EASY TO MAKE: Paper Tower Challenge Tutorial

this is a small tutorial on how to build a paper tower and you’ll need the items seen here so first you’ll need to create three strips
of paper and you should do that by drawing three strips on your piece of paper as i’ve already done with a ruler and a pencil and then
cutting it out with scissors as shown here so now you an idea what the width of the
paper should be like, and you’ll be folding these as shown here into triangular prisms and to tape them together i’d recommend three two at the end as shown and one in middle
just for extra stability do this with the other two and you’re
set now to create the base of the paper tower you’ll need four strips of paper these can be roughly the same size it doesn’t matter so much here cut them out then you’ll be doing what you did in the
previous step where you turned them into triangular prisms in this case i’ve taped the middle as well
and you can see that it’s quite sturdy do this with the other three and you’ll be ready to start creating
the base of the tower so you’ll be using three to create a triangular based pyramid and one to attach the three legs to as shown here and you should probably cut out another piece of paper and do what i did just join the legs together to make them stable and now for the body the three triangular prisms you’ve created
earlier should slip inside each other as shown here and make sure they fit snugly so that
your tower doesn’t start to lean this next one doesn’t fit quite as well
its actually a bit too big so the tower will start to lean over and this reduces the height you’ll get in
the end now keep in mind that not all the paper
was used as you can see there’s still a bit leftover however we did get it over three feet or roughly forty inches so that isn’t a bad if you do it with more accuracy should be
able to get higher. Good luck!

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