Dreamy Camera Cafe – 꿈꾸는사진기

We’re in the camera cafe and it’s kind of one of its kind kind of things so this is not in Seoul. Dreamy camera cafe Oftentimes I get emails people ask me. Where do you recommend I go and Usually people are we staying so but this is one of the reason to get out of Seoul. So this is located nearest Yongmoon station you can give the directions for taxi driver taxi driver will bring you to the camera cafe and No problems getting back because the owners can actually call our taxi back for you anyways, uh as many of you know I worked on a three-year project about Korea and I didn’t make many videos during that time because I was busy doing that and During my journey. I Just really really went hard on photography so I’m I do do a lot of traveling on the weekends and I’m gonna take you guys with me so you can see how to get around Korea and making some nice scenery shots Anyways back to this cafe All I can say is very very lovely Unfortunately today the sky is not very nice But otherwise you have a very beautiful sunset here and have various collections of cameras Very expensive can see Leica and Contax in there But I met the owners they’re very very nice people. They do speak English, so don’t worry yeah, you guys enjoy this little small tour because I will be making more videos about Traveling and this is one place. I recommend you guys visit so don’t be afraid to get out of Seoul this place – Dreamy camera cafe

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