Earth Wrights Design – Pt 2 How We Design and Build our Natural Playscapes

We’ll be approached by somebody like
like a school or a big organization like the National trust or the Forestry
Commission or Kew Gardens who we’ve designed for and they’ll have a brief,
they’ll have an idea of what they want and then we’ll use our expertise to
design the best thing we can for them and very often these days that means
making a model because it’s the best way to develop a design and to experiment
and get the best solution for something and then when the team are building it
we give them a model and we give them our designs and they build it according
to the design that they also have quite a lot of freedom because they’ve built
so many playgrounds our team and then they also know things like when you
build a towel or a hut and you put sides on it they also know that it’s good to
drill a little holes in it because children love looking through little
holes the view or at their mates who are down below or whatever they can come
into one of our spaces and they can have the instinct for playing nicely didn’t
buy the spark of the place then they enter into the game they enter into play
and then magic happens

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