Earning Points & Cash with Gift Cards | Maximizing Credit Card Bonus Categories

Hey, it’s Ernest from Trip Astute. Today
we’re doing a quick tip video on maximizing points with gift cards. With
Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought I’d do a quick video on how you
can maximize your point earnings buying things like gift cards. Certain credit
cards are known to give bonuses in the grocery and drugstore category. One of my
cards is the Chase Freedom, which has a 5x point bonus on a rotating category
every quarter. This quarter it happens to be drug stores and grocery stores,
therefore any gift cards I want to purchase I can get from my local grocery
store and earn 5 points per dollar. Now the Chase Freedom Card isn’t the
only card with a bonus at the grocery store. There are other cards as well that
offer bonuses. One that comes to mind is the American Express Blue Cash Preferred
Card, which offers 6% cash back on grocery spending. Another one of my
favorite cards is the Chase Ink Cash Card which allows me to earn 5 points at
office supply stores. Both Staples and Office Depot offer gift cards which is
especially useful when I have to buy them for work. And that’s my quick tip
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3 thoughts on “Earning Points & Cash with Gift Cards | Maximizing Credit Card Bonus Categories

  • Have to be real careful when it comes to Chase, in some situations they consider gift cards manufactured spending. Good luck trying to figure out their formula on that. People have had all their Chase cards closed because of this and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. The terms Chase and gift cards scare me. Go on some of the blogs, plenty of stories of Chase closing down accounts because of this.

  • How about buying store specific gift cards (not visa/mastercard/amex) like amazon or target? Does the lender have issue with them?

  • should you use credit card, such as Discover It, which earns 10% on rotating categories, to buy visa gift card in the stores?

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