ECU Parking Garage Information

ECU’s new parking garage provides convenient access to central campus. This video covers important information for all visitors. We will be discussing location, clearance
and capacity, the parking process, ADA spaces, and other important reminders. The parking garage’s primary access point is located off of 10th Street, along Charles St. It can also be approached via Cotanche Street. Please note that the parking deck’s entrance and exit are adjacent to one another. Our parking structure has a clearance of 7’5”, so make sure your vehicle will fit! If the garage is full, the gate will not open,
please ensure you check for available parking before attempting to enter. These signs will let you know if the lot is
full. If you’re an hourly visitor, press the dispenser button at the entrance to receive a ticket and raise the gate. You can park in any available space. There is a $25 lost ticket fee, so make sure to keep track of your ticket before leaving! Once you’re ready to drive out, insert
your ticket at one of our walk-up stations to pay the parking fee. Pay stations can be found at the following locations. If you need any help, our pay stations
and the gate station are equipped with a call button that will provide assistance 24 hours a day. After paying, you will have twenty minutes
to exit. The ticket will be retained, and the exit
gate will open. Faculty, staff, and commuter students can
purchase ECU parking permit access. When you purchase an ECU parking deck permit, you will be issued an RFID keycard. At the entrance to the garage, hold the keycard at the designated point and the gate will lift. You can park in any available space. This parking garage has 15 ADA spaces. There are three spaces on each level, located
at the southeast corner of the building. Each ADA space is near an elevator. After parking, there are several locations
to exit on foot, serviced by both elevators and stairs. If there’s an emergency, look for a blue
light. Our emergency help stations can be found in the following locations. ECU is proud to offer you this new parking
solution. For further information, and to view current promotions and discounts, please visit our info page.

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