Draymond Green’s Victory Parade T-Shirt Once Again Trolls LeBron & The Cavs – NY Daily News

Draymond Green took the most savage jab at LeBron James and the Cavaliers during the Warriors’ championship parade on June 12! And, it may or may not have had something to do with the Cavs’ ‘Arthur’ spoof…    Draymond Green, 28, is sparing no one at the Warriors’ championship celebration parade in Oakland on June 12! The Dubs star epically trolled LeBron James, 33, and the Cleveland Cavaliers — for the second year in a row — with his T-shirt, a nod to the Cavs’ Arthur fist, Cleveland originally used to troll its opposing teams in the regular season  If you’re not familiar with the back story, Dray’s shirt is pretty much a mockery of the now famous social media meme of the cartoon character, Arthur’s fist, which King James posted on Instagram early this season with the caption “Mood…” Later on, Dray seemed to troll James, when he uploaded a “mood” post of his own back in November, despite his saying that he wasn’t trolling James at the time   Draymond’s shirt at the #WarriorsParade 👀😯  (via @NBCSWarriors) pic.twitter com/zAeocLluuT  — NBA on TNT (@NBAonTNT) June 12, 2018   LeBron: mood…  Draymond’s shirt: big mood pic twitter.com/1qD4ou4tK2  — SB Nation (@SBNation) June 12, 2018    Dray’s black shirt featured the Arthur fist wearing three championship rings — aka, one for each time the Warriors have defeated James and the Cavs in the Finals in 2015, 2017, and 2018  As previously mentioned, this isn’t the firs time Dray’s taken aim at Bron and the Cavs In fact, he’s used the Warriors’ continued championship wins to troll the Dubs’ biggest rivals with t-shirts in previous years In 2017, he wore a T-shirt with the word “Quickie” on its front, in the same exact style of the Cavs’ Quicken Loans Arena logo  The trolling of the Cavs, specifically James, continued on parade day in Oakland this year, when a blue vehicle had Bron’s (meme-wrothy) crying face plastered across the front of its bumper Talk about savage!  As the Warriors continue to celebrate their championship sweep, the question still remains — Where will LeBron James go? The King is a free agent this offseason (the third time in his 15-year career) The red hot spotlight will be on him until he makes his decision to either stay in Cleveland, or move on to what some believe could be the Rockets, the Sixers, or the Lakers  Bron, the ball is officially in your court…

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