Dynatrace and Red Hat – working together to deliver innovation and value

my role at redhat is I’m the technical director for our partner ecosystem and I’m focused specifically on the openshift technology we have I’m responsible for the technical integrations and our direction and strategy that we have with our different partner types from a red hat openshift perspective you know Dynatrace is an isv partner right you know and we see the solution with Dynatrace as very complimentary in expanding the service capability that we already have in our application platform by allowing you know customers gain insight into the applications that they’re deploying with this platform in this new world things really accelerated you know once this digital transformation started kicking in you know with dev ops and microservices and hybrid cloud and so you know we started working together you know hey let’s solve this problem the thing that separates Dynatrace from some of the other partners that I deal with I think is is a couple of things right it’s really the level of integration we have between our companies but then you know this this whole machine learning approach to doing things you know and and really having the software itself understand change in the environment and make recommendations based on you know what’s happening in that environment is honestly I would say one of the biggest differentiators when I look across the ecosystem

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