E-democracy – Connex Web Series | S1 | E12

getting a vote is a sign of trust which in return creates duties for the representative to orphan citizens complain that it's difficult to continue a dialogue after an election thus making them angry and frustrated but how do you keep the connection with hundreds of thousands of citizens alone you can't but technology opens new opportunity to enable the voice of citizens strengthening lasted and trusted relationships this is what we call a democracy on the one hand citizens believe that communications between elected officials and citizens are way too weak too often citizens feel more like an electoral vote or number than an active participant of a community on the other hand citizens are becoming empowered with the extended application and use of social media information is quickly shared even fake information these are two important reasons to find the right solution to fill the gap between citizens and elected representatives many countries regions and cities have tested different solutions to provide a more collaborative environment between citizens and elected officials and it has worked with new digital engagement solutions you can accelerate the collaboration with your citizens and your supply and contracted businesses have you ever thought about providing a Regional Council web and mobile application to share information with your citizens contractors or suppliers have you ever thought about sending a quick survey to the Regional Council and get quicker feedback or how about getting an instant status anywhere anytime have you ever thought of providing the Regional Council a simple way to share ideas and proposals to create the best peaceful environment for your citizens while creating a thriving community city or region alcatel-lucent rainbow is the solution rainbow is a communications platform as a service that is hosted in the cloud it provides a large set of API and a development kit to integrate communications into your web and mobile applications it can be enhanced with a bot based on natural language processing and LP along with location-based services or any other service such as a calendar or a database or even artificial intelligence this is an easy way to provide all you've ever dreamt off and more to animate your community so that's it for today I hope you enjoyed this episode and now understand the importance of digital transformation for an e democracy don't forget to like and share and check out the other episodes of the connects web series bye

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