Dropped 120 kills with strife SOLO And got gunship #SwaggRC

destroyed your you Amy Marge boy lockdown oh my god destroyed your new baby he's standing by package come on Boyd lockdown here turn three is our TV Lima Charlie sir just you hardpoint lost hard point is secure hostile UAV circling are you a 50% touch your UAV has been destroyed oh my god what hardpoint lockdown mega love enemy lightning strike radar detected hostile ID what I'm inside of the house pastel care package inbound hostile UAV circling my point contested lockdown some hardware oh boy lockdown multiple hostile UAV is operating fucking shotgun what are you doing here bro here's another Gani puss we've lost the hard way ah Stiles has a hard point enemy lightning strike establish how storm above attack on deliver care package on my mark hostels have destroyed your UAB your UAV has been destroyed oh my god hostile system intrusion has been detected I speak online hostile care package inbound oh my god operating dot yeah none hard-boil off nigga was shocked we lost a hard voice come on man fucking ago a shotgun lockdown goki can place it to finish the mission whoa my boy lockdown hard-boil off styles have captured the hardpoint boy lockdown now beyond bad government for sticking with

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