attached ourselves to
the preachings of those matters This idea has caused alot of harm to India aswell Around the time Of 710 and invader by the name Muhammad Bin Qasm came and invaded India Around that time The Pandits of India said there is no need to fight We will read such spells from the Ved(a)s
that their entire army will go blind No army went blind With only a few men Muhammad Bin Qasm took 2,200
women as slaves from India back to his own country Having defeat Raja Dahir (Sindh of India) In 1025 Mahmud Ghazni came and invaded
India, he attacked India 17 times 16 attacks he did on Punjab on his way and 1 he did
on his way to Rajasthan did to Gujrat, kathiawar Outside of Somnath Mandir When Mahmud Ghazni arrived The pandits there said we do not
wish to fight you in combat We want to read such mantars,
invocations, spells, such mantars Mahmud Ghazni’s army will go blind When we dance the devdasi’s (dance girls) infront of Lord Shiva,
Shiva’s third mantar will open and be unlocked Shiva’s third eye will be open No third eye was open. In 1521 when Babur (mughal) came Ibrahim Lodi’s Lords felt that they should fight Babur But Brahmin and Molvis said no We will read such invocations That Babur’s whole army will go blind It is written in Gurbani As the Word of the Forgiving Lord comes to me, so do I express it, O Lalo. Bringing the marriage party
of sin, Babar has invaded from Kaabul, demanding our land as his wedding gift, O Lalo. SGGS 722-723 Babur had entered India (Hindustan) But no one fought Kotī hū pīr varaj rahā▫e jā mīr suṇi▫ā ḏẖā▫i▫ā.
Millions of religious leaders failed to halt the invader, when they heard of the Emperor’s invasion.
SGGS 417 Various Mantras, magical enchantments, spells and Yags (Yagna/Jags) [Hindu prayers] But Guru Nanak Sahib says ‘None of the Mugals went
blind, and no one performed any miracle.’ SGGS 417-418 No one was made blind Nor was anyone legs or arms broken Thān mukām jale bij manḏar mucẖẖ mucẖẖ ku▫ir rulā▫i▫ā.
He burned the rest-houses and the ancient temples; he cut the princes limb from limb, and cast them into the dust. SGGS 418 The honour of India was sold in markets and on the streets And these people Could not defeat Babar (Mughal emperor) only preaching of many matras In the past you may have heard this story 2 years ago in Delhi (India) a monkey came Alot of commotion was made You must have read much news in the newspaper Uptill the point the Indian government say that the
monkey is a Pakistani [spy] I.S.I Agent One monkey To catch him a crack force was formed by army officers Just to catch one monkey The Monkey King was still not caught Having given up a hindu came and did a Yag/Jag [Hindu Prayer] Ardas (prayer) was done O’ King Monkey O’Please Monkey King can you leave the City
of Delhi and with much grace go to another City please Infront of monkeys they do Ardas (prayers) I am suprised that when When they go in Mandirs (Hindu Temples) and pray to
Hanuman, please give us you sight [take form before us] And the innocent takes form in Delhi, they
then say please with grace go else where It is a surprising matter So this mantar [mantra] This Ved[a] shows invocations, spells, magic, charms, enchanments,
mantars/mantras, exorcism and which has entangled us in superstitions I myself am a doctor And seeing patients is my profession But in punjab many sisters are possessed
by ghosts not just here there too A very old sister, about 70 years old who is
going to turn into a ghost herself came to me She said Doctor sahib I have pain in my stomach I said okay sister, I will
give you some medication She said it won’t be okay with your medication Because I have a different
problem some entity has possessed me I said mother, say the name of God (pray/remember god) If you don’t find peace, then you can go and possess
people in 2 years time when you become a ghost You can get your revenge She said: no son I want to firstly get my treatment from Baba After that I will take medication from you I said that is okay After 15 to 20 days the old lady grabbed her stomach in pain and came back.
I said, what is the matter didn’t the Baba get the ghost out of you yet? She said, that he has removed the ghost He said from where I took the ghost out there are probably
scars, go to the doctor and make sure you get injections I asked the Old lady did he take out a ghost or did he take out kidney stones? Then I asked the Old lady, I asked O’Mother.. Please tell me how did this
Baba get the ghost out of you? She said, son He laid me down near a grave He then placed a white piece of paper on my stomach, then using a peacock feather he read some
spells/invocations and then he burnt that piece of paper. On that paper a red image of a ghost appeared. I said mother I know how to do the same
thing and remove ghosts the same way I placed the old lady flat on my stretcher, I placed a piece of paper on her stomach. I didn’t have a peacock’s feather so I used a syringe instead and waved it around. I sweared about 4 times and then burnt that piece of paper. On that paper an image of a ghost appeared also. The old lady said, O’
Son if you could remove ghosts why did you send me to the Baba then? I said that’s a very strange
matter, I am now stuck. Now look, this is a very small matter yet many people are becoming fools. Onions we all use in our own homes If you take the juice out of an onion and fill it in a pen and write
whatever you want or make any image you want. It won’t be visible. But if you put it on fire, then it will show a
very red colour on what you have drawn or written. All of Punjab 25 million people are being made fools
of with Onion Juice by Babas (holy-men) Everyone is being exorcised by Onion juice/water But our people have become fools So that was the Ved(a)s, 4 Ved(a)s, one of which was about prayers In the second Ved(a), it’s contents are the
knowledge of Yaj/Yajnas/Yagnas/Jagna/Jags In the third there is mention of (blind) rituals And in the 4th Ved(a) is mentions of
magic spells, enchantments and charms But Guru has given us the ardas to do everyday,
after Rehiras (evening prayer of Nitnem) Sinmrit(i) sastr bed sabhai bahu bhed kahain Sinmrit(i) sastr bed sabhai,bahu bhed kahain
The Simritis, Shastras and the Vedas lay down different doctrines (Rehras Sahib Sampuran) ham ek na janyo.
but I do not recognise any of these. (Rehras Sahib Sampuran) Sri asipan kripa tumri kar(i),
O God! (You have sword in your Hand) I have written these (hymns) with your grace and kindness, mai na khyo sabh toh(i) bakhanyo
all that has been said, is in fact spoken by you. (Rehras Sahib Sampuran) We are not worshippers of the Vedas, we read daily in our ardas (prayer). Ḏẖur kī baṇī ā▫ī. Ŧin saglī cẖinṯ mitā▫ī.
The Bani of His Word emanated from the Primal Lord. It eradicates all anxiety. SGGS 628 Hence, Sikhs are not worshippers of the Vedas This image you can see now This books title page says The Sikh religion’s great general Hari Singh Nalwa To prove he was a Hindu (not a Sikh) In this book it is written That Hari Singh Nalwa used to cut his hair (did
not have kesh-unshorn/uncut hair [Sikh Rehat]) He did indeed have a beard and wore a turban aswell Nalwa, would go to do pilgrimage to Hindu places of worship He himself had a very large army of Hindus Against him many things are also written He is the kaum’s great general who: Who has firstly Conquered that region of the World That the world still struggles to conquer today Hari Singh Nalwa is that great general of the Sikhs Who firstly conquered the Khyber Pass of Afghanistan And the character of this general is so great that That firstly, the first thing I said that the Guru had given us a great teaching Sacẖahu orai sabẖ ko upar sacẖ ācẖār.
Truth is higher than everything; but higher still is truthful living. SGGS 62 He is that general of the Kaum who undertook
the responsibility and showed us this Some sources tell us At the time Hari Singh Nalwa conquered the Kyber Pass (Afghanistan) From their the pathan (afghan) women in fear From their the pathan (afghan) men in fear All hid away in fear in the smallest
of enclosures within the mountains A 19 year old pathan girl who is named Bano (Bibi Bano) With her fiance Gulfan Was hiding away in a very small
enclosure within a mountain And asks her fiance Gulfan who are these
people who have conquered our region? He answers these are the followers and believers
of Guru Nanak who call themselves Sikhs The pathan girl says I want to go and see who their general is He says fine, but you can’t see him I will tell you his name we call him Hari(a) But please don’t go he is a general of a different race
I don’t know how we might misbehave (implies molesting) with you She says I must see the general of the Sikhs That 19 year old girl moves her arm away from her fiance
and runs towards where Hari Singh Nalwa was camped out She walks in to his camp to see the general of the Sikhs and finds
him sitting praying (doing nitnem daily prayers) After Nalwa finished his prayers he opened his eyes and then saw the girl and said
daughter for what reason have you come here (how can I be of your assistance) She says I will tell you what I require from you afterwards, but firstly tell me who are you? Hari Singh Nalwa says I am a believer of Guru Nanak and Guru Nanak’s Sikh She said if you believers of Guru Nanak why have you attacked our home(s) Hari Singh Nalwa said we haven’t conquered (taken)
anyones home, we have only protected our own home(s) History records That Kyber Pass we are talking about has been the point
of entry of which all invaders of India have entered from The great wall of china couldn’t stop the invasion of China But ever since Hari Singh Nalwa placed the orange flag with the insignia of the Sikhs, since that
day onwards not even one attack/invasion on India has occurred from the Kyber Pass ever again She (Bano) says O’ General of the Sikh I desire that from my womb a child like you be born The Sikh general replies, daughter Pray towards your generous god That regardless of who the son is like, let that
son be of good character with good behaviour She then says, O’ General of the Sikhs You haven’t understood what I am trying to tell you I desire that from my womb be born your son Hari Singh Nalwa’s eyes became red with rage and grabbed his sword
and said daughter of the pathans get out of my sight (go away) That daughter of the pathans turned away and upon approaching the doorway Turned back and looked Having turned back, with tears in her eyes she says I have heard that anyone who comes to the house
of Guru Nanak has never left empty handed But today a daughter of the pathans is leaving empty
handed from the house of the general of the Sikhs Hari Singh Nalwa called her and said
daughter listen to what I have to say Nalwa took a scarf which was near him, placed
it on Bano’s head and touched her feet (bowed) and said You desired that from your womb be born a son like Hari Singh
Nalwa? Well, from today Hari Singh Nalwa is now your son. History records That Hari Singh Nalwa throughout his whole life
kept calling that 19 year old girl his mother That was the high character of the Sikhs The character of the general of the Sikhs But today our history Is being distorted (by books as you can see in the image) This book you can see now in the image This is published by the same enemy of the Sikhs In this is written Harmander Sahib (Golden temple), Amritsar (Punjab, India)… Was a great Hindu ground of pilgrimage Within this it is written That the 6th Guru, Guru Hargobind Sahib married
(nikkah) a muslim girl by the name Kaula In this is written That Guru Harkrishan with hesitation came to Delhi And in that journey he could not take the dishonour
and in that he contracted a fever and past away In this is written the 9th Gurus head was cut off but the
Janeou (Hindu sacred thread) around his neck was not cut off In this it is written Guru Gobind Singh did the Yag (Hindu worship to summon)
Chandi (durga) so that he could form the Khalsa (Sikh brotherhood) Beloved of the Gurus, apart from this from the viewership of this Sikh history is defamed and slandered This image you can see is from Jug Bodh magazine In which it is written Japji sahib (sikh scripture)
is a guide to the Gita (hindu scripture) And our, as I have humbly stated before, our preachers Our scholars, our wise people as they consider themselves to be Today on stages preach Japji Sahib (sikh scriptures) is a guide to the Gita (hindu scriptures) Either they do not know about Japji
sahibs high teachings and it’s meanings Or they haven’t studied the Gita (Hindu Scriptures) Gita has 700 Saloks (slokas) In these 700 politics is mentioned The side of thieves was taken Capitalism is praised Shameful things like
gambling have been praised And there are many saloks (verses) Which contradict one another I am made very suprised That in one salok (verse/chapter) Krishan(a) says to Arjun(a), O Arjun That human who sacrifices their religion then: Their descendents all go to hell But in the next saloak (verse, chapter),
Krishan(a) Ji may have forgotten what he had said And then he says O’Arjun(a) Leave all religions and just come onto my lotus feet I then think, what will happen to
the innocent Arjun(a)’s descendents Like this we see other contradictions However when we see Japji Sahib it is the revelation of god In 1999, A book called Sangat Sandesh was published In which: How amrit is given is described differently This book which you can read in Hindi now I will read out an extract from it In which it says Guru Gobind Singh did a Yag to summon the Goddess (Hindu) When the Goddess came many gods, demi-gods, godesses came with her “Ik-Onkar Satnam”-There is one God, truth is his name- Is the mantar Guru Nanak gave Waheguru mantar was given by Mohan (Krishna) Varun Devta (Hindu god of water/ocean) gave us the water Inder (Indra) Devta (Hindu god of thunder, vedic king of the gods) gave
us the Guru patasi (sugar) to make amrit for it to be administered Jamraj/Yamraj (god of death) gave the Sarbloh
Bata (the iron bowl) to make the amrit in Kalika (devi Kali – goddess of death) gave the kirpan (dagger) to us Chandi (durga- goddess seen on lion/tiget back,
associated with war) gave the Kesh (unshorn/uncut hair) Shaani (Saturn Deva, lord of saturday) gave the kara (steel/iron bracelet) But only one thing remains The kachera (boxers- undergarment) was given by Hanuman When I speak on this matter I remember a narration that Bhai
Sahib, Bhai Ditt Singh had said To him someone said, a Brahmin said He says the Kachera (long shorts of Khalsa, 5 ks) To guru sahib was given by Hanuman (Hindu monkey god) And Giani Ditt Singh replied, how many Kachera’s
(boxers) did Hanuman (hindu monkey god) have? He said he only had one kachera (boxers) That Ram Chander had given him (From Ramayan) Giani Ditt Singh he is then very shameful He gave his kachera to the Guru and left naked himself In a very humourous way they write They say He walked away naked without shame It is a matter from last year In Bhopal I put on a camp for a university for students called
Gurmat Training Camp. I was doing a lecture there A daughter got up and said Doctor I want to
ask a question from you? I said please ask. She says when I took amrit from you last time, but now when I
go to class my non-sikh lady teacher says to me The kachera (boxers) you wear This was given to you by Hanuman (hindu monkey god) I was about to give an answer for this Then another daughter put her hand up she resides
from Bhopal aswell her name is Salochi Kaur Salocha She says brother, if it you don’t have any problem
with it, could I please answer this question I said yes, you may She says dear brother Last year when I went back to my class my lady
teacher said that the kachera (boxers) you wear That was given to you by Hanuman (monkey hindu god) Then she said to her lady teach, Madam The first thing is if your Hanuman being a monkey can wear a kachera, then
what problems do you have wearing kachera (boxers)? And the other matter If our kachera was that of Hanuman’s (hindu monkey god’s) And you know Hanuman was a monkey so he must have had a the
shape of a hole in the back of the Kachera so that his tail could stick out. Because if a monkey is to wear a Kachera
then it must have a hole in the back She says after that her lady
teacher never mentioned this again So beloveds of the Guru things like this
have been written about the Amrit ceremony So by them such things are written This book you can see, this book is called sangat sandesh In this it says, before Guru Gobind Singh administered amrit He called upon some Brahmins (hindu priests) Whose name are Harbaghwan Lachi Ram and Hardas The guru washed these 3 Brahmins (hindu priests)
feet and then drank that water (charanamrit) After that The Goddess appeared And infront of that goddess
the guru humbly requested that o’goddess On the battle field we won’t be able to shave Tilak (forehead paste/powder mark), Janjhu (sacred thread) Dothi and the daily rituals, these
codes of conduct are very hard In war these things won’t work
and won’t make things easy This has been written that the Lord
King Guru said O’ Goddess Chandi (hindu goddess) Give us permission to keep uncut hair
because in war we won’t have time to shave These things being defamed, destroyed and
distorted infront of us, infront of our children are brought before us In this book it is written: at that time Guru Nanak was about to pass away His wife said, O Lord King are
you going to pass away now Guru Nanak replies, why? She said don’t you know the day after is your father’s
sharad (hindu post-funeral ritual). Do the sharad first then pass away after. So Guru Nanak extended his passing away a few days ahead so that he could do his fathers Sharad (post-funeral hindu ritual) This thing wasn’t written by them Beloved Sikhs we haven’t studied
what our audiences have understood You may remember that a european intellectual who was from Germany and was
an expert of many Languages by the name of Mr Ernest Trumpp (1828 – 1885) He came to India in 1854 [speaker says 1872] During the reign of the British empire on India He had asked the premission of Sikhs that he
wished to translate the Guru Granth Sahib Sikhs gave him permission Having come to Sri Harmander Sahib (golden temple) When Guru Granth Sahib was placed before that European After a while of reading abit of it, he took a
cigar out of his pocket and started smoking it Sikhs of that time were very brave, not like us They at that time removed him out of the darbar sahib (golden temple) They did the sukhasan and put back the Guru Granth
Sahib (ceremony before placing back Guru Granth Sahib) And he who we call the Lion of Punjab (Shere Punjab) Lala Lajpat Rai (1865-1928) They created two societies Oriental society of Punjab and Anjuman Punjab and
gave that European two manuscripts of Guru Granth Sahib to translate it And on these matters I have spoken about Guru Nanak’s fathers Sharad (ritual) The Adi Granth the Holy Scripture of Sikhs In that book he/they distorted Sikh history And the Sikh Religion till today are still subservient to it Because we weren’t able to understand those matters Like that You can see the logo of the R.S.S above Within this book Bhai Kanhaiya Ji is shown not to be a Sikh but instead a Hindu And chronically another book was published Haqiqat Rai Beloved Sikhs of the Guru, he is that priceless diamond About who we were not able to write anything in our history about When the matter of the 18th century comes Sikhs on one side are mounted on sharp rotating wheels Are cut from limb to limb Have their heads mounted on spears Our mothers and sisters put small cut pieces
of their children into their laps (have their young children martyred) Are forcefully made to grind wheat into flour But in those 100 years Not even one hindu can be seen which
has given sacrifice for the country But we can not look after nor can we
write about this youth (Haqiqat Singh) Due to the carelessness
our historians…. And Hindus have tried to establish him as a great
Hindu matyr of the 18th Century in 13 to 14 books He is that youth If I tell you his history, you will know which family he is from In the time of Guru Har Rai When he went to a village near Sialkot now in Pakistan A pure khatri Nand ram, humbly requested before the Guru. He
said O’Lord King I want to be a Gursikh (practising Sikh) And Guru Har Rai said Nand Ram you can take the blessing of Gursikhi (practising Sikh) But you will need to watch out for three things firstly not to cut your hair secondly not to wear a hat (topi) and thirdly not to use tobacco This hindu brother took the bestowment of
grace of Sikhi from the house of Guru Nanak In his house 2 sons are born, one Bhai
Baag Mal and the other Bhai Bagh Mal And one daughter is born, her name is
Bagh-pairi (angel/fairy of fortune) And the other palce we go is to the battle field Bhai Kanhaiya Did the selfless service (sewa) of distributing water And Guru Sahib Gave his given garment sent Bhai Sahib to the village It is the opinion of some historians, that a son was born
in his house, who was given the name Bhai Lachi Singh In the house of Bhai Lachi Singh 2 daughters and one
son were born. Bibi kaura, Bibi Gaura and Arjun Singh These 2 sisters, marriage were married to Nand Ram’s sons; Bagh Mal and Baag Mal But in the house of Baag Mal from the
womb of Bibi kaura this youth was born Who was named Haqiqat Singh At 18 years of age this young persons married Sardar Kishan Singh Uppal’s daughter (Sister) Bibi Durga of Batala, Punjab Sardar Kishan Singh Uppal took amrit from Sardar Budh Singh Batalvi And Sardar Budh Singh Batalvi took
amrit from Guru Gobind Singh during the time of Vaisakhi After Haqiqat Singh married that sister he too also took amrit Being of the age of 18 This youg person was made to embrace Muhammdenism (islam) Qazi Abdul Haq and Zakaria Khan who had tried to coerce him This young person did not leave the Sikh religion And he was beheaded And his wife Nand Kaur’s paternal uncles Sardar Daal Singh and Sardar Malea Singh went and
beheaded Qazi Abdul Haq and showed the head of the Qazi around Batala, Punjab. And his paternal aunty Bibi Bagh Pairi she was married to Shiv Ram Kapoor And Shiv Ram Kapoor’s daughter Sahib Kaur was married to Sardar Banda Singh Bahadur Ji In 1710 at Sirhind, Punjab So such a strong Sikh family Whose maternal side are Bhai Kanhaiya Whose paternal side are Bhai Nand Ram ji Whose inlaws are Sardar Krishan Singh Uppal And a relative of Banda Singh Bahadur And we haven’t written nothing about him, we
haven’t till even written one book about him And those people have written 13 books and proclaimed
he was not Haqiqat Singh but instead was Haqiqat Rai When Haqiqat Rai was martyred it is clearly written That Haqiqat Singh son Baag Mal, son of Nand ram. Was a praying Sikh who was from Sialkot and was martyred in lahore We have still mentioned this youth to be Hindu This image you can see now This is a books title page In which Banda Singh Bahadur is said to be Banda Bairagi And brother Haqiqat Rai is supposedly
proven to be a Hindu in the book Banda Singh Bahadur is the general
(warrior) of the Sikh religion Who sometime in Dakka Nandeed Was entangled in between miracles and
took the form of a bairagi (monoastic) At the time Guru Gobind Singh reached him and he was
able to glimpse on the sight of Guru Gobind Singh Guru told him about the tyranny being
inacted on the public of India And at that time he took amrit and became Banda Singh Bahadur The great lord Guru gave
him his own 5 arrows He was sent with other Singhs to
finish the reign of tyranny on Punjab When Banda Singh Bahadur got near Delhi He found out Guru Gobind Singh had past on The martyrdom of Sikhs circled his mind But from them, RSS have published a book Which says Guru Gobind Singh gave Banda Singh Bahadur
weapons without having administered him amrit And he conquered Sirhind, Punjab And he is the world first general that The general of Sikhs, that for 8 years his horse
left marks on the ground (stayed horse-back) He never sat on a throne He never placed on his head a Kalgi
(the feather-plume/symbol of royalty) He ruled under the name of Guru Nanak Dev ji On his own stamp he did not have his own name on it. But instead he had written: Degh Tegh Fateh Nusrat-i-bedirang, Yaft az Nanak Guru Gobind Singh
(Charity), Sword, Victory and Unhesitating Patronagem are obtained from Nanak Guru Gobind Singh This human Never sat on a throne And at that time when he was arrested in the village of Gurdas Nangal, Gurdaspur, Punjab And with him was his 3 and a half year old son Some historians write That for 15 days that boy was not given food since
that region was blocked for 7 and a half months One day, during the evening Banda Singh
Bahadur is walking around that region And that 3 and a half year old boy looks at his
father, Banda Singh and says “Food/Bread” (Roti) Banda Singh answered his son, he said you
are the son of the general of the Sikhs And the hunger of the sons of the general of Sikhs are
only fulfilled on the battle field or in martyrdom The 3 and half year old boy could not understand what had been said At the end, in December 1716 Banda Singh Bahadur and 740 Sikhs were arrested On the way when muslims were arresting them then a muslim general (warrior) named Kamro-deen Mira
and with him another Khan Bahadur said to Zakriya Khan: What will the King think That only 700 Sikhs Were able to fight you for 7 months Therefore we need to catch more youths of punjab and kill them’ they suggested On a public arena, where ever a Sikh is seen they had started killing them They mounted their heads on spears Having filled 700 carts with the decapitated heads of Sikhs 3000 head’s of Sikhs having been mounted on spears On 29th February 1716,
because 1716 was a leap year From the doors of Lahore to Delhi a unique
procession had taken place on the world stage Everyday 100 Sikhs were killed There were 2 European historians there present Who have written We have witnessed daily, 100 Sikhs being killed But we haven’t seen one Sikh who says: That I am willing to embrace Islam But with much grace please spare to me my life and in that time, another thing took place In a village, an 18 year old youth was arrested with them His mother Went Sarbhara Khan, and said ‘My son is not a Sikh’ My son was purposely taken by the Muslim
armies please spare my son’s life Sarbhara Khan immediately wrote an order That this youth be set free and he will embrace Islam
because his mother is saying her son is not a Sikh When Sarbhara Khan’s order reached Kamaro-Deen Attish At that point the executioner was
definitely going to execute the boy At that point that Khan said do not execute that
boy. Because his mother says he is not a Sikh. At that point the boy proclaimed loudly – his mother is lying O’ Executioner Do not be late in your work and do not let me be late in my work You move you sword so that I can join my martyred brothers
before God quickly. This isn’t my mother, my mother is lying. I am the Sikh of the Guru And I am not going to leave my religion I want to be martyred At the end the last day of the martyrdom was 9th June 1716 Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar is the King of India He says O’ General of the Sikhs I have heard among you is a very
powerful general named Baaz Singh From which all the army of islam
is in fear of him. Who is he? At that point in time Baaz Singh said I am the
Sikh of the Guru and people call me Baaz Singh Farrukhsiyar said I heard you were very
brave, where has your bravery gone today? He said, King Either open one of these shackles from my feet
or open one of the handcuff from my wrists Then see my bravery Muhammad Qasim Lahori Writes in his Ibratnama (Sikh
history from persian sources) That Sikh warriors one handcuff was opened And that Baaz (Singh) like a falcon (Baaz) leaped at took from
the nearest soldier his sword and he killed 13 muslim soldiers And Farrukhsiyar, from the image you can see now Got up from his own throne and ran away
so that he could save his own life. At the end the day to martyr Guru Gobind Singh came Situated in Delhi in which Bakhtiar Kaki’s [1173-1235] Mausoleum (Dargah) is;
Banda Singh Bahadur was about to be martyred near that Mausoleum (Dargah) And there was sitted Kamro-deen Mir Attish
and he ordered that Banda Singh Bahadur That you yourself will desire the flesh of your son Banda Singh Bahadur said that muzlooma
and innocents don’t harm children. At that point in time Banda Singh Bahadur’s
4 and a half year’s old son Ajay Singh’s Chest was cut open, his heart was taken out
and put into Banda Singh Bahadur’s mouth And the Gurus brave one Stood firmly and attained martyrdom The general (warrior) of the Sikhs who: firstly established Sikh rule (raj), which till today on
the land of punjab his horses marks are still left But that general (warriors) bravery, his doings,
his life is being defamed (put through dirt) From the enemies of the Sikh religion, they have
published this image of Banda Singh Bahadur In which his beard is cropped (cut/trimmed) In which he is wearing a hat (topi) [not a turban] On his hat is the symbol of the trishul
(trident i.e. shiva hinduism symbol) On his chest is the symbol of Ohm (hindu symbol) In his hand he is holding the flag of Shiv Senna And below a shalok has been written That: Banda Bairagi is the great general (warrior) of the Hindus who took revenge for the sons of Guru Gobind Singh So beloved Sikhs of the Guru With this chronically From the R.S.S such books have been published In Which Guru Gobind Singh is said to be giving prayers to Cows (as a deity) Not just to that point Have been published In which it has been written: Guru Gobind Singh’s only purpose to come to this earth was to protect the cow And for this they have also disrespect/blasphemed/dishonoured/insulted
Gurbani (Sikh hymns/scripture) We read daily in gurbani (Sikh hymns) poothaa maathaa kee aasees
O son, this is your mother’s hope and prayer, (SGGS 496) nimakh n bisaro thumh ko har har sadhaa bhajahu jagadhees
that you may never forget the Lord, Har, Har, even for an instant. May you ever vibrate upon the Lord of the Universe. -SGGS 496 Here a cow has been shown in the form of a mother And a Sikh in the form of a calf (cow’s child) And ontop of that it has been written: “poothaa maathaa kee aasees”
O son, this is your mother’s hope and prayer- SGGS 496 That today’s Sikh is a cow is a calf and his idol (god) [isht] is a cow However looking at our condition it does seem fair Because today our conscience, our self respect, our pride, have taken all of that and put it (destroyed it)
under the feet of worshipping fashion Soley to the point To tell people Sikhs are worshippers of the cow and to display Amrit (khanda da pahul) in a distorted way On one cow the image of the 10 Guru’s
has been placed upon it and published And upon it, it says sur nur mun jun anmrith khojudhae s anmrith gur thae paaeiaa
The angelic beings and the silent sages search for the Ambrosial Nectar; this Amrit is obtained from the Guru.
Anand Sahib, Guru Amar Das, Guru Granth Sahib ji And those of the brahmin ways haven’t left their cunning tricks Here, those bhagats who were said to be of low social status… They have been shown in the feet of the cow;
They are Bhagat Ravidas and Bhagat Kabir Because the Manu Simriti (Hindu manuscript, laws of Manu) and in accordance of Rig Ved(a) aswell Those who are Dalit people (low caste/untouchables)
were created from God’s (Hindu God Brahma’s) feet That is why they have been drawn to be in the feet of the cow Beloved Sikhs of the Guru, within Gurbani (sikh hymns) Many times have cow’s been mentioned in shabads.
Roughly about 24 times has cow(s) been mentioned. Sikh is the one the one who believes in the
prinicple of showing compassion to all life Sikhs do ardas everyday saying Cheetee tae kunchar asthoolaa
From an ant to a heavy elephant Sabh parr kripaa driste karr phoolaa
He is pleased to look at everyone with His Kindness. (Rehraas Saahib) But a Sikh does not worship a cow Nor does a Sikh recognise a pig to be bad Nor does a Sikh worship a snake But from them to point out Sikh Guru’s and
Sikh teachings as promote cow worship Such publications are being published When with Sikhs the matter of cow worship comes up I remember a small story writer, writes That a Jatt’s father died Because if we learn all the Hindu manuscripts, texts and granths Then in all of their Veda’s it is permissable to eat cow meat(beef) In the Brahm(a) Vaivarta Puran(a) says: A marriage isn’t fully complete
only untill the newly wed bride and groom are feed cow meat (beef) In Mahabharat we find mentioned from many
kings the mention of eating cow meat (beef) Likewise, in some of their other religious
books cow meat (beef) is not prohibited Only there is one manuscript known as Groar Puran In which it says any human who has donated cow He can easily go from hell to heaven because inbetween
heaven and hell there is a river which has to be crossed And if a cow is donated then it works like a motor boat With that motor boat You can cross that river and go from hell to heaven So a Jatt’s father died He didn’t have a cow in his house to donate When the village’s pandit (hindu priest) found
out his father had died, named Tahal Singh And Tahal Singh has not donated me a cow He went and knocked on Tahal Singh’s door and said,
Tahal Singh I found out your father has died He says yes Pandit Ji he is dead He says last night I saw your father in a dream That innocent person is in much pain Because he is standing in hell You haven’t donated a cow, who can
transfer him (along that river to heaven) The innocent Jatt was then stuck The jatt said in his house, he only has one cow We sell it’s milk to earn our livelyhood By selling that our children can get an education Now what can we do And father is standing there, there is
nothing there to help him (get to heaven) Thinking after a while he says: Okay Pandit I will donate the cow But how will I know father has gone from hell to heaven He said that is no problem Tahal Singh you can come to me tommorow and ask me and by then
your father what have come to me in a dream and had told me He donated the cow, his wife would aruge what are you about to do (why donate the cow) The wife said ‘We were earning a good livelyhood.’
You all know how hard it is to drive trucks to earn a livelyhood And all these sadhs/sants/saints/god men
loot all of that with their cunning words She said okay if you must give it, then you must
we will have to adjust then without the cow The cow was then donated The next day when it was morning The jatt says to his son, he says O’ Bagha Let’s go find out what happened with the cow The jatt knocked on the pandit’s
door and the jatt asks: O Pandit ji I donated the cow to you Did you read all the invocations/charms/prayers,
the pandit said yes I did He then says, has my father now gone from hell to heaven? He says, yes, yes, absolutely He came to me in the night and told me in my
dream that he is now leaving from hell to heaven The Jatt calls his son and says Bagha untie the cow and take it back, we only wanted to cross
my father from hell to heaven, he has crossed now. Now the Pandit doesn’t need the cow. We only required that much service
from the pandit and we got it So beloved of the Guru. There is no teaching, rules, codes of
conduct, or practises of Cow worship Solely to prove the Sikh religion is a sect of Hinduism Things like this are being inserted into our history (distortion of history) The writer of this book is Madan Lal Vermani And he has written Maharaja Ranjit Singh is a Hindu general (warrior) Abnd I think of the time Maharaja Ranjit defeated Shah Jaaman No Hindu general could have defeated him There are very good historians who say: There is a unique effect of names When Sher Muhammad would go from Ghazni those who stand in his way, to defend
themselves were would be named: khattha Singh, Madan Singh, Agan SIngh Challi Ram, Galli Ram weren’t able to fight [Corn Ram, Road Ram] Because there is no profound effect Maharaja Ranjit Singh was such a warrior (general) of the Sikhs Who went to Samman Burj loudly called out Shah Jaaman Get out here grandson of Ahmed Shah Abdali (durrani),
the grandson of Charak Singh is calling you out Imagine if he was of religion a Brahmin (hindu priest) he wouldn’t have been able to call him
out. What would he have said: get out here Challi Ram’s son Gulli Ram is calling you out He would say it like that Because you can’t call them out.
Only a Sikh can truly call them out. If they were able to call out people, then their daughters
(women-folk/honour) would have not been sold on the markets of Ghazni After that this image you can see now It is of our religion’s great brave ones Who with their very young lives out of the world’s historical events
a they took part in a bigger In the history of the world we can not find recorded such martyrdom We don’t find any similar martyrdom When a 9 and 7 year old didn’t leave their religion I am left very suprised Those very strong preachers of the religion, who consider themselves
great scholars who are called Shrimoni Khatakar (SGPC preachers) They have written many books,
that you can understand yourself In one of their own books they write That in the world there have been some martyrs Such as Hassan and Hussein (From Shia Islam) and the young Sahibzada,
Zorawar and Fateh Singh Who for their religion sacrificed themselves Perhaps these people don’t study religions Because those Hassan and Hussein
who are being spoken about There age is above 40 Hussein was killed on the battle field of Karbala by Yazid I But for him to live was no offer Death neared him and he wasn’t given an option to live Islamic historians write: The murderers of Hussein was Yazid I Islam is alive after every Karbala Like this Hassan was killed by poison given to him
by his wife on the command of Yazid I There was no door of life open But… The great Lord King Guru’s sons who are
today being connect with Ram (Chander) Who with their senior paternal grandmother Went to Ganghu Brahmin’s house Janey Khan and Maney Khan arrested them And brought them before Wazir Khan Upon a cold tower They spent the night with their paternal grandmother (mata gujri) They went to the local court and loudly
proclaimed the khalsa fateh ‘battle cry’ And there was sitted Sher Muhammad The Nawab of Malerkotla He was told, that their father Guru Gobind Singh had killed
his brother Nahar khan You can kill these children and take
revenge for your brothers death But he, as a man, as human, said before the full court If I am to take revenge, then I will take it from their father.
May God protect me from this sin (of killing children). But sat in that court was Sucha Nand
Khatri, he was not able to bear it Tell the Nawab They are sons of a snake From small they will grow And they will bite Nawab ji who you think of very small children
are in fact the sons of Guru Gobind Singh They are sons of a snake Even if they are very small They will bite So before the grow up they should be eliminated These very small children Be martyred by being suffocated to death in a
brick enclosure from the very foundations upwards This image you can see now In which 2 Hindu demi-gods (Avtars) Are blessing Guru Nanak Because Because from the past, from the last decade Many books have published that in which this matter has been written that Sikhs are the descendants of Lav(a) and
Kush(a) [The sons of Ram Chander] Sikhs are the descendants of Luv(a) and
Kush(a) [The sons of Ram Chander] And if look into the ancestry of Lav(a) and Kush(a) And in accordance with Valmiki’s Ramayan(a) The descedents of Lav(a) and Kush(a) start from Suraj (Sun) So, today we are being connect with these Hindu Gods (Avtars) But those joining us with these Hindu Gods is none other then Harmander Sahib’s head priest (granthi)
who chairs the Rashtriya Sikh Sangat meeting And he goes to the meeting and says that Sikhs are from the descendents of Lav(a) and Kush(a) Because these people themselves have been bought out by these institutions Because at the time the Guru gave us Khanda da Pahul (Amrit) At that time the Guru had said Jin ke jaat pat kul mai(h)
I am your caste, your ancestry Sardari na kadhi tiin hi ko sardar baneo(u)
I shall make them Sardars (lords) Tabai Gobind Singh Naam Kahaoun
Then my name shall be Gobind Singh Of that time the guru destroyed our caste, our ancestry
and bestowed upon us Sardari (Lordship/religion) But today we are still entangled in those
ways of caste (social statuses/ancestries) When the matter of caste or ancestry is discussed And then I remember a story of the
religion’s 2 great son and father matyrs In the jail of Lahore These 2, son and father Bhai Shahbaz Singh resident of village Jumber district Lahore But his son Shahbaz Singh. Subheg Singh and
Shahbaz Singh, both son and father were arrested. Both were mounted on rotating
wheels and told to embrace Islam Both son and father said No From the wearer of the Kalgi (Guru Gobind Singh) we have
taken the grace of amrit, we can not leave our religion. In the state of unconsciousness Son and Father are taken into separate small huts Going there, initially Shahi Qazi goes and asks Shabaz Singh; ‘Shahbaz Singh… your state of being is very bad if you keep enduring this in a small period of time you will die what is it of your father He has spent his life having eaten and
worn his clothes (he has spent his life) he has has lived his life You are just 17 years old, you are a small youth Embrace Islam and We will give you titles (nobility) We will give you Nawabi (lordship/rule) We will give you very beautiful women Shahbaz being unconscious could not speak Qazi Abdul Haq then goes to Subheg Singh He goes and says: Subheg Singh.. you have lived your life if you die it doesn’t matter send a message to your son that he should live if he embraces islam your descendents can live on At that time Subheg Singh replied: O’Qazi humare karan gur (guru) kula (descedents) gavai (give-up/sacrifice) hum (I) kul (descedents) rakhe (keep/protect) kohn (who) wahediya (uplifted/praised) O’ Qazi This religion’s guru from above has sacrificed his descendents
and to protect my own descendents I should leave Sikhi? The Lord King Guru has given us the teaching: Hamrī jāṯ pāṯ gur saṯgur ham vecẖi▫o sir gur ke.
The Guru, the True Guru, is my social status and honor; I have sold my head to the Guru. SGGS 731 We have given our head to the Guru We have given our caste, our descendants, our family, our ancestors It is all the Guru This image you can see This has been published by Rashtriya Sikh Sangat and rashtriya
swayamsevak sangh in a magazine called Sangat Sandesh In this Ram Chander is giving blessings to Guru Gobind Singh And apart from this, in vaisakhi a card was published In which Within Ram Chander’s stomach, Guru sahib has been shown to be there That great Guru Who in his own bani wrote: Ram rahim
Ram Hindu God, Rahim Muslim God puran quran
Puran the Hindu Holy texts, Koran the muslim holy texts anek kahain mat ek na manyo
Countless things are said but I do not follow any of these ways In this magazine is an article is written
and the writer of that is Amarnath Singh That writer has written Guru Gobind Singhs thoughts, preachings,
his life-story has much similarities with Ram Chanders He says Ram has also Ram has helped the poor and
the Guru also helped the poor He says Ram left his family and
the Guru had sacrificed his father (Gobind Rai sakhi Guru Tegh Bahadur) He says Ram had left the company of
his sons and so did Guru Gobind Singh But perhaps people do not know Sikh history If we read the Valmiki Ramayan(a) Those who say Ram Chander helped untoucables (Dalits) Under the rule of Ram a pandit (hindu priest) named Avshist comes to him Who becomes the Guru of Ram’s family [clan] (kul) Ram’s family Guru is sitting near Ram, there
a pandit comes and prayers; and says ‘Ram… Under your rule, my son has died Ram asks his family Guru, why has he died The family Guru says clearly because someone from the untouchable
caste (shudar/shudra) or some poor person is praying under your rule Because under the rule of Ram Chander
a poor person is not allowed to pray Ram Chander takes his sword to find this person. Ram Chander enters
the jungle and finds their a man praying. A youth who was named Shabok Ram with his sword, cuts his head off. Because under the
rule of Ram Chander no poor person is allowed to pray And then he is that Guru Who loudly proclaimed; ‘jin ki jaat paat kul mai(h); sardari nai pai kadahi’ tin hou sardar baneo(u)
I will make them Sardars (Lords) Tabai Gobind Singh Naam Kahaoun
Only then will I call myself Gobind Singh And on the other side it is being said (falsely) Ram Chander’s sacrifice is similar to Guru Gobind
Singh’s sacrifice and their lives are similar And beloved Sikhs of the Guru When I remember the events of Guru Gobind Singh’s life Then I think what was that time Left Anandpur Sahib’s Fort There was a great battle on Sarsa rivers bank Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji Bhai Alam Singh Ji Warriors (generals) like Sardar Uday Singh Ji Were martyred there Warriors such as Bhai Bachittar
Singh were wounded there at this place At the end Guru with his 40 Singhs (Sikhs) arrived at Chamkaur’s Fort Approaching Chamkaur’s Fort the 10th Guru had
prepared his son Ajit Singh and sent him forth onto the battle field The great lord King Guru said to
his son, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Son you are the sea captain of the ship
which crosses a river for this religion So donate your head, so that the religion’s ship can cross over When I… mention matter of the
father speaking to his son If we look through history, we will never find throughout the
world such a father who is sending his own son off to be martyred Go and read the history of the world At the time Arjun(a)’s son Abhimanyu dies,
Arjun(a) cries [from Mahabharat(a)}] When Prophet Abraham is about to sacrifice his son. He blind
folds himself, so that he can not see the death of his own son Jesus Christ is crucified and you can read in the Bible today, in the
New Testament and it says ‘O God take with a scuff of sorrows from me’ ‘Then he said to them, “My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death. Stay here and keep watch with me.” ‘ – Bible, New Testament, Matthew 26:38, New International Version O’ God take this cup of pain away from me There is, that one guru Who has one son’s dead
body on the battle field He is about to send his other son to the battle
field. But his wish is very different Guru sahib says come son, let
me dress you beautifully Place a small feather plume (kalgi-symbol of
royalty) and place a small sword upon you Go into war and show your power Let your enemies my afraid and let the world’s
time be suprised (changed/revolutionised) His wish is very different We are all family people For a father to embrace his
sons death is very difficult But do you know what guru
gobind singh’s wishes are? Son.. I wish to see you swing your sword that I may see you by my
eye becoming martyred Perhaps such a Guru Perhaps such a man, perhaps such a brave Perhaps such a person
who is ready for death (martyred) If we search the history of humanity for
such a similar person we can not see him From R.S.S’s Indian Studies institute a book has been published In which the 10 Guru’s were shown around Ohm (symbol of hinduism) Apart from this many books and many calendars which are similar have been published In the world’s last 5000 years if we look
back at all the religion’s of the world All of the religious manuscripts, holy books written in India start always with Ohm And it is a suprising matter That even till now no scholar in the whole world
can explain clearly exactly what Ohm means Max Lular writess It’s meaning is “Yes” The Arya(n) Samaj says: it means Akar, Aukar and Makar
[creation, preservation, destruction] Those who are from the school of thought of Yoga They take it’s meaning to mean waking Jagat Avastha, dreaming Swapna Avastha, sleeping Shushupti Avastha Those of the school of thought of the Ved(a)s say it is Rajo, Tamo, Sato Gun(a)s [properties/qualities]-
(Sattva, Rajas, Tamas) – [goodness, passion and ignorance] The ohm word is an amalgamation of Brahma,
Vishnu and Shiva (creator, sustainer, destroyer) And in the preachings of India, it is believed that: 3 God’s drive the car of the world one creates the world One sustains the world,
One destroys the world And heavenly revelation, Guru Granth
Sahib which is given the title Guru Out of all of the manuscripts it is the only one
which starts with Ik Onkar (there is one god) Guru gave Ik onkar, abrogating the preachings
of (starting manuscripts with) Ohm And very clearly it is written in Japji Sahib ik sansaaree ik bhandaaree ik laa-ay deebaan.
One, the Creator of the World; One, the Sustainer; and One, the Destroyer.
Japji Sahib – Guru Nanak- Guru Granth sahib jiv tis bhaavai tivai chalaavai jiv hovai furmaan.
He makes things happen according to the Pleasure of His Will. Such is His Celestial Order
Japji Sahib- Guru Nanak- Guru Granth Sahib These are not 3 different entities (powers) It is only one who creates the world It is only one who sustains the world It is only one who destroys the world So Ohm’s old system continuing onwards The great lord king Guru Wrote Ik-Onkar and finished But this matter was not limited to that point For them to disrespect Ik-Onkar
In punjab throughout all of the cities of Punjab R.S.S published and stuck such posters Where under the feet of a Goddess, Ik-onkar has been placed With this Sikh teachings and Sikh principles were dishonoured in sayable and unsayable ways With that the Sikh way of life was crushed This image you can see now This image is from a year 6 (6th class) indian school text book This is a scene of 1699 of Guru Gobind
Singh administering amrit being shown Where Guru is wearing drama/actor type clothes He isn’t wearing his kirpan (in the image) And you can see what type of atmosphere has been made And in this book what is written is With this book another book came Within these 2 books This matter has been stated After Ahmed Shah Abdali’s (durrani) attack/invasion Harmander sahib’s head priest (granthi) was appointed: Bhai Chanjo Singh ji Within Harmander sahib he would cut people’s hair (as a barber) Apart from that in this book it also says Bhai Sahib Singh Piara who was from a barber (hair
dresser) caste he also carried on with that activity Besides, these 2 families were attached with the Sikh religion from the time of Guru Nanak But year 6 (6th class) school children are taught Today this is taught in schools in Punjab and throughout
educational institutions in India in this form That upon our very young children, our great
history with pages fill with gold (metaphorically) That which was written through sacrifices and martyrdom That history which was written
by the ends of swords That history is being destroyed Likewise a book was published called Sri
Durga Ustati (Praises of the Goddess) In which Guru Gobind Singh is mentioned to be a worshipper of the Goddess (Durga) That Guru Whose teachings and preachings were Bin kartar na kirto mano aad ajjun ajaay avanessi, thae parmeshar janeoo That Guru Has been said to be a preacher and
teacher of the virtues of the Goddess Whose created Bani we read (in Jaap Sahib) Chakr chihan ar(u) baran jat(i) ar(u) Chakr chihan ar(u) baran jat(i) ar(u) pat(i) nahin jeh
Vaheguru has no quoit, mark colour caste or lineage Rup rang ar(u) rekh bhekh kou kah(i) Rup rang ar(u) rekh bhekh kou kah(i) na sakat keh
None can describe His form, complexion outline and costume complexion, outline and costume Achal murat(i) anbhau prakas amitoj(i) Achal murat(i) anbhau prakas amitoj(i) kahijjai
He is perpetual, self-illuminated, and measureless in power Kot(i) indr indran sah(u) sahan(i) Kot(i) indr indran sah(u) sahan(i) ganijjai
Vaheguru is the king of kings and Vaheguru of millions of Indras – Jaap Sahib, Guru Gobind Singh That Guru’s teachings Who did the great action of joining us with Kartar (the doer- god) Today he is being connected to goddess worship Who said: Anahad Rup Anhaad Bani Charan Sharan Jaa kii bast bahani And we ready daily infront of Guru Granth Sahib devi deva pooja bhai kai mangoo kai dai Sikh is not the worshipper of the Goddess The Guru of the Sikhs is not a worshipper of the Goddess But for them to say the Guru of the
Sikhs is a worshipper of the goddess From them such images are being published Just like that, a few enemies of the Sikh religion from preachers, from artists This image has been drawn such that Ik-Onkar has been put
inside of the Shiv Ling(a)- (shiva hindu deity phallus idol) Regardless, Sikhs everyday In their daily prayers (nitnem) reads in (Tav Prasad Savaiye). Kahun lai pahan puj dhario sir, kahun lai ling gare latkaio.
Some worship stones or put them on their heads and some suspend lingams (small stone idols) from their necks Kahun lakhio har(i) avachi disa mah(i), kahun pachhah ko sis(u) nivaio.
Some claim to see God in the south and some bow their heads towards the west. Kou butan ko pujat hai pas(u), kou mritan ko pujan dhaio
Some fools worship idols or proceed to worship the dead. Kur kriya urjhio sabh hi jag, Sri Bhagwan ko bhed(u) na paio.
The whole world being in the grip of The whole world being in the grip of false ceremonies, has not known God’s secrets – (Guru Gobind Singh Tav Prasad Savaiye). Sikhs don’t worship Lings (Shiv Hindu
Phallus statues) or other idols But to distort Sikh teachings From them this has happened This book you can see now Salochi Prakashin which is a R.S.S publishing company They have published this Which books name is “Jeo te aisa Jeo” – If you are to live, then live like this.
Within this it has been written He has put a namdhari article in the book In that it says Guru Gobind Singh never
gave gurgaddi to Guru Granth Sahib The lord King Guru, Guru Gobind Singh gave gurgaddi (succession of guru-ship)
to a human named Balak Singh Balak Singh gave the gurgaddi
(succession of guru-ship) to Ram Singh Ram Singh gave Pratab Singh
gurgaddi (succession of guru-ship) Pratab Singh gave Jagjit Singh
gurgaddi (succession of guru-ship) Therefore (in accordance to them) the 14th Guru is
Jagjit Singh Namdhari (prefix used of Satguru means true Guru) Beloved Sikhs of the Guru Baba Ram Singh Born at Bhaini (India) And through his mother’s brother Kabul Singh;
He was enlisted into the army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Having been in the army of Kanvar Nau-Nihal Singh and near
Harike the Sutlej river was a battle took place there At that time, he through his gun into
the Sutlej river at Harike and then went to Baini (India) Coming to the village of Baini the first thing he did was he
lighted on fire the manuscript of Guru Granth Sahib he had at home This thing, I don’t say There sources tell us this A manuscript called Malvinder Prakash says: Having thrown his rifle into the river Without arms Said there was a burden around his neck This human describes to us the bestowed
weapons of Guru ji as a disgrace However we say in presence of Guru: Asse kripaan khando karag
As, Kripan (sword), Khanda, Khadag (sword), tupak tabar ar(u) teer
Tupak (gun), Tabar (hatched), Teer (arrow), Saiph sarohi saihathi
Saif (sword), Sarohi and Saihathi, ya hai hamaarai peer
all these are our adorable (spirtual) seniors.
– Dasam Granth; Shastra Naam Maalaa pg. 1356 But from these people To establish the Sikh traditon in a dehdhari
(human form) Guru formation is undertaken As you can see in this image and other images,
Amrit is administred like this while wearing footwear, without kirpans, And on the other side The heads of the R.S.S They go to their cult’s shrines
and go and meet them there From which we can see That to distort Sikh preachings To defame Sikh history And to create sects within our religion these people have become so desperate As you can see in this book ‘Sikh ithais mai sri raam janambhoomi’
(Ram Chander’s birth in Sikh History) In this book it is written That in Sikh history all of the Guru’s
were worshippers of the (hindu god) Ram And Guru Tegh Bahadur didn’t give his head (martyrdom) for the Hindu religion. But in fact gave
his head for his own religion (i.e. the notion that he was a hindu and protected hinduism) This book’s writer, writers Of that time Guru Tegh Bahadur was martyred He had around his neck a Janeou (Hindu sacred thread) Guru Gobind Singh writes: thilak janvoo raakhaa prabh thaa kaa
The Master (Guru Tegh Bahadur) saved the religious symbols-the frontal mark and the sacred thread of Kashmiri Brahmans and Hindus. keeno baddo kaloo mehi saakaa
He performed an epoch-making exploit in the Iron age (dark ages). – Dasam Granth pg. 127 That my father ‘thaa kaa’
means theirs (as oppossed to his own) Their religion Their dhoti
(rectangular piece of unstitched cloth, wrapped around the waist and the legs and knotted at the waist, resembling a long skirt.). Their Janeou (Hindu sacred thread),
their hat (topi), to save them Had his body severed in Delhi, India But the matter doesn’t end there These Sikhs who were martyred with the Guru Who with the Guru walked
from Anandpur Sahib Bhai Dayla Ji, Bhai Mati Das ji, Who was sawn in half with a saw That brave Sikh of the
Guru from his mouth carried on reading Guru’s
Bani (The Guru’s hymns) And with his breaths
spoke of loving the saw But he today is being said to be Shri Guru Mati Dass Sharma In which his beard is cropped (cut/trimmed) He is written to be as Shri Guru Mati Dass Sharma And with him today The writer Mahvir has written a few lines
dishonours/insults Sikh history and Sikh Gurus Within it, it is written; that having foreseen
his death, the Guru of the Sikhs was afraid But our Guru Shri Guru Mati Dass Sharma said: O’ Lord King Don’t be afraid Before you are martyred I will go and be martyred And upon looking at me you can forget your worries Here Bhai Mati Das was not a Brahmin nor was he a
Sharma (from sharma family/caste) He is from the Chhibber family (caste/clan) In that time when Babur attacked/invaded India in 1521 His ancestor Baba Gautam at that time embraced the Sikh religion His ancestors also took part in battles for Guru Hargobind Sahib (6th Guru) And after that from their family many Sikhs later
on went to become martyrs of the Sikh faith After that a book was written ‘Indian war of Independence of 1857’ In which it is said Had Sikhs not betrayed India, India would
have been independent 90 years before Because Sikhs did not participate in
the Indian Rebellion/Mutiny of 1857 Because of that India had to be
enslaved longer then it had to be I will speak very briefly on this matter,
because this is a very long topic 9th May 1857 in barakpur (said 1757) A youth named Mangal
Pandey commited Mutiny He committed Mutiny because: He said the rifles given to them used bullets
which were greesed by cow fat and pig fat After that those people who rebelled were admitted in Delhi And with the a man named Nana Sahib
who was a king also rebelled His sole aim was that his adopted son
be made a king in Kanpur (U.P, India) In 19th May (mughal descendent) Bahadur Shah Zafar [II] joined it On one side Bahadur Shah Zafarar (II) He was asking for help from Banda
Singh Bahadur Shah Zafar (II) I am ready to open the doors of the forts, to
catch and arrest those who commited mutiny But that traitor is being called a hero today On the other side Bahadur Shah’s wife Jeenat Mahal was writing letters to the British That if you, put my son Jawan Bakht upon the
throne of Delhi then I am ready to help you And this traitor’s The biggest captain of the movement for
Bahadur Shah’s motives was Rani Jhansi (Queen of Jhansi) Dr G.W. Forest has written 3 volumes
called the Indian Mutiny of 1857 In it’s 3rd volume On page 13 he writes That who is called (queen of Jhansi)
Rani Chansi is a fake revolutionised Because when she was surronded by their opposition She gave to Captain Gordon 60 rifles,
some soldiers and ammunition And beloved of the Guru’s out of the 4, none of them
had the aim to free India and make it independent And that is why people like Dr
R.C Muzhamdar who are historians They have written very clearly, that the Mutiny of India
in 1857 was no such movement to make India independent but… They had their own personal interests in the mutiny was a treachery/mutiny of those people Because all those infantries that commited mutiny; which
were the following infantaries 41, 42, 47, 57, 58, 74 Those 5 to 6 infantries, they are those Bahiyas (Bihari’s) Who fought against Sikhs So because of that because of that mutiny, it is being said about
Sikhs that, Sikhs never helped that Mutiny Due to that, India remained enslaved 90 years
longer (then it had to) This image you can see of a Mandir (Hindu temple). It is of the province of Pathi In Pathi Taseer’s Village Kerayala In this Mandir (hindu temple)
Guru Granth Sahib was recited Perhaps you may have heard In 2000 R.S.S said they would recite Guru
Granth Sahib in all Mandirs (Hindu Temples) So firstly, it was recited in this mandir (hindu temple) With the help of some youth we were able to
take back the manuscript of Guru Granth Sahib And with that R.S.S sellouts made a statue/idol of Guru Gobind Singh In Sikh religious places That Guru’s idol was estbalished Who broke us away from idol worship
and joined us with Shabad Guru You may remember When Guru Gobind Singh left chamkaur After having martyred off his 2 sons in Chamkaur After 2 sons were martyred in Sirhind The great Lord King Guru upon reaching Dina in malwa region of the Punjab. There the Guru wrote the Zafarnama to Aurangzeb In the world Is a very unique creation That the Guru of the Sikhs writers to Aurangzeb KE HUSN-AL JAMAAL AST-O ROSHAN ZAMEER KHUDAVAND MULK AST-O SAHIB AMEER
Aurangzeb is beauty personified. He is bright minded and he is the lord of his kingdom;
– Zafarnama, no.90, Dasam Granth Aurangzeb, God is the great giver His great attributes are very high But Aurangzeb, let me tell you one thing BA LACHAARGI DARMIAN AAMDAM; BA TADBIR TEER-O KAMAAN AAMDAM
-Zafarnama no. 21, Dasam Granth It was out of sheer helplessness that I came in the battle field.
(Having thus decided) I came with all the battle plans and munitions. Aurangzeb, I did not wish to fight But you have oppressed people so much But it is out of helplessness I have been compelled
to take the sword, to take arms (rifles) Because CHUN KAR AZ HAMEH HEELAT-E DAR GUZASHT; HALAL AST BURDAN B-SHAMSHIR DAST
-Zafarnama no.22, Dasam Granth When all the stratagem employed for (solving) a problem are exhausted,
(only) then taking your hand to the sword is legitimate. But Aurangzeb, let me tell you one thing MANNAM KUSHTEH AM KOHI-AAN BUTT PRAST;
KE O BUTT PRASTAND MAN BUTT SHIKAST I am also the annihilator of the rajas, the idol worshippers. They are idol worshipers and I
am engaged in defeating “ the very concept” of idol worship- Zafarnama no.95, Dasam Granth I have eliminated the Hill Chiefs (rajas) because Because they believe in idols And: I am engaged in defeating “ the very concept” of idol worship. I am the one who opposes idol worship It is quite a tragedy Today of that Gurus we have started placing his idols This image has been published by an institution who are against Sikhs In which Guru Sahib’s image is next to 2 Hindu Kings Maharana Pratab and Maharati Shiva Ji Shiva Ji was from the Dalit Caste (untouchable) And if we read historical sources then it becomes clear that this human giving thousands of moors (small unit of medevil
indian currency like pence/cents/paisa) to brahmins (hindu priests) for his coronation ceremony And after his coronation he attained the throne,
he oppressed the Dalits (untouchables) the most. Whenever I see my young brothers and sisters
tying red and black strings on their hands Then I remember
Shiva Ji Maharata Because firstly under his rule it was decreed legally that Those who are of low social status should wear black threads on their
hands so that they can be recognised to belong to low social status Today out of fashion our young brothers and sisters tie black and red threads upon their hands Likewise the other photo is of Maharana Pratab Maharana Pratab is he Who fought many wars against Akbar (mughal king) And after the Haldi kathi war And in the region of Pehala, where Udham Singh Nagar is There he was walking around There his daughter had nothing to eat From his daughter a small piece of bread (roti) was taken by a wild stray cat He could not stand to see his daughter cry He at that point in time wrote a letter to Aurangzeb that he is ready to surrender And he is being compared with that Great Guru Whose 4 children having been martyred on the faith didn’t write a letter of defeat but wrote the Zafarnama (Letter of Victory) [In Persian] He wrote a Letter of Victory Likewise with this image Is of a great brave Sikh’s: It is of Sardar
Kartar Singh Sarabha [Freedom Fighter of India] Who at a very young age Went abroad yet became a martyr in India But in the books of Punjab Punjab’s historical subjects are being distorted and presented And this youth is being presented like this And being taught in this form This image that you can see now Within Nagpur In a mandir (hindu temple) next to Ganesh (hindu elephant
god) is put in a photo next to Guru Nanak (Sikh Guru) Because these brothers wanted to celebrate Ganesh Utsav To those who celebrate Ganesh Utsav, to
them is a Happy Ganesh Utsav celebration Because of all of the branches of Hinduism regardless of how many in-fighting they
may have. But they will only start all of their work only after worshipping Ganesh. But the Sikh of the Guru he/she does not worship Ganesh (hindu elephant god) In Guru Granth Sahib there is solely one mention of Ganesh in a shabad And in that Ganesh worship is prohibited Guru Gobind Singh writes very clearly:
‘I do not praise or hail Ganesh before I start any task.’
– Sampooran Reheras/Dasam Granth I do not worship Ganesh first. I do not praise or hail Ganesh before I start any task. Nor do I let the thought of Vishnu or any
incarnations of Vishnu (i e Krishna) enter my mind incarnations incarnations of Vishnu (i.e Krishna) enter my mind.
Sampooran Reharas I know of their existence, but I do not ever
worship them. May my prayers and thoughts always be in the
immaculate holy feet of the Lord (the one and only) immaculate immaculate,holy feet of the Lord (the one and only). Guru has prohibited this matter Because Sikhs don’t start all of their work
through the prayer/rememberance of Ganesh But instead does ardas (prayer) infront of Guru Granth Sahib tili taep nawaran haara Dukh hanta Sukh raas tah kaou vigan nai kou lagai Ja ki prabh Agai Ardas With this They have made an image of Guru Nanak next to, Jesus Christ,
Mahatma Buddh(a) and Prophet Muhammad [Hazrat Muhammad Sahib] When infact in Islam it has been
prohibited to make images of their prophet In their religion, in their laws (muhammaden law/shariah
law), making images of Muhammad the prophet is prohibited In this place you can see in the image, in the worship
of Ganesh during the celebration of Ganesh Utsav Our raagi jatha (Sikh-hymn singing groups) did kirtan (sang hymns) and their
they also praised Ganesh (ganeshs ustati) [took part in ganesh worship] Because these people Have left their religion for money (materialism) [maya] They very matter that the great lord
king Guru had already explained to us maya karan vidya vichou Today due to money [materialism] (maya) Here because of Dollars (currency), are selling out our
religion and are selling out our religious priniciples In this book About the school of thought of Christianity very wrong has been written (distortions and defamation) This image you can see now I have scanned
it in, but this actually did take place 26 October 2000 around the day of Diwali From Ujjain some pandits
(hindu priests) who had gone Went into the sarovar (holy water pool around a temple) of
Harmander sahib and started worshipping the Hindu Sun God For us That Guru Nanak went into the
very pilgrim sites of Hnduism Went to Haridwar and said he was watering his
crops and land (in punjab) from haridwar And today our conscience our teachings
have been so eliminated that That having come before those
against the Sikh religion That in harmander sahib having come they go and do worship of the sun From Diamong Pocket Books, an
image and a book was published That Lord King Guru Nanak Dev ji is compared next to this times
royal family of Mohandas (mahatama) Gandhi and Indira Gandhi it has been written in great detail in my own book This topic is very long that perhaps I won’t in the time alloted I
won’t be able to mention it On the otherside I would like to make you aware of somethings that institute who have distorted our religion They have harmed our history so much, they previously made a program That upon the event of
400 years of Guru Divas From India, from 4 locations (pilgrimage) journeys be made And they must reach and finish their journey and Harmander Sahib But, some youth who come to camps, because
going place to place in India that we stated to the youth But those youths took a really good stand That akal takht had became desparate and said
that the Sikh congregation should not join them And them with their journeys had to abaddon the idea Just like that those people who have
been brought up by these institutes This is sharda nand, Ashutosh (Noormahal) These people play with the honour of Punjab Those Punjabis: If from Kasur/Qasur a Brahmin (Hindu) can ask Sikhs In the feet of Sikh’s a humble request that: Nawab
Usman Khan has taken (abducted) my daughter The beloved Khalsa (brotherhood of the pure) of the Guru Usman’s 12 Forts were conquered.
Having conquered Kasur/Qasur Would save and free one brahmin girl But with great pain I have to say Today Punjab’s 350 Sikh girls have
sold their honour to his shrine Today this is our situation Beloved Sikhs of the Guru What shall we do now We For the cause of our religion if we want
to survive then the least we will have to do is from our own homes stop dishonouring
hair (cutting hair and keep kesh) In our homes we should teach
our children religious books We should all sit and do Nitnem (Sikh Daily prayers) We should in our lives carry out all rites of passages
in accordance to the teachings of the Sikh gurus We should definitely give 10% charity And be aware of such enemies of the Sikh religion Because always remember this one thing history repeats itself and the Khalsa (Sikh brotherhood) When he among the down trodden
raised up became a practiser of truth And I making a last final request
say; That beloved Sikhs of the Guru what I have said do not just remain confined to me bẖāʼndai
Vessel I may live or I may not Live (mortality) But I think for the limited
time god has given me life Kabīr kūkar rām ko muṯī▫ā mero nā▫o. Gale hamāre jevrī jah kẖincẖai ṯah jā▫o.
Kabeer, I am the Lord’s dog; Moti is my.
There is a chain around my neck; wherever I am pulled, I go. SGGS 1368 I go place to place and bark infront
of the congregation on stages But beloved Sikhs of the Guru That it is your duty aswell Because I don’t know every place in the world But please you can all come into this Because Guru Nanak has bestowed upon
the grace to learn all language When Guru Nanak sahib spoke to the people of Punjab And he clearly has said: jo tuDh bhaavai saa-ee bhalee kaar; too sadaa salaamat nirankaar
Whatever pleases You is the only good done,
You, Eternal and Formless One! (Japji Sahib) That is the matter Guru Nanak discussed with the pandits (hindu priests) of hairdwar Guru Nanak spoke this also in Sanskrit Guru Nanak spoke to the Qazis in Mecca, Madina And Guru Nanak has said (in persian): Yak araj gufṯam pes ṯo ḏar gos kun karṯār.
I offer this one prayer to You; please listen to it, O Creator Lord. SGGS 721 We should know all langauges Guru Gobind Singh who has said in punjabi: mithr piaarae noo(n) haal mureedhaa dhaa kehinaa ॥
Tell the beloved friend (the Lord) the plight of his disciples. (Dasam Granth pg. 1348) Where in sanskrit bhoopan kae bhoop ho k rajan ke raaj ho ke dani mahaa daan ho
You are the Monarch over kings; You are the King of Kings, You are the bestower of stupendous bounties.
Aurangzeb is beauty personified. He is bright minded and he is the lord of his kingdom;
– Zafarnama, no.90, Dasam Granth Use this language for preaching the knowledge of your religion I have to say with much shame That today we are going far away from our own Punjabi language There were we know of other religions We only use them for hollow and
shallow purposes to show off We do not use the knowledge of other faiths
for the preaching of Guru Nanak’s religion My profession as a medical doctor
puts me infront of normal patients Those sisters who don’t even have visas
but just come once from the embassy They speak such broken English
that I can not understand them One day a sister came and brought a child, the
child might have had a fever and said Doctor Could you place your hand on his forehead
and feel how very hot his forehead is Nor from yesterday has he eaten anything nor has he slept
properly, he just cries (broken English mixed in with Punjabi) I was very suprised Beloved Sikhs of the Guru If we have so much wisdom of languages
then we should use it for the religion Then I finish there Above the falcon Nahin tera besara (nay is your home), kasaara sultani te gaumband paer tu shahi hai (are a falcon) tu basera kar pahara ki (live of mountains) chakauna paer
Your home is not on the King’s falcon stand, but your home is on the clifs and edges of mountains Because the flight of a falcon is very high But that falcon Can only go upwards If my young brothers and sister If they can join me, on a little basis. I am not asking for
money, if I wanted dollars I would have said so earlier on I would firstly already read backward and forward words I only ask for your love, your union and your unity with me. That you join within this kirtha and enforce your duty So that we can say You are a falcon, I humbly request; that could you please say highly with me the fateh greeting. Whaeguru
Ji Ka Khalsa Whaeguru Ji Ke Fateh (To God belong the Khalsa, and to God belongs victory)

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