EFNEP – Detroit, Adan

Right now I am a diabetic and I have to take care of my health, before I already did it… but now with the diabetes I have to do it more. It was very convenient for me learning about this. It was, it was very good because I had never… well yes, yes, two, three times I had seen this about nutrition but now that I came over more [frequently]. I had the opportunity to come and it was okay because I know more about, about how I have to eat. I was bringing my sister-in-law, so that they can help the family. For example my sister-in law has two children and, and she needs to know how to feed them. * To see that many foods I should not eat and my girls, I have my girl, the one who is eight years old, she eats a lot of chicken nuggets, she likes it so much. I’m going to try that she eats something else, not to eat all those things that contain a lot of fat and sugar and all that. The youngest one is the one who is a little fat. Now the other, the oldest, who knows where she learned that but no, she is like vegetarian. She does not eat a lot of meat or chicken, just once in a while when she is in the mood for meat and then she grabs a little but she eats lots of fruit and… and things like that, so no meat, she does not like meat. Who knows where that came from? I already try to spend more time as possible with, with my daughters and now, also… trying that they eat healthy, I think everything is going to change. My whole, I mean, by learning this, supposedly everything is going to change, right? Seeing things that eating, buying things that are more, a little lower with … and also what we saw, right? To make a list of things before one is going to buy, right? Yes, we did it before but now with the list, I mean to make a list with my wife and my daughters to see what we need. if I take care of myself and I am ok, my family is going to be ok, my daughters. I am going to be able to go to work, to go to work regularly. And my, my family is going to benefit, logical isn’t it?

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