Education Freedom Scholarships

Because of a scholarship I was able to attend
a school of choice and I was able to really dive in to not only what education really
means but who am I as an individual – who is Walter? What’s Walter good at? What’s Walter not good at? When I moved to DC I became the sole caregiver
of my teenage sister and she, like me, was left back she fell three grade levels. As a sister mom and from my own experience
I knew exactly what she needed to be successful – a quality education. Home education fits our family hand in glove. All families regardless of where they should
live, how much they make, and how they learn should have the opportunity and the freedom
to choose this option if they desire it. My school and teachers helped me learn new
skills and become the best I can be. Every child across this country deserves those
rights but not every parent is going to be able to do the things that I was able to do
and I understood that while I was working in the state of Ohio. These are going to provide opportunities not
just for children with special needs, but for all children. And when we were putting our kids in public
school I kept thinking I don’t want to change schools, I want my kids to part of their community
right here in their neighborhood school but offers were not being provided for Samuel
– therapies, extra testing that needed to be done, tutoring. I was told that their system was all that
was available. With this type of scholarship those services
will be able to be provided. And that, for families like my own where we’re
struggling to make connections and make ends meet, that is going to make a huge difference. So this is so very exciting. So each child that I teach is a dependent
of our military service members, and like my own two children they don’t have a choice
in where the military sends their parent or guardian. But as their teacher it is my duty to make
sure that they have a choice in how they are engaging in the learning experience that will
help showcase their unique excellence so that way they can go forward and change the world.

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