#DragonCityTreeOfLife: the Alliance Grove!!

I wonder… What else will be fine thanks
to the Tree of Life?… Deus, I need to tell you something… at Dragonverse I saw something we thought didn't exist anymore I saw…Primal Dragons. Primal Dragons?! I thought they became extinct eons ago
or that they had never existed… It is said that Primal was the very first
dragon element to exist. Exactly! And over the years they developed into Pure and Legend elements but the other part of their essence stayed inside the primal Dragons at Dragonverse. Gaia! We must find a way to bring them here. I need to see them! Pure, Legend and Primal elements… Imagine how they would interact?! To summon Primal Dragons, Dragon Masters must join their power together! There might be a way… Yes! The Tree of Life connects all of the
multiverse so Dragon Masters can connect through its roots… JOIN ME, Deus!
For the Primals! Tree of life roots start growing and they turn into the Alliance Grove, with other Dragon Cities connected. Wow, it’s magnificent!
We shall name it… The Alliance Grove. Now it’s in your hands, Dragon Masters.
Work together and achieve what was once thought to be impossible… Bring the Primal Dragons to Dragon City!!

20 thoughts on “#DragonCityTreeOfLife: the Alliance Grove!!

  • i think dragon city sucks i mean i got to level 25 but i need gems not gold to actually use it also i got the card pack but i didn´t get the tentacle dragon so yeah it sucks but if you are giving me my tentacle dragon my username is lets destroy

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  • have a problem with the alliances every time I tried to join an I get an error message could solve my problem please.thanks

  • interesting video, and I agree with him. Dragon city game sucks… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBzn4TfNgCc

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  • hola amigos de dragon city, estoy presentando un grave problema con el juego, el juego se reinicia continuamente cada vez que recolecto el oro de mis islas de dragones y me envia un mensaje advirtiendome que hay un problema con los servidores, este problema esta pasando desde hace 2 meses y no lo he podido resolverlo, qué hago?, por favor ayuda.

  • hello friends of dragon city, I am presenting a serious problem with the game, the game restarts continuously every time I collect the gold from my dragon islands and sends me a message warning me that there is a problem with the servers, this problem is happening from 2 months ago and I have not been able to solve it, what do I do ?, please help.

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