Dying Light A Pact With Rias! #6

all right so like I said guys same shirt same day same minute since I literally just finished recording the last one I'm heading straight back into this so welcome back to another episode um yeah so now we have to go and potentially meet rice yeah hmm yeah perfect opportunity all right then so yeah we have to go meeting I don't ask me I'd well you can't ask me that's a stupid thing to say um I don't know if we actually do meet the guy I really don't know I forgot and you know it's been a while and by a while I mean absolutely young to play this game yes I did ooh with fire or lights I'm really not really not I just nearly died an anxiety attack in the last step so did you see how badly I was breathing at the end of last last episode well I'm not going to trap that episode I'm not doing it right now I will pick a different dare to do it I'm not mm-hmm and actually I'm not doing it right now unfortunately yes no wait taught him yet take seat cool let's just read quickly Sardar anything cell blueprint industrial-grade leech I'd bleed into enemy weapon melee weapon no meal yes I will does read it right let's just sleep yeah another plan sir also I forgot to mention as well if you don't know anything about this game the drops are actually good they're not just part of the story you get these soft packages and then you take them to the guy in the building and it gets you a bunch of XP like 5000 per crit and I'm just checking so it felt like I live in the nosebleed then I'm not being disgusting I promise bullshit yeah die brick is back break it oh shit break his face yeah so give me your money bitch thank you anti a nice person oh okay so let's head over to the next mission introduce yourself to rice do we actually meet him is the question I don't know I cannot remember one thing I do what that's not down here no so do want to pick lock this round here no yes I know I can make up a lot pics that I do remember then so just come down here lockpicks create let's make another one well six so that's oh oh so in that's one thing I've just noticed I don't know if it would coincidental oh you little shit I heard you didn't think it were inside oh it's not inside on the ps4 version every time you went back in to pick lock it could be in a different location that needs picking that was in the same location so yeah that's good oh this says safe zone okay dokay I do want to unlock all the safe zones at one point but I need I really need like my favorite weapon in this game was always sort of a machete any machete that could decapitate and things like that was my favorite it didn't even have to be a gold tier weapon which I could get a gold tier weapon right now I forgot to mention that I could easily get a go to your weapon so I think we cuz I've got the season pass I could log in right now make an account and it gives you a code to get a goal to your weapon but I saw and thought no I want to hold so I saw that and I thought I want to enjoy this game I want to do a playthrough why the hell would I get a gold weapon why would I get a golden weapon I don't want my yes oh I just I just felt like if I got that I wouldn't be able to enjoy it so I didn't get it you know for the sake of obviously making these I don't want to cheat my way through it I want to find the stuff obviously when when I'm nearly maxed out and stuff I'll go ahead and buy some not buy some well I'll sign in and get the weapon that's not rice that behind him is rice oh yeah I remember literally by my fingers like is that my laughter Yola does it matter you just chopped his hand off look at his hand yeah look at that yep Jesus can I have the weapon please it's not as good but I'll take it my oh he could absolutely I'd love some of them Oh over here I have to get inside [Applause] yep alright let's do this I'm Josh he lived in Texas yes I'm from I'm from UK South Yorkshire that's why I assess if I'll be right you know most people don't understand us but they'll be all right see be all right it will be all right mm-hmm okay so contact the GRE oh there's a shop in here as well I'm not here it blooping of conducting look we don't have that and bye-bye our last of all that stuff is good shit it's always good to buy up the items because it's good to craft stuff hmmm let's see this is good because this will also help our people you know we all need those radio towers up oh and I think this is I'm trying to think if I know because I don't know the story all that well anymore but there is obviously I mentioned the old town in the last episode and you do come into contact with them on wondering if it's after you fix the towers but I'm not sure if the contact you or the mention it when you get there I don't know well those are still a cheer yep entrance of the underground parking awesome okay oh not lock-picking that's good I also laughed you know the intro of this game there the music is got a guy that just starts chanting a lot of shit I just found out very funny that was also known the ps4 edition yep so I've got five minutes left on recording I've got a feeling I'm gonna have to restart the camera at some point because this is not going to be as easy as I think or anyone thinks well I'm not gonna lock pit back so I'm pretty sure these people can get up here so I can climb the tower but I don't want to be doing that UV dye one thing I can do is disrupt then get them over there go including you two come on fat man shit now the big man's not moving message understood oh Jesus yeah that's a bitter damage done to him hey how am I meant to get into that do I have the stuff to make more firecrackers oh it's nothing wakame Corinne jabo that create our just readin that sorry so yeah come net1 firecracker that's create so I'll need some Ranger arrows I don't have any nails so does that mean I literally can't even use that weapon I've got this this will be pretty good at decapitating I guess but really I need to I need to get into that building ah so it is luring away now so what I'm gonna do is select that do I not have I don't have any arrows that's understandable Jesus Mike why is he not moving but how am I meant to get into that building look at how many there is well I say come over here let's burn them all in fire let's just start with that so I can't get under there that's not lootable okay getting there Shh open oh so not only that I've got to know bad reason is that all you've got for me so I think it's dead I still need to get into the building somehow I don't think the big guy is meant to be here it was quickly restart my camera all right so first before dial any of them because my camera ran out of charge not to point where to COFF right you die I don't know where the big guy is always there I could have right through distraction like move that no way this is my chance get over that right let's gain Oh how lovely I can't do the airdrop right now if it's not far away I'll go for it it's not far away but I really don't want to go for it I can't I don't have anything else to I don't have any firecrackers what is this month how am I meant to do this I mean some of you guys are probably good at this game and you just thinking what the hell is this guy doing well I am out of practice for this game on where's right hold are to change arrows shock arrows who does that yes it works on the fire – I like this born arrow come on then go into the fire people be good boys and girls day long titties right come on mallet oh my god I am so bad at this well let's go in right I did it I did it oh I'm not too bad at climbing towers I shouldn't say that because oh my god we're on I will turn out if I say some shit like that this is the first tower though so it should be fairly easy is this the tower also where people camp out on no it's not well it might be actually did they live up there no I don't think so there is them a tower or two in the game where they've got four survivors on towers that's why were wondering let's get up here right up here oh my nose Wiseman oh so weak in my knee little top up here yep it's a long way up look little you can zipline down so that's a good thing Oh eat yet it go I love doing that man muscles way up head to the next one you may die yes yes yes so I want to go down this one more this rice sounds like a pleasant book I'm gonna make this episode a bit longer and finish this quest rather than just end it I need some parts for the arrow though because like the arrow seems the arrow that I need some arrows for the bows for the what am I even saying the arrows for the bow because it seems like if I can just keep him at a distance for now I'm pretty I'm good but if I have to fire them head-on I could be in trouble you can craft a new item I don't care I don't have any nails I need nails second one I remember this shop as well I think no is it no it's not this shop you'll see it'll come into play later basically it's just a guy and that's where you can get your first gun from I do remember that it's a sidequest I think nor main mission that's why I mentioned instead away luckily I remember how to do this one as well saves you guys a lot of time everybody's shit scatter ice month he's not wrong listen to your dad boy well let's head up here we're next this side up here come on boy then there's ladders finally someone lot ladders because someone tell me if they've ever seen a radio tower that's as dysfunctional as this one oh I just yeah tell me if you've ever seen a radio tower as dysfunctional as this one I'm pretty sure they're not built like this in real life like why is there so many bits to it you don't know yeah I think I think it is from my past experience I think it actually is I'm not sure shimmy over a bit there you go right are we on the level yes we are a [Applause] so I'm gonna keep climb and see what's at the top I hope there's like a chest or something and then we'll end the episode right there let's have a quick look boy if I fall down there it's not gonna be pretty where am I going how do I get up there there is a box I need the box okay I was just about to the end the episode there let's let's just give it one more go this episode is already along so why not just get to the top of this why not actually accomplish something right I know people are gonna get frustrated I'm mad at me right now yeah right so you come onto here there we go that's what I wanted to do last time but you wouldn't let me do it right I just you get up I did not click that button I might have done I don't know you nearly gave me a heart attack huh a flag you know fuck this game I just nearly died for a flag and I can't get down without dying to death all right I'm going to end this episode here I'm really enjoying this game my hands are sweating month about well that was one of the most intense episodes yet yeah I really love this game it's literally one of my favorites so I hope you enjoyed this video smells like smoke smells like somebody's having a fire outside yeah I hope you enjoyed this video I'm literally gonna hop straight back into the next one my own you know I've literally been playing for so long now that it's like why do i why bother stopping you know why bother stopping so yeah I'm there just quickly hot right into the next one so I'll see you in episode what is it I think it's six the next one I don't know peace you you

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