Earth Sign Capricorn Taurus and Virgo July 2019 Love and Prosperity Reading

hey everyone its Marion with the Cossack inspirations and today I've decided to do an off-the-cuff type of reading and we're gonna do it according to be four elements we're going to do earth air fire and water for the earth science we're gonna start with Capricorn Taurus and Virgo so I'm gonna be using different accent we're just gonna kind of do this shuffling live and and see how that works out then I'm I love doing life readings because I feel that you get that sense of joining with me right and then having that energy as you see it come across to your screen so this is going to be we're gonna start with the good two row by Colette being read and we're gonna see how this month starts settling in for our earth signs and what July is going to be bringing which no we know it's gonna be about fire here we go five of fire so this about ideas inspiration so we're getting really inspired let's go ahead and pull like to see about least five cards page of Earth okay so bringing things into our manifestation eat of water trying to let go of some things like this we progress to the nine of water which is our wish fulfilled oops okay I got two more strength and the last card is Pharma beer okay so let's look at this what we've up here for you guys I hope you'll be able to see this fairly well all right so we're starting with our ideas right our inspiration as the fiber fire which is also the five of Wands but in this in this deck it's about our passion our inspiration and our ideas now the page of Earth is one that helps to manifest and put those ideas into play let's bring them down to earth rila where earth signs so let's let's put them in a reality that is gonna bring about a concrete manifestation and I just this instead in the air as an idea but we actually do something concretely do the actions to the fire card into stabilizing it and making it something real for us but we do have decisions to make and do we want to stay with something that we has probably maybe been prosperous or or led us to something good in the past we stay like in our comfort zone or do we want to get out of our comfort zone and do something completely different so this is why this meeting is this way because I just decided I want to do something completely different kind of emerging of working on the elements but also working this life with you all right so night of water I love it because we've got diamonds right with a beautiful mermaid nine of water is the traditional thing nine of cups it's usually cups that are overflowing and a gentleman who's sitting like in a rainbow and he's all happy right so here she is she's kind of like wistfully looking at all these treasures like each one is a diamond she's got so many right she's just surrounded by this flow and it just seems that they're just getting bigger right they're just the different shapes and now this big huge diamond is coming her way so I feel that with some of the air signs and that that to me really be speaks of what's gonna be happening and doing these lunar eclipses and these Eclipse season that we're having now in the month of July and as that reflects for a six months down the line when we're actually going to have as our signs and everything a lot of the planets are going to be in Capricorn so that affects a lot of our earth signs have these huge changes and opportunities that coming for a lot of the signs and so here we have the beautiful strength card so it is again and it's funny how it follows or is underneath here don't made of water because the strength is about overcoming the ego overcoming things that or that self defeatist talk right in your mind that's the egoic choice it's really about taking a decision to really go with your heart's desire since it's right here next to the line of water you're gonna have the strength to see this through now the five of air is an interesting card to come towards the end so maybe we'll pull another one to have a little bit of clarity because the five of you if you see she's kind of like on a tightrope right just couple points you she's look at all she's looking sperm right she's little a about to Teeter off but it is going to be kind of tricky for her to keep that up right so five of air it means that there is something coming about that maybe you need to let go of some things right in order to embrace some of these new desires coming in which is probably the choice that's coming so let me I'd like to pull them one more time now I'm gonna pull a couple of the wisdom Oracle or the Oracle by collect all right so last guy okay six of birth six of Pentacles now since it Pentacles usually means somebody coming in that is it's kind of like a balance of give-and-take I knowing knowing how to give him how to receive so when we are giving right when we do things that we are giving of ourselves being of service that's when also our rewards come to us on the level of our true sharing or a true desire to be of service to others and really that's that's how the universe kind of you know plays it right it's it's about an alignment to being who you are sharing that uniqueness of gift that you've been given with others for the greater good and be doing things for the greater good therefore comes back to you and instances of personal reward of personal happiness now we've been I've been doing a lot of talk about happiness and happy money so happy money is there's a book called happy money by Ken Kondo can Honda sorry and his car was thinking about Marie Kondo so she's kind of like the Marie Kondo of money he's a millionaire worldwide author and from Japan and he has this principle of how our money picks up the energies and that's not something new I mean anybody who follows the law of attraction knows if that is true oh I think that's wonderful so loyal heart very interesting how the masculine and the feminine are kind of on equal terms here right now they don't seem to they date together they seem to make this beautiful heart picture right and it's about really being I think also loyal to yourself right that self-love has to come first and I've been using a lot this metaphor this analogy of when you get on a board a plane and they tell you if you have children make sure you put your own mask first be put before you put on that of the kids because you know what if something happens to you who's gonna take care of them they can't take care of you so you have to take care of you first to ensure that others are also them taking care of so let's see what other beautiful things come in for our earth signs and then we have some money so it's very interesting I think somebody who's a great friend of yours or that has stimulated that sense of loyalty within you and that's gonna help you in the process of mending that heart perhaps there was a situation or a relationship that you thought could be with the soulmate or even someone in the family and you're gonna be able to kind of focus on that healing of the situation that's between you guys oops oh and love it so it's gonna bring you peace right mending your heart to brings you peace and then it makes you ready and poised for the big leap right poised for that sudden I mean she's even got her head thrown back right she's not even looking where she's going she's so ecstatic and so sure and the knowledge that whatever she's going to it's just gonna be great right so the peace allows us to make these choices right when we get into our piece of our heart a peace of mind and and we find that alignment right this alignment this ersite it's becoming very grounded I love that we have the double peace here right so it's somebody's extending to you through this mending of the soil heart they're extending to you that olive branch which really lets you be like ready set go to fly off into something new ballast okay what do I want to do now let us who look at I think I think it's time to bring in some of our angels so I've got here my Angels of Atlantis one of my favorites such and talk about a giving person just giving him himself freely that's mr. Stuart Pearce he's just a divine person and his cards really just his angel most of Atlantis just speak to my height that's too many of us because they're so beautiful the messages so let's see which angels want to come through which angels of Atlantis want to come through for the year signs for the month oh I love it so here is Archangel Samuel look at that there's the Taj Mahal in this beautiful lilac colored or rose gold colored orb and the message is serenity so serenity what let's talk a little bit about who that shim ul who is Samuel Shem ul is our divine guide he's the one that in this he's going to the beautiful confirmation is gonna help you with peace of mind and it's one of our angelic the one of the greatest angelic gifts that we can get is the state of serenity and that you can always feel he says here in this book is old guy book says feel the abundance of the source providing for you as it always will serenity means that we offer our challenges to the divine for the divine will always bring us a resolution in the form of the miraculous allow yourself to develop visionary faith in the ideals of serenity instead of blindly following so that's very interesting so before you you know in order to have a loyal high they have trust has to be loyal tea has to be earned right it has to be you have to have experience with that person in order to be able to trust that person right and be loyal to them otherwise you're just giving them this like free gift that means nothing right and it's it's something that you as you build these relationships in a firm manner then they far more lasting then something that is just oh I love you forever transitory means nothing oh okay perfect confirmation who's Jerry Elwood trust so beautiful we're building that trust well bringing that trust into our lives w look at the beautiful colors Archangel Uriel is our angel of enlightenment right and he's telling us that we need to trust in the divine we need to trust that there is a grand plan for us right and that it's just a evolving right it's finding out I was reading something called the book by Sherri salata and it's the beautiful no and she is the she was the producer of The Oprah Show so imagine right fabulous job right working with over every single day she was co-president of the Oprah's network of own got to meet all these amazing people right just don't she produced the show but you know it just wasn't it wasn't she was a fulfilled right she it wasn't enough for her even though it was a magical job and she loved it it was time for her to be able to do something else so she had to kind of kind of go out there on a limb right go out there and limb and Trust so sometimes that beautiful no and we're told now well the university tells us know about something that doesn't come about the way we think it should or even we don't get the job we want matter we we don't marry the person we thought we should marry or the the invitation didn't come right we thought you're gonna be invited to something to a meeting or to a party and and it doesn't come like we think he's really here Archangel Uriel says it's about trust that that know is gonna lead to something even greater for you it's gonna take you to the soaring so on this is Mount Everest here so you never go to that peak right the peak of happiness a peak of where everything is just illuminated because the closer you get to the sky the brighter the Sun they say right so it's about just taking that step forward in that leap of faith and trusting whole love it okay so what I do and something else special here alright so no we're gonna do is for the last two cards which is going to be read this over here one is going to be the goddess power by Colette's beautiful cards by the way and the spirit animal totem so I'm giving you a choice you can choose I have here an amethyst pyramid so you choose him at this pyramid of course my beautiful heart and this actually was given to me by Miss Debra Bowen many known as intuitive coach and a clear quartz crystal point for clarity so we have amethyst the heart clarity so let's go ahead I'm just gonna shuffle this up and create three piles who's gonna come out and you're gonna be able to choose from here okay all right well so come on pull that one first then all right fabulous now it you can choose water all doesn't matter or choose them in different orders whatever it is you want to do so first one which is the amethyst is the swan spirit for time for a deep dive okay I deep dive let me see if I can put these over here so maybe it'll help how's this so we'll have three different setups huh we'll set that up all right so we have the Swan Swan spirit time to dive deep let's see what goddess goes with that and that is goddess Demeter of the nurturer oh okay so very and she's look it's quite just so beautiful I mean really truly why why let's see what message and it's funny because I always think of the Swan as you know that they meet for life and I always reminds me of the annoying virtue of the cards of the send embassadors and it's lou with the sun god but it's it's time where when the Swan spirit comes to you is you're being called to really go deep which is but just because we're going into eclipse okay so you're gonna be able to do that this month and it says you may think you know what's best for you now but as you go into a deeper awareness that then things can change you know your priorities change and it's funny because I'm actually doing the beautiful no talks about pillars of life they talk about this like you're eight pillars of life areas of your life and where do you feel that you can improve and you you're not may be balanced with right so it says you're gonna come to know yourself more intimately as well as others and that this deeper knowledge of loving connection so I think here about the the loyal heart right and it really is also about this this stone being amethyst one of healing the heart right we have the mending card over here so for you to be mending right this is the mending card I have a feeling you know goes with that as well healing this heart healing this going deeper and really asking those those more profound questions so then we go to look at miss the goddess Demeter alright so the meter then says the message here is nurturing and it's about you know how when we give to others right this loyal heart when we give to others you know that's such a great feeling so Demeter is the goddess of motherhood so fertility harvest and so it's like you're tapping into that beautiful nurturing abundant love yes I love that and then it's time now to also nourish yourself so when you take a deep dive make sure that some of these priorities that are for you is one of them is self-care right being able to we were talking about that earlier with the flight attendants so it's really about allowing yourself to feel right to trust the universe and feel how much you are loved by it fabulous love that okay so if you chose we'll get this over here if you chose the heart the heart try to put that up there there we go then your spirit animal that comes through is the koi fish spirit these are beautiful love this there is always enough so again we're where they're addressing our our fears of not having enough our fears of loss and maybe running out right there's that that traditional paradox of the universe not being able to provide for us Oh perfect and then we get da new and she's assuring us everything's okay so right she's the goddess she's actually the goddess of the Tuatha dé Donnan and they are known as the fairy folk and they kind of like took off but she's here to create assurance I love the goddess symbol here on her third eye and her creating that plant right that energy of life from her hands so the koi fish right it says abundance ensures that the prosperity is our natural state so regardless of whatever things how many things currently look like you can call in your prosperity and magnetically attract the opportunities and abundance you need yes so so it's funny tonight when I talk about miracles this kind of reminds me that because miracles to me like you don't see them until they've actually just happened and that's why we call them miracles because they just suddenly appear right they just suddenly appear in our life and it's not that they haven't been like in the background working it has been but we just haven't seen it or we haven't developed the skills to be actually able to see this miracle taking place and working really can acknowledge it once it transpires so that's kind of interesting so that's if he chose the heart let me go to Danu and she is the number 10 so interesting we have the 11 card here and we have the number 10 right here so 10 is about you know beginnings and endings the Omega and the Alpha and so it says she's of course the celtic earth goddess who gave birth to magic love it another great series of books by the way if your liking for summer reading got a book called becoming magic becoming magic it's just a fabulous book it's actually this sheet actually has a three or four books that I would recommend you but I recommend you do one at a time so read the first books becoming magic first so I says whatever that you are desiring she's coming to tell you like give you a confirmation right the things are beginning that things are coming into being which is funny because the seeds been planted but we can't see until the chute actually comes out of the ground right can't see that there's something happening under the earth which is what the koi fish are telling you it's like hey relax your abundance is coming you just can't see it yet but it's it's almost there right and so everything happens within the perfect timing right perfect timing love that all right so now if you have chosen the quartz crystal and just bring this down here so we have something to and we have the cat spirit so you mean got my cat's love my cats claim your independence I love how these cats have like all this jewelry on them and she has it swings love that and of course Tami's actually a male cat so it's funny thought he's all decked out whoa I just knew it he's like so much gold and here we have Lakshmi with fortune so this part obviously the reading relates to your abundance right your money your abundance so let's read a little bit about what I mean I have three cats and my cats they love when I do two meditations like they all come and they sit next to me Debbie's known for years that when I do spiritual work they'll come and sit underneath might like by my feet or on the table next to me on the chair next to me or something so she says the cat is claiming calling you to claim your independence and allow for some space between you and others so really it's about trusting yourself I think in this case trusting that you bring value that what you have to offer is just as important as anybody else I love that love that aspect so let's put this over here yeah I love me my lunch me I love her because she like comes floating on lotus flowers she's full of jewels I heard and I love how the cat essences come in full of jewels and all decked out so I love that I love me some bling love me bling you know that Soho here he goes to the Hindu goddess laxmi she heralds a celebration on your purpose wisdom and compassionate prosperity oh I like that prosperity that as a results you can expect to see the evidence of wealth in this world around you like you're gonna be starting to see luxury it's funny cuz Stuart Pearce described luxury to me one time in person it was amazing such a such great opportunity to learn from somebody so wise although he's such a wonderful personality it has an awesome fabulous sense of humor just totally love him and and luxury means light eight light so shining your light so we all have light so we all have the right to luxury and that we right now you have the ability to create this great success right there's something coming in she Laxmi is the goddess of luck of prosperity she's bringing that into you right now we may not see miracles right away but each one of these goddesses in their own way represent harvests and abundance the the beauty of miracles and magic and the abundance and prosperity and the light of Lakshmi and truly being a a an incredible justice here so you guys can see an incredible reading for all of us who are earth signs that happen to be an earth sign as well since we put this here it's gonna be able to let you see these final cards hopefully I can get them all in anyway I've loved doing this reading for you guys today if you'd like to have your own reading do you know that the classics are here for you I'm open to doing half an hour and one hour reading so if you'd like just an elemental spread for you done this month I'm actually traveling to New York at the beginning of July so it's so looking forward to that hey if you're in the New York area and you want to meet me in person you know what send me a message I would love love love to see you guys so like I said so I'm open for half an hour one hour readings you can find the links the comments below if you're on YouTube it's Akashic inspirations calm or email Akashic inspirations at or DM me or message me in any way I just want to send you many blessings for this incredible month of July for all my air signs Capricorn Taurus and Virgo so sending you blessings namaste everyone

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