Dub FX 18/04/2009 'Society Gates'

thank you I'd say s conformity is the faces its falling me and the angels it warned me they taught me to run and dispose out the kyln I could all be Scalia he'd be gone with no trainees instead I just a get weird in societies guys cuz I can justify with my life I see it nothing lets you do ah there's nothing they said I was crazy and they called me a fool but words cannot change me and my respect father I may be part of the system oh but if I to do this land the rules would be different but and just one i won I and I must justify J at time I can't I do I got my singing so while we show us under a tree far away from society where the only truth in me is a students anime or entity while my other voice is free it expresses words of play to return to a stable form of reality city do Didit II but on its utter that great that trees inside of another treated perplexity is infinity so we'll just children split see I miss that tree that's reason side another tree capacity is infinity so I will just chill [Applause] I trusted Oh I'm cheated so how does not cuz I can run I'd run high and dice must justify the way I live my life until the day I die I live within these guys I cannot talk who again so I must see it through after the mother left thank you

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