Ed Meese An Unlikely Recipient Of Honor …Except By Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Ed Meese An Unlikely Recipient Of Honor …Except By Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  • It just goes to show some people are above the law. and it seems that their always Repuglicans. Reagan should have been impeached.
    Oliver North ended up chairman of the NRA. Nixon pardoned. Meese gets a medal???

  • OF COURSE,ed meese involved in scandal by getting contract steered to pentagon. will 45 give the medal to freedom to EL CHAPO. no more sniffing for 45, give him some meds or Chapos favorite, cocaine.

  • Rachel can't believe your still on the Air. You Tried to sell the Americans people on Trump collusion with Mueller report. Then when it came no collision you cried. Fake news coming from you. Stop lies. Go do some real reporting and find Huntrer bidden.

  • Rachel Maddow is absolutely one of the best research journalists out there…I feel like I can trust what she says because she puts in the work.

  • Wow! Of course Trump and Barr think highly of Meese that traitor! The highest honor from the lowest president ever!

  • This is Trump sending a message to Republicans. Carry out my corrupt orders and maybe one day you'll get a meddle just before you kick the bucket from a future equally corrupt immoral swamp feeding President as me.
    Sadly that swamp will never get drained while the GOP are around to keep it over flowing with all manner of pungent swamp life.

  • This Medal means nothing now. All these disgusting individual politicians, especially the GOP have been dishonorable for quite sometime. Rachel is a gem in showing us and teaching us about the history of the Republican Party; Ed Meese is just a token of pure corruption for #45. The con-man that sits in our White House is a narcissist; he honors dishonesty along with traitors, crooks and a mob mentality. The RepubliCons are also Putin's Puppets. Vote Blue in 2020. Get these scoundrels and rats out of our White House and Government, so that the true Patriots can get back to running our Democracy for the people and by the people, not some lackey agent for Russian. We do not want to be a 'United States of Russia'. Vote Blue in 2020, because our Democracy depends on it.

  • Thanks to the Republicans, who have pushed this autocracy-building theory somehow into the Constitution, starting in modern times, with Nixon, and grown carefully through Reagan, Bush, Bush II, and now Trump, we are saddled with the rubbish that is being spouted by Giuliani now.

    Presidents are not only above the law. WHAT THEY DO is above the law. WHAT THEY TELL OTHERS TO DO becomes above the law. And finally, WHAT THOSE OTHERS TELL OTHERS TO DO becomes also above the law. Say thank you to them for morphing the Constitution into a license to do anything – even to murdering another human being on Fifth Avenue. (But why not? The headquarters of 666 is just down the street.)

  • Yeah but "Fred Flintsone Barr" ain't gonna get any medal. He will join the Trump clan in their "get away prison" in Peurto Rico. You know how hard it is to get there, as it is all surrounded by water. At least they will have paper towels. Electricity to come soon.

  • I hate these mf racist as ppl..I’m soooooo glad that mf is dead🖕🏿him!!! But trump is the biggest piece of💩there has ever been!!🖕🏿that orange 🖕🏿boi!

  • Honestly, trump is an absolute dufus and giving another criminal AG a metal. For what?? Corruption. Can it get any worse? I think we all know the answer to that question!

  • Nice one Rachel ! You know that he awarded Meese just make Bill Barr believe that crime actually pays off in the end and that morality is just a choice that one doesn't really need follow !

  • Trump honours corruption and disrespect to our laws and constitution ! He intends to have William Barr follow the same path and cheat America from truth and justice while he exonerates the President for all wrong doings ! The dictator dictates and Americans dream that they live in a Democracy ! And they all lived happily ever after …

  • Basillist , I agree her and her husband has been skating by they really need to be investigated the taxpayers paying all of them and they don't do nothing for our country but bringing us down .

  • What I recall most frome the ED Meese era, when Ed & Ron decide Miranda was problem, and set out to ed it. Failed because of the push back from active law enforcement across the USA. Pointing out that Miranda result in more convictions, because it forced law enforcement to obey the US Constitution

  • Comrade club: Collins, McConnel, Graham, Jordan, Chabot, Gaetz, Meadows, Pence, McCarthy, Kennedy, Nunez, Wenstrup, Fleitz, Mnuchin, Radcliffe, Lewandowski.

  • Wait is it not Ronald Reagan the poster child of true Republicanism? Well, I guess what Republicanism stands for is break the law and get away with it.

  • It's very difficult. for me, to reconcile the apparent, if not obvious, corruption and treason of the Drumpf administration – from the President down through his gang of cronies such as Barr and Pompeo – with the apparent sincerity with which they, and former corrupt AG Meese, congratulate one another on a job well done. Same world, totally different viewpoints…

  • Trump is so weird, It looks like he is strangling the poor old man being used to soften Trump's image. I have seen lots of statesmen awarding medals to deserving people, but never have i seen one so uncomfortable. What is going on?

  • Yeah, why do you have that ineffective system where criminal scum are accepted as AG:s and then it takes years to remove them? Fix your system!

  • Rachel no one explains things as you do , thank you for the way you draw attention to the criminal hypocrisy that goes on daily !! Let’s hope Barr ends up in handcuffs n a super max

  • It is just like DJT to praise and reward criminals. The Medal of Freedom has just lost its luster. It should be retired and NEVER awarded again.

  • I know it has nothing to do with it but after watching this old footage from the Reagan-era – isn't it amazing that back in the 80's there were very few fat people. Now America is land of the obese. There was only one fat guy in the room…or should I say overweight..no fat shaming…I am out-numbered these days. But that one big boned guy in the Reagan footage must have felt so alone.

  • Yeah, America has had it bad in the past. Interesting that there was another Republican President at the helm. Republicans and corruption seem to go hand in hand.

  • Poppy Bush should have gone to prison with the other 6 Iran/Contra war criminals. 2000 civilians in a mass grave. Barr covered it up.

  • Yes, you would think that Ed Meese would know that accepting a $10,000 check under suspicious circumstances could be a crime given that Ed Meese was previously the Assistant District Attorney for Alameda County, California. The top law enforcement officer for a Bay Area county was also the top law breaker in the Reagan administration. What a surprise.

  • It would appear that all attorney generals think they are above the law, its just laughable how stupid they are to this day!

  • I don’t mean to sound rude but in reality… ever since I’ve been alive your presidents have all been just awful except Obama. It’s like, this current toss-pot seems so dangerously bad he makes the two Bush presidents seem like normal well meaning presidents, but if I remember rightly they were heavily invested in the gun industry and war machine industries and they were basically oil hungry warlords. This idea that America knows how to rise above bad times seems very optimistic. Obama was constantly blocked by the senate but he really tried. Until we get a few more like him I think Trump is pretty much the Bush father and son team just standing on a pile of guns and money wanking each other off.

  • I really wish there was a British equivalent to Rachael Maddow that would shine a light on British politics which is at least as rotten to the core with Johnson, Mogg et al!!!!!

  • If USA did not make example of Trump with extraordinary punishment for extraordinary crime, expect worse than Trump rule USA like a king in all but name.

  • Thanks Rachel🤗my 13 years old honors student loves your podcast bagman also.🔥she's even quoted info at school! We watch your show on you tube and discuss! 📚🍷☕

  • These guys believe they are the good guys because God is on their side. All narcissists believe they are chosen by a higher power.

  • Again, Rachel, Thank you! We all need refreshers of the horrors of the past – so they can't be repeated – but oh well, it appears they are not only being repeated but also in more incredibly horrific ways than our poor brains can handle –

  • This is really enlightening reportage, thank you. I was only 8 when Meece resigned, so I wasn't really old enough to remember the details of any of this.

  • Why is it never mentioned Reagan's IRAN contra scandal was linked to the Crack Epidemic in Black America? Is it because mainstream media typically turns a blind eye towards Black America, unless reporting the truth is absolutely necessary?

  • As Reagan's chief of staff, Meese was instrumental in the decision to crack down on student protesters at People's Park in Berkeley, California, on May 15, 1969. Meese was widely criticized for escalating the official response to the People's Park protest, during which law enforcement officers killed one student, on his way to class, who was not a protester and injured hundreds of others, including bystanders. Meese advised Reagan to declare a state of emergency in Berkeley, contrary to the recommendation of the Berkeley City Council. That resulted in a two-week occupation of People's Park by National Guard troops

  • Life is not obscene. Training babies to be predators to consume the earth to build killing machines And TAKE LIFE FROM each other, and the world , for coins, flags, religions, armies, invisible borders and other LIES made of Mere Words as soldiers, slaves and cannon fodder is OBSCENE,

  • So, we've had only six out of 23 years of Republican presidents not being obvious criminals since Nixon was elected? What a bunch of phony hypocrites.

  • Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. ..

  • So while I agree with everything truthful that you stand for…with vigor and passion. The truth is freedom. I am a little bothered by this very intelligent lady that reports very relevant news and yet are you saying she is not good enough to have the end credit bit? It bothers me a bit that the end credit bit is not her. She is fantastically intelligent and perhaps more so than any other reporter you have. She has many credentials that gives myself hope for our future. Please embrace what you preach… equality and all things fair. Thank You!

  • Well, if history is reapeating itself then good thing is we know the system works and we'll be ok (sorta). Bad thing is feel like trapped in one of hellish time loops.

  • Watching this, Rachel, you make me feel like Reagan was just Donald J. Trump with couth. I'd never really made that connection, but this story really brings it to the fore. Thanks, as always, for your fabulous work!

  • Looking at the past depresses me further. It teaches me that probably Trump and his co-criminals won't be held responsible.

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