Dutch speech about freedom in de 17th century (English subtitled!)

The new board member of Holland en West-Frisia.. the noble and honourable delegate from Dordrecht… Sir Johan de Witt! Thank you…thank you… As the trustee of The Prince Of Orange I believe I speak on behalf of all the delegates… if I say that we are delighted with our new chairman from the mighty provence Holland. You can even call it…relieved Anyway, I will sleep better now… …knowing that from now on a man will be in charge… …who will serve the interests of all the provinces. Not only the interests of his own Republican friends. I presume that sir Kievit himself stands above all parties. I was thinking of…..The Pince Of Orange! And how is it possible for The Prince to stand above all parties… …if he can’t even reach to my belly button? Order……order…… We will now hear delegate De Witt. First of all, I’m delighted to hear that the honourable deputy Kievit enjoys a good night’s rest. And regarding your question… I understand your concern. Actually I think there’s nobody else in this country who understands you better then me. My father was imprisoned because he didn’t agree with the Orangists. By that experience I learned to live in a country were it’s forbidden to think what you want. Do you want to live in such a country? I don’t. And I presume you neither. So let me ask you a question… We live in a country of merchants. We sail with a fleet of 20,000 ships across the world, to trade everywhere. And in this trade we all work together as Dutch people. To obtain a fair price…to help each other in our needs… What dou you believe? Did it work or not? Yes…I see that some of the delegates no longer fit in the benches anymore. And now I ask you… If you do your trading in the West or in the East, do you act as an Orangist or as a Republican? No… And why do you think that the British block our supply routes…and try to stop our trade? Because of you are an Orangist or a Republican? No! The English want to fight us because we are Dutch. Free Dutch. Because according to the great kingdoms, our small country is far too rich and far too succesfull… …and far too free. Because we are also a republic. Wherein everyone is free to live as he wants. It’s a country wherein we ourselves decide how to worship God. Wherein no leader is more important than the people itself. The British don’t grant us that freedom. They are afraid of that freedom… …because we are prepared to die for that freedom! Because we have earned that freedom with our own blood…that’s why. And I ask you…does not everyone of you have lost a family member to the Spanish or British? And whas that Republican blood or Orangist blood? No…It was Dutch blood. It was our blood. This is our country. It’s a country that we ourselves have conquered from the sea. A country wherein we ourselves make our own luck by working hard. In the villages, in the cities…in the ports, on the land We can only protect our own freedom if we are prepared to also fight for the freedom of one another. That… That is the bond which keeps the 7 arrows in the claws of Dutch lion, my gentlemen. That is the bond! Your freedom is my freedom. A freedom which I will defend till my last breath.

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