Easy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow Food

This is John Kohler with growingyourgreens.com.
Today I have another exciting episode for anyone here in suburbia. Once again I know
that’s where many of you guys live and this is the episode you wanna be watching especially
if you don’t have any green thumbs like you think I do and I really might but in any
case you know we’re gonna show you a way that you can grow some food even if you don’t
have green thumbs. You know the gardener here at this house that’s now growing food would
not be growing a garden if it wasn’t for the specific system that he’s using to grow
in because literally it takes virtually no brains to set it up. And they have excellent
custom support to get you growing in it even without any prior experience or prior knowledge.
I mean it’s a whole self contained kit that you need to barely buy two things I think
at a local hardware store a Lowes or Home Depot. But the whole kit itself contains comes
in a box with everything you need including the seeds so that you can start growing. I
mean in today’s atmosphere you know everybody’s concerned about what they’re eating even
organic foods you could spray certain things on it and it could still be called organic
you know whether that’s good or bad you just don’t know what they’re spraying
but when you grow your own food yourself you have control you have more power and you have
more freedom to choose what you’re gonna eat and especially what you’re gonna grow.
There’s so many different varieties of you know different vegetables and herbs that are
just not sold in the grocery store but you could definitely grow at home. So what we’re
gonna do now is actually go into the backyard and show the the specific garden that allows
pretty much anybody without any experience to start growing.
Now we’re gonna head to actually the side yard which is where they’re actually growing
their food but before we do I wanna stop for a second and talk about the soil here in South
Florida. You know here in South Florida I mean this is the beach it’s like this is
like literally sand I mean I would not grow anything in this stuff. And that’s probably
the reason why they haven’t gardened here before because many places in the country
may have poor soils whether it’s sand or whether it’s clay. It’s just not conducive
for growing while you may be able to grow palm trees and some shrubs and what not you
know vegetable gardening in the sand is not a good thing. So the reason why I like what
they’re using here is because you know they take all the guess work out. They include
the soil media you will use to grow your plants in. So next let’s take a look at the garden
that they’re using today. So know we’re gonna head into the backyard
and we’re just in a standard side yard here and in the side yard they have maybe like
two feet of space to use before they get to the fence and the neighbors house. Normally
this is not really a lot of real estate to grow anything you might be able to trellis
like some you know squash vines or cucumbers up or maybe grow a trellis with like some
tomatoes or some chayote squash or something that vines up maybe some sweet potatoes but
normally this space is not able to be used in a large way to grow any volume of food
so most people just you know don’t use the space in the side yard so they tend to go
in the backyard. But one of the reasons why I like the system here is because we’re
gonna go and check out it’s right through there is because this really makes the best
use of the space to grow vertically. Now what we’re looking at here is a mighty fine backyard
farm. That’s a vertical farm and it’s also a hydroponic farm so this takes all the
guess work out of what nutrients you’re gonna add because it’s all included. And
as you can see it’s just really simple. It’s just the kit that’s available comes
with 5 containers this is set up with actually 4 and each one holds 4 plants. So it’s 4
8 12 16. And I knew I went to grade school for something. And you could add another one
would come in the kit and that would be 20 plants in this plus you get to also add a
root box. So the root box is not included in the kit. What they’re using here is the
standard like Styrofoam beer cooler to like have your beer in you know if that cooler
gets old or maybe if you stop drinking beer, this is a good a good use to it to use it
to grow your vegetables. So they’re actually growing some kale in here but normally they
would maybe plant some beets, some rutabaga or maybe even some carrots in here. And how
this system works very simply is they have over here let me go ahead and show you guys
that. They have a water storage vessel. And this vessel is simply a garbage can. It’s
like a big commercial industrialized garbage can I would always recommend you guys to get
a good storage vessel whenever possible. It reminds of some like Star Trek episode with
Chekov saying something about vessels I forget. But anyways, you could use this you could
use a 55 gallon drum or whatever big storage container and all they simply do is they add
in water and then they add in the nutrient solution that’s provided in the measuring
cup that is also provided and you have to fill this up. And I talked to the homeowner
here he says he has to fill this up like maybe every 7 to 10 days so he can easily go on
a vacation and nobody has to water his plants and this is all on a timer. The pump comes
on and it automatically waters so that you don’t have to. You know watering your plants
is probably one of the biggest reasons why plants don’t make it either they’re over
watered or under watered. In this system it’s all dialed in so that you do not have to remember
to water your plants. Plus they included the nutrient solution so you don’t have to worry
about fertilizing or doing anything because it’s all in a package and it’s all done
for you. So once you’ve got this set up the pump in there got in on the timer the
water just flows through the irrigation pump and then just basically flows down the top
into the pots and then it drains down with the gravity and then it goes to the root box
and then any additional water just drains out the bottom. And you know it waters all
of the plants. So they have a variety of things growing here in South Florida right now at
this time. They’ve got things like the chives, some cilantro, some mint, chocolate mint actually.
Mhmm smells really good I love my chocolate. I’m gonna go ahead and try some. Especially
good if you’re going on a date and you’ve got bad breath, chew on some chocolate mint
she’ll love you for it. Keep on going down here and they’ve got the root box. Now another
cool thing that’s optional you don’t have to do is they put a pipe EMT electrical conduit
here between them. Normally they could just put the irrigation tubing which they supply
and this is white colored irrigation tubing. So especially here in South Florida where
it gets so hot it’s not gonna absorb the heat like the black irrigation pipe would.
They got EMT tubing and they just hanged additional plants in between to even better maximize
the space and this is not included in the kit but you could get these planters anywhere
fill it up with the soil mixture and you could use that same super nutrition from the water
reservoir to feed your own plants in addition to the system that they send you. So it looks
like they’ve got some amazing tomatoes here and check this out this thing is just loaded
up with some little cherry tomatoes here. And let me see if I could vouch for the quality
of these tomatoes. Wow that’s super sweet. And besides just the tomatoes they’re growing
a lot of herbs and I think herbs are an excellent thing to grow here in South Florida because
they’re generally more resistant to the weather. They’ve got some sage, some basil,
some thyme. You’ve got the money honey I’ve got the thyme. And they’ve got some rosemary
here but even in this system you could grow things like tomatoes and peppers and leafy
greens so at the bottom of course I showed the kale earlier but they also have bell peppers
growing. So these are some standard sized bells right here. And these plants are growing
amazingly in this hydroponic system. Continuing on down over here check out this one plant
man this thing is loaded up. I mean this crazy. One plant holy moly peppers all these long
huge peppers growing in this system so I can definitely say by looking at this system and
seeing how its set up it definitely works. I mean there’s even more peppers on here.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12, man like a dozen of this one pepper plant in one spot in this
growing system. Imagine if you had each one 20 plants times 10. Man that’s a lot of
peppers, especially when they’re hot ones. You might be limited in growing in South Florida
just because of the sheer weather. The weather gets so hot in the summer time and normally
in the winter time in South Florida that’s when they grow their tomatoes and peppers
and normal crops and in the summer time a lot of gardens just give up growing because
they think it’s too hot but they have another solution that they make spear minting with
and I like that so let’s go back to another part of the yard and show you want they’re
using. So this is one of the ways they’re attempting
to combat the sun and this just experimental there have been some studies done at different
universities regarding this stuff and what this stuff is actually called is aluminate.
You might be familiar with a black shade cloth. Now a black shade cloth comes in like different
percentages it might let 50% of the light through 75% of the light through or 30% of
the light through and this aluminate will also let a percentage of the light through
as well. So this one here let’s through I believe about 50% of the light but more
importantly because this is aluminum fabric it actually reflects the heat and the heat
is actually in my opinion it what’s more detrimental to the plants than the actual
light because in high heat situations for example the tomatoes aren’t gonna flower
and set fruits. So pretty much you’re at a standstill until the temperatures drop down.
So that’s why they’re covering this garden with the aluminate to see how it’s gonna
work in the hot summer months coming up real soon. And we’re just gonna go ahead and
try to throw this up. So you guys can see a little bit of it and here’s the garden
and in this garden they’re growing actually a lot of the leafy greens. Now you know I
want you to be aware that the leafy greens are one of the most important food crops you
can grow. I mean my channel is called “Growing Your Greens” cause I want you guys to grow
your greens and eat them. What many people don’t realize is that greens and leafy vegetables
are probably one of the highest grade food crops with pesticides I mean look at even
down here in South Florida growing under natural situations, you know they’re getting bugs.
But holes in your leaves are good things because these are not sprayed with toxins. I’d rather
have the holes in my leaves and eat it than this sprayed with toxins that could actually
be harmful to myself and if I was a lady to my unborn baby. One of the cool things is
you know the greens also are high in folade or folic acid which you know and I think I
have read that some people that are pregnant may be deficient in so my eating more greens
you could avoid taking a supplement and by growing your own greens you could also avoid
those pesticides in the foods. But it looks here like they’re doing really good. They’ve
got some spinach growing really nice. This whole thing is pretty much all leafy greens.
They’ve got even things like zucchinis. Man check out this zucchini down here growing.
You can see here I mean this is growing really good. There’s nothing better than a nice
large zucchini to spiralize up for your dinner. I mean they’re just growing all kinds of
different things. It is getting a little bit hot even in here and this is near the end
of the season for the lettuce but the lettuce has been picked back a lot. And you know I
don’t have to tell you guys for those of you guys that have been growing that you know
the food that you grow in your backyard tastes far better than anything money can buy especially
here in South Florida where they gotta harvest the produce in California and then hydro cool
they put it on a truck and they ship it out here and then you finally get it and it’s
like 7 days old. I mean how would you like, the homeowner here said you know his daughter
came out and picked salad and brought it right in and they ate it for dinner. I mean that’s
amazing and the reason why I like this hydroponic vertical garden system is because it allows
you to do that with virtually you know no knowledge of how to grow. I mean that’s
the homeowner here this is actually what he did with this system and it allows him to
eat fresh leafy greens and other crops out of his garden each and every night. I guess
the last thing I wanna do is actually I wanna show you guys what they fill this with. They’re
resetting right now for the new growing season. So they’ve taken out some of the plants
and as you can see here this is what they fill this with and this is included so you
don’t have to buy anything extra when you get this kit all you gotta do is you know
you gotta get the conduit to stake down through the vertically garden and you have to get
a water container like a garbage can or a rain barrel or a 55 gallon drum to hold the
water but everything else is included and I like that including the growing medium which
they’re using here. And in this growing medium all they’re going to simply do is
send you some coconut core and some peralite here. You fill up the bottom with the peralite
and then you put a layering on top of the coconut core. Now the reason why they do this
is because the coconut core will absorb and hold the water and just like a sponge you
know let it down trickle it down into the perlite into the bottom. And the roots will
just go through the coconut core and into the perlite. So in this way you’re gonna
get the most water to the nutrients to the roots because the perlites really light and
fluffy so that the plants can grow faster. I guess the last thing that I wanna talk about
is you know I said this is a complete kit with everything you need we’re gonna share
with you actually the the gardening kit because that’s one of the biggest challenges that
many people have is like watering their seedlings and making sure they grow properly.
Now I wanna go into actually what comes with the kit. I talked about you know some of the
things that you will have to buy and one of the reasons why I like actually this vertical
hydroponic growing system is because it basically includes everything you need including the
seed raft right here the special starting mixture and the seeds you need. I mean and
even the little aluminum pan that you’re gonna float your seed raft in. So I mean they’ve
really well thought out and designed this system so that you can have the utmost level
of success. I mean another thing that I really like about this system is that they give you
full and complete instructions plus instructional videos that go step by step and if that’s
not enough you could call you any time for support and they’ll even walk you through
how to set one of these up and how to get it going cause they will hold your hand. I
mean that’s what they’re doing and I mean that’s how every company should operate.
A lot of companies you’ll call the 800 number press 1 for this 6 for that 5 for that and
you’ll never get tot talking to anybody and they’ll take a voicemail. This company
you call them and probably most of the time during business hours they’ll actually answer
you and definitely take care of you. SO look here’s the little seed raft it’s very
easy to use you’re just gonna take the seed starting make sure you put it in here and
then you’re e just gonna take a little pencil and dibble a little hole put the seed in there
and put a little bit of the media on top. And then just fill this up with water and
let it float. I mean this is the very system that professional farmers use to start hundreds
of plants each season. Finally once your plants do come up you’re then gonna just take the
bottom of this here and and they have these little holes here and you’re gonna take
a standard like number two pencil like you had to use in school to fill out that scan
tron if you remember what that is I don’t think they’ve got those anymore, and then
take the eraser and just pop it through the little hole and the little plug is gonna pop
out and then that’s what is gonna go in to your might fine vertical backyard farm.
This is a complete design system I’ve had other episodes where I show systems like this
and they just sell the pots or they just sell this or they just sell that. This is one integrated
system that makes it easy for anyone without any prior gardening knowledge so that they
can grow. Just like the homeowner here. He had no prior gardening knowledge and if it
wasn’t for this system that made it so easy he actually probably wouldn’t be growing
his food today. That’s the real power of this system if you’re a a master hydroponic
grower this is probably not the system for you you can probably piece together your stuff
but if you’re one of those people that are concerned about the quality of the food your
eating especially the leafy greens. You know you don’t wanna pay the high prices at Whole
Foods anymore you’re sick of that you don’t wanna buy conventional produce that’s been
sprayed and even organic produce is it really organic? Who knows? I think this provides
a valuable solution for those who can use it.
The last thing I wanna say today is that I’ve negotiated a special discount for Growing
Your Greens viewers. If you go to if you go to their website mightyfinegardens.com and
you put in the discount code GYG that’ll get you an additional discount off your purchase.
In that way you’ll be able to grow affordably and get some hand holding if you need it.
I’ve really loved my time here in South Florida I actually am pretty much almost late
to catch my flight I’m gonna have to fly back tonight but by the time you see this
I’ll be back and coming with some more episodes for you guys and show you guys even more ways
you can start growing some food at home because that’s my mission to you guys. I want every
family in America to start growing and once again this system will allow those people
that have never grown before to start doing it basically because of the customer support
that’s provided. So once again my name is John Kohler with growingyourgreens.com. We’ll
see you next time and remember keep on growing.

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