Easily Butthurt People!

Hey, guys! So for those of you that don't know, I've been making YouTube videos for about eight years now,
and a lot has changed since then, both good and bad. But today I'm gonna be talking
about one of the bad ones because I am a pretty pessimistic person.
I'm pretty negative. Some people see the glass half full,
some people see the glass half empty. For me, I'm so negative
I don't even see the glass anymore. Oh no, wait, it's still half full. Hmm. I just realized what this looks like. The letter C! Anyway, I'm gonna be talking about
one of the bad changes that I've noticed that is definitely on the rise on YouTube,
which happens to be… yep, you guessed it,
it's in the title: Easily butthole people.
I mean, butt-butthurt… easily butthurt people.
In the…their hurt…what? Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Mooo..butthurt people! People who are easily offended
and react in an overly dramatic fashion, usually starting with the word, "wow". Here's some examples
of easily butthurt people: Dude, I love Nicki Minaj.
She's bomb, look! Yeah, she's alright. You don't think she's bomb? I mean, she's not really my type.
I'm kinda more into girls – that actually wear clothes.
– Wow, man! I can't believe you're into slut shaming. I'm not into slut shaming!
That's not my preference. Slut shaming is a big problem
'cause it's all over the news now. – Well, I didn't mean–
– Yeah! You are mean. Made in China? Hey, Derek!
You're Chinese, right? Wow, bro.
Are you serious? – What?
– I'm Taiwanese, man. – There's a big difference.
– Oh. I'm sorry, man. – I didn't realize–
– No, you didn't. (whimpers) Hey, Ryan!
Wanna hear a funny joke? – Sure.
– Alright, what do you call – a fat Asian person?
– I don't know, what? – A chunk!
– (laughing) That's pretty good.
That's pretty good. – Okay, I got one for you now.
– Alright. What do you call a schoolbus
full of white people? I don't know. A Twinkie! (snickering) – W-What?
– Wow, dude. – What?
– I can't believe you just said that. Well, I thought because you
made a racist j– You KNOW my father
was killed by a Twinkie. You get the point. Don't get me wrong,
easily butthurt people have always existed. They're also known
as overly-sensitive people. I'm sure you know exactly
what kind of people I'm talking about. And maybe it's just me,
but I feel like over the years people have gotten more and more
easily butthurt over everything, especially on YouTube.
YouTube used to be a place where you could upload whatever you wanted.
We uploaded things that we were passionate about.
We could say whatever we wanted to say. It was like the opposite of television.
It was freedom! But over the years, I've noticed
that YouTube is becoming more and more like television,
where you have to be really careful with what you say because everything
you say is gonna be used against you and it's gonna offend someone.
You can't say or do anything on YouTube anymore without a bunch of people
being so dramatic. And the thing is, I don't even think
these people are actually offended half the time.
I think they believe that it's supposed to offend them,
so they act that way. But really, it doesn't even bother them.
Or maybe they just say these things so people agree with them.
For example: I posted a video a couple weeks ago
and there's a joke in it that mentions Ebola in it.
And the thing is, if there wasn't so much news and articles about Ebola right now,
nobody would've cared about that joke. At least the majority of the people
wouldn't have been offended. But because it's a trending topic
and scaring people, it's all of a sudden so offensive. And for those of you
who haven't seen that video, this is what the joke looked like: If a girl that small were to kill me–OW! – What the hell, dude?
– There. Ebola. Now you really have seven days.
I don't know why I even told you. And from that little mention
of Ebola, I got so many upset comments saying things like,
"Wow, that is so offensive!" "People are dying from Ebola now.
It's not a joke." "Yeah, making fun of a deadly virus
is so funny. You're such a bad example for kids!" See, I understand,
when you first see this, how you could think it's offensive.
Because it's a serious topic in a comedy video. But think about it:
Does that really offend you, or do you just think it should?
First of all, it's one joke in a fictional scene
on a comedy video on YouTube. And even if it did, does that joke
honestly hurt you or offend you in any way? Because if it does,
I apologize to you sincerely. I did NOT mean offend you in any way.
It wasn't meant to be offensive. But if you really do get
offended that easily, you should probably stay off the internet
because you're gonna have a bad time. Ebola is not something new!
It's been around for a long time. Just because something
is all of a sudden in the news, it doesn't make it any less
or more deadly than it was before. If I made that same joke a year ago,
I'm pretty sure nobody would've cared because it wasn't a trending topic then.
Or if I were to switch out the word Ebola with something else that's deadly,
like arsenic, people wouldn't have even mentioned it, and injecting arsenic
is just as deadly, if not more deadly. You wouldn't even have seven days to live.
You'd die that day! And last, if mentioning Ebola
in a YouTube video is a bad example for kids, just because it's a deadly virus,
then what about children shows like <i>Tom and Jerry</i>?
That entire children's show is about a cat trying to murder a mouse.
But I guess attempted murder is not that bad, right?
'Cause it's not in the news. But it is! Or what about Pokémon?
That's a bunch of people who are capturing wild animals and keeping them captive
in a little ball, raising them until they're strong enough
to fight other animals! Sounds like animal cruelty to me. Or even <i>Spongebob</i>.
There's not much violence in that one, but it's very sexually
inappropriate for kids. Come on, they live in Bikini Bottom.
And there's somebody named Sandy Cheeks in Bikini Bottom.
And also there's a Mr. Krabs in Bikini Bottom. And don't even get me started
on Squidward's nose. Childhood ruined. And like I said, these are
all children's shows. For children. And me. 'Cause I watch them occasionally. Sometimes. Okay, I watch them all the time. To all you easily butthurt people
out there, the next time you feel like something is offensive to you,
ask yourself this: Does this really bother you?
Does it actually offend you? Or are you just thinking that
because you feel like you should be offended,
even though you're really not. And also because you want to make
up points so that the rest of your butthurt friends can
thumbs up your comment. Because if that's the case,
you're one of the main reasons why YouTube is becoming a butthurt place,
and it's a real pain in the ass. Pun not intended. Bun intended! Heheheheheheheheheh… But seriously. Can we just go back to the fun
YouTube community that it once was? I know that was a long time ago,
about eight years. I was like 15 or 16.
But I'm getting old now. I'm 24.
I'm about to die. – Wow, that is really offensive.
– What? You just said you're 24
and you're about to die. That's really offensive
to everyone older than you. – It was a joke!
– Death is not something you should joke about.
You should never, NEVER joke – about death, EV–
– (gun shot) Never say never. So now you're supporting guns
and old, outdated Justin Beiber references? That's even more offensive than before.
You support Justin, and he supports weed,
which means you support drugs! How are you even here?
I just shot you. That wasn't even me, you racist!
Just because I'm Asian, we all look alike?! I mean, you do look alike.
We all do. You're both technically me. Yeah, because everything
revolves around you. The whole world revolves around you!
You probably don't even care about the starving kids in Africa
because you're all in a first world country, where you
don't even have to care about – what everything–
– (gun shot) What the?! – (thud)
– I didn't even shoot you that time. But I did. Let me guess, I said
something offensive to you now. What? No. Those guys were just being irritating.
They were getting butthurt – over every little thing.
– Thank you! That is what I've been trying to say
this whole time! Thank God someone has finally– Wow, okay, you know what?
I was cool with everything else, but the moment you bring
religion into this, – that's the moment that I–
– (gun shot) You know what?
I give up. I'm not even gonna talk this time. Wow, you're not gonna talk to me
just 'cause I'm a girl?! That's the most sexist thing I ever– (gun shot) Alright, is there anyone left?
Or can I please just get back to the video? Jesus Chri–(gasps) What did you just say?! I said Jeebus, like with a B. Like JB. Wow, JB! So you DO support
Justin Bieber and his drugs! No, I do not support him!
I was just trying to– Did you just say him?
You don't know if he's a guy for sure, you sexist! Why do you even hate
girls so much, anyway? I don't! I love girls.
I love girls to death! Wow, more death jokes.
Good job, Ryan! Way to– (squabbling) (grunting) There! Ebol..arsenic. Not Ebol–was it Ebola?
It could've been Ebola. Maybe not.
Or was it arsenic? Well, now you really have seven days! Or seven seconds, depending
on which one it was. I don't know. Why are there syringes next to me anyway? Well, which one is it?
Is it Ebola or ars… …senic. (thudding) Oh, I guess it was arsenic. I guess
this joke was in good taste after all. Good taste? Just like this Twinkie! Duuuuurrrrr. I just wanted to apologize about… (gasps) (suspenseful music) Not again. Teehee! Wait a second, by making this video,
doesn't it mean you're a butthurt person because you're butthurt
from the butthurt people? (Ryan) No, 'cause it wasn't
all about the butthurt people. It was about the Twinkies too. (choking) Are you choking? (gagging) (Nigahiga) So thank you guys
so much for watching. If you want to see last week's video click the one on the left. If you want to see bloopers
and behind-the-scenes, click the one on the right.
And remember, if you don't want to do any of those, you can just sing
along with me. Ready? Five, six, seven, eight. Bop, dop, blah, de, deh, dop…

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